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  1. SEND assessment system

    Could someone please email me a copy? Many thanks
  2. Managing staff using tapestry in sessions

    Thank you that really does help a lot and reassures me that we are not the only ones having this problem. I have some very proactive staff who will upload after session but others that won't so I like your idea of having an hour a week non contact. I will put this forward as a suggestion for September. Thanks
  3. As the title suggests I'm looking at how other settings manage staff using tapestry in session. I have had to speak to my staff on numerous occasions because I've walked into the room and see them buried in their iPads. It's tricky because I know they need to complete their obs but they are the eyes and ears in the room first and foremost. We never leave a member of staff alone in a room with children but at times I've seen 3 out of 4 staff on their iPads at once! Would be interested to hear if this is an issue for any other settings. Thanks
  4. Unique taxpayer reference help

    Thank you SOOOO much! Just the answer I was looking for
  5. Unique taxpayer reference help

    Hi All, Is anyone else having difficulty signing up to TFCC because they are a registered charity and therefore have no Unique Taxpayer reference? We have received our letter with our user ID but cannot obtain a reference to complete the process. If anyone has had any luck registering as a charity I'd love to hear from you. Thanks
  6. Guide for parents?

    Thank you BroadOaks, I haven't seen this page yet but it explains it pretty well
  7. Guide for parents?

    Afternoon all, Has anyone found a useful guide to help parents understand the 30 hours FEEE and tax free childcare? I am looking at creating a fact sheet for parents with a guide on how to apply but was being cheeky to save time by looking for something that may have already been created. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be most appreciative.
  8. Issues with new tax-free childcare website

    It will not accept our Unique Taxpayer reference no matter how I input it. Very frustrating after encouraging parents to sign up to it. Anyone else had issues with this?
  9. Recording fees...how r u doing it ?

    Sarah I would be very keen to take a look at your systems for some inspiration. I just feel we are in the dark ages using systems I've inherited from previous management!! I will definitely take a look at Brightbooks thank you for the recommendation
  10. Recording fees...how r u doing it ?

    Just rekindling this thread as I am currently looking to move from a paper based system to excel as we cannot afford management software at present. I have absolutely no idea where to even begin and was going to ask if anyone would be kind enough to share their record systems for some inspiration? Thank you in advance
  11. Good afternoon, Does anyone here use Anna Ephgrave's in the moment planning and learning journey systems with Tapestry? We have been using Tapestry for 2 years now but wish to move forward with our planning which just isn't working for us at present. I'm concerned that staff will be duplicating paperwork if they are completing a focus child learning journey which then will need to be transferred onto tapestry. Would be interested to hear from anyone else using both Tapestry and In the moment planning. Thanks
  12. EY2

    Mouseketeer, I'm afraid I don't know on that one. I too am getting increasingly frustrated with the conflicting information being given out. In the past week I have been told I don't need to do an EY3, then told I do. Told I can submit an EY2 with a DBS reference number whilst I await the certificate number, then told I can't. A case of left hand not talking to the right!!! :angry:
  13. Paperless registers and payment records

    I was trying to find info regarding the cost of individual membership to see if this is an cost we could take on but I couldn't find it. Do you know the costs Rebecca?
  14. EY2

    Cait, yes as Mouseketeer said you need the nominated person to login on ofsted online. From there select self service - manage your provision - individuals associated - update and from there you can see who ofsted have on record. Much easier than a phonecall in my opinion after being cut off 3 times last week trying to get through to someone!
  15. Paperless registers and payment records

    Thanks for your replies everyone. I really would love to go down the nursery management software route but this really isn't an option for us financially at present That's great that some of you have been provided with free software through your LA-Ours is about to end their LA subcription here so no chance of any software being sent our way!!