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  1. What is your title?

    Oh dear, I have inadvertently shown my age. So who can remember before ofsted when inspections were carried out by 'social services under eights' ?
  2. What is your title?

    Who can remember 'Officer in Charge'? Are there any of them left?
  3. admissions question! HELP!

    That must be really wearing. Trouble is, other settings will have similar policies in place so they will probably stay with you - they probably already know they are pushing the boundaries - some people will just keep doing it.
  4. admissions question! HELP!

    Absolutely not - what could they take me to court for? It is not a crime to refuse to provide a service to someone who has caused a nuisance to the organisation before. Our organisation is also a charity and I would never put it at risk but we have the right to refuse to serve someone, just like other organisations. Also, I would never take someone who had previously upset staff as their feelings matter and it is important to show them their value to the organisation - which is much greater than that of one rude parent. No, I have absolutely no problem telling people when they are not welcome.
  5. admissions question! HELP!

    I'm afraid I would simply tell him that I don't want him there. I have done this before and as far as I'm concerned there is no legal position. I'm running the setting and I am under no obligation to offer a place to a family that have previously been difficult and upset staff. There have been two occasions when people I have turned down have complained to the LA and when they have contacted me I have told them the same - I will not provide a service to anyone who has been unreasonable or been rude to staff in the past.
  6. Snow days- refunds

    We have a bad weather policy which clearly states that we will stay open whilst ever it is safe to do so (haven't closed once in 29 years!). If parents choose not to bring their children, they still have to pay. The contract signed by all parents refers to them having to pay if they don't attend for any reason whether it is illness, holiday or bad weather. They all sign it, and they all get charged.
  7. Not sure if this info is of interest to anyone - it was an issue that came up at our LA Early Years Business meeting recently regarding counting Apprentices in the ratio. It wasn't relevant to me but there were many settings who were unclear. Our LADO contacted Dfe for clarification and has now forwarded this to all settings. "Dear DSL’s, At the Early Years Business Meeting and DSL Network I advised of some new guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) about apprentices working in the Early Years sector. There was a lot of confusion about this and I agreed to clarify the information with the DfE and Ofsted, and I now have a definitive response for you. An apprentice can be counted in the ratios as; An unqualified member of staff if they don’t have a full and relevant qualification providing they are competent and responsible. In the level 2 staff ratios if they have achieved a full and relevant level 2 qualification (this may be the case for apprentices who are undertaking a level 3 apprenticeship) or In the level 3 staff ratios when they have achieved their full and relevant qualification and level 2 English and Maths. Please also note EYFS 3.25 regarding newly qualified entrants requiring PFA certificate within three months of starting work What this means from a staffing point of view is if you have an apprentice working towards either level 2 or 3 and they have no other qualification then they have to be classed as an unqualified staff member. The EYFS 3:23 states that ‘half of the staff must hold at least a full and relevant level 2 qualification’ Many of you operate above the 50% qualified staffing requirement so you won’t need to take any further action. For those of you who do operate with 50% qualified and unqualified staffing, I suggest you review your workforce to ensure you are complaint with the EYFS and the DfE guidance if you do employee apprentices. Both the EYFS and guidance from the DfE need to be adhered to. The info from the DfE can be located at www.gov.uk/guidance/children-and-young-peoples-workforce-apprenticeships I trust that this clarifies things for you. This e mail is also being sent out by Early Years to all of their setting contacts so you may receive this twice"
  8. iwatches and fitbits etc.

    We have asked someone from the LA safeguarding team for guidance but she's not sure so plans to bring it up at their next meeting with Ofsted.
  9. Hello all, Just wondered if anyone has a policy about staff wearing these, I have a few staff that got these items for Christmas and want to wear them at work - to count steps etc.! However, I understand some of them link to the internet and therefore am not sure what rules to put in place regarding their use.
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a table with the top made of whiteboard so that the children can write on the actual table and it can be wiped off - I'm sure I've seen one somewhere but I can't remember where? Thanks
  11. Committee Responsibilities

    In all our settings, the Line Manager leads the interviews - for senior posts, we ask a committee member to join the panel.
  12. Absolutely True. Maybe we have a case against the government for giving away something that wasn't theirs to give - i.e. 'Free Childcare'. After all, they wouldn't be allowed to say they are going to give every parent a free loaf of bread and pint of milk every day and then tell the supermarkets they were giving them 10p to provide it ! They should have presented it as a voucher towards their childcare bill based on 30 hours at the average cost across the country and then let parents choose where to use it and decide for themselves whether they could afford to pay the difference.
  13. which bank account

    Also use Unity Trust - great bank.
  14. USB sticks

    We buy them from Flashbay. They will send a box of samples and quote the same day. Very helpful people. Also offered to transfer all the data for us.
  15. USB sticks

    We are providing each parent with memory stick branded with our logo containing their Tapestry journal and a copy of the musical slideshow which we produce each year and show at the leavers party. I have been quoted £3.53 + VAT each. which works out at £4.24. It is a little bit expensive but we budget it in as part of our leavers celebration and it saves us a bit on printing/paper/folders.