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  1. Allow staff to baby sit

    I allowed a member of staff to do this a couple of years ago but I made it clear that any arrangements were privately between the two of them and entirely separate from the preschool.
  2. Maternity leave and cover

    I’ve used Tinies a few times in the past for single days. Can’t remember hourly rate exactly but think it was about £14 an hour which was a lot more than I was paying for any of my other staff.
  3. Qualification checker

    She did indeed. Many thanks!
  4. Qualification checker

    My turn... Ok so I've found the qualification, but what does it mean please, is it relevant or not?
  5. Questionnaire

    We use Survey Monkey which I think is quite straight forward. Liking the sound of a digital registration form though! Will look into this.
  6. Staff

    Oh Emma what a nightmare. I always think if the team can’t up their game for external visitors then there is a real issue. Sounds like you’ve got a challenge on your hands - but keep plugging away. Some great advice there from Rebecca. Once you have identified your priorities bring these into 1:2:1s with some really tight targets that are followed up closely, maybe some team teaching to demonstrate what you mean by engagement and then more capability if needs be. I once had to remind my team that if we are not at least good there’ll would be no funding which means no jobs. Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. Early Years teachers

    I’m a qualified teacher but we won’t go into how much I get paid because it’s probably not even equivalent to minimum wage once you factor in the hours I work. I’ve just appointed a deputy teacher who would get £30k if full time but is pro rata (she is part time). However she was appointed as a teacher which is different as colleagues point out to someone completing a course of study that you didn’t ask them to while employed as something else. I don’t think you can be expected to create a role for her that doesn’t exist.
  8. Maternity leave and cover

    I follow the same principle that you have in schools where a year fixed term would be 1st September to 31st August. Especially as others have said because we split payments equally over the year so people get some pay in holiday months.
  9. What is your title?

    I think my not being there was a factor but a check list is exactly what I’ve done!
  10. What is your title?

    We have preschool assistants and a senior preschool assistant. I’m lead teacher and like everyone else have 101 different jobs to. These posts make me smile because yesterday I had a kind of day where really sucks to be the boss. My non contact time was dominated with no Wi-Fi, PPI and marketing cold calls, broken gate, my own sick child who needed picking up from school, core group meeting and a bunch of other issues that could have been sorted if anyone else cared. I was at preschool until 9 o’clock tidying up ahead of our early years adviser visit next week - there was no soap in the toilets, toilets not even flushed, floor not swept, lids left off pens, toys left lying around inside and outside new rollers and brushes sat in about a foot of water, equipment not covered up etc list goes on. I went to bed at 03:00 only to be woken at 04:30 by said daughter who had to be in school by 05:30 for a trip screaming at her sisters and dad who was taking her in. Yay - darkened room anyone?
  11. Zero Rated tax relief

    Sorry no. Didn’t even know there was such a thing - and have just spent a small fortune on a conversion!
  12. Snow Plan

    We stayed open all this week. I had told team at staff meeting that this was my intention and anyone not in wouldn’t be getting paid! Had one member of staff who didn’t come in because her children’s schools were closed. She did a half day Friday. All lot of families with siblings off didn’t come but on the whole turn out wasn’t too bad. We cancelled our Gruffalo drama workshop for book day but wish we’d gone ahead had quite a few turn up all dressed up. Rebecca don’t you find once something like that happens with the hair it’s always ‘that child’ that everything goes wrong with!
  13. Preparation for the GDPR (#7 of 12)

    Hi I have been looking for the thread where people have said how long they keep various bits of paperwork for but I can't find it. Can anyone signpost me please?
  14. Moving Premises

    Hi I relocated in September to a setting that had previously been a preschool and had been empty for a year. I had to make a new registration. I was advised that this would take about 12 weeks. Due to one thing and another including an urgent letter being sent when I was on my summer holiday abroad there was a delay of a couple of weeks. I was told that it would be up to the regulatory team if they wanted to conduct another registration interview but that as I had previously had a good OFSTED this might not be necessary. Everyone I spoke to at OFSTED had seemed quite positive and hopeful. However, it was all getting dangerously close to the open day in September and in the last week of August I was told that it was unlikely that I would be registered in time and that I should notify my parents of this. By this time I had moved all my furniture and the priest of the church where I had been leasing was on his summer holiday so I had no idea if I had anywhere to trade from. I proceeding to send desperate begging emails. Then on 31st August I had a phone call to say all was OK and that I was registered! Good luck and keep us posted!
  15. Ofsted online SEF ends April 2018

    There you go, if you leave something on your to do list for long enough - it takes care of itself. Glad I didn't get round to updating. I have been putting it off since September! How are people showing / getting parent voice and child voice? Also taking on board about website is anyone sharing their development plan or similar online?