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  1. Book keeping

    We use Instant Nursery Manager. It has a couple of quirks, but on the whole has speeded up the invoice process.
  2. Music licence

    I know this has been discussed on here before but I couldn't find any recent threads. What is the latest perceived wisdom on this - do I need a combined PPL / PRS licence to cover Christmas sing songs etc? What is everyone else doing? TIA
  3. Book keeping

    Hi I do our payroll and use sage like Louby Loo. V straightforward I think. It prompts you to make whatever payments are necessary and touch wood I haven't had any problems in three and a half years. The helpline team are very helpful and available 24 hours (I have in the past called at about 01:00).
  4. adding documents

    I was searching for an answer to the question of uploading PDFs too. Has there been any development with this yet?
  5. Hi I would like to do hammering with pumpkins next week but can't find any small rubber or wooden mallets anywhere . Anyone got any good ideas? Thanks in advance.
  6. Citation - worth the money?

    Thanks. Finleysmaid they offer a H&S and HR solution do audits and compliance eg signage, COSSH, risk assessments also training on H&S and manual handling etc. They told me that I need to keep written risk assessments as I employ more than four people. I didn't think I had to. Is this true? What are our responsibilities with regards to H&S and manual handling training please?
  7. After several lengthy and honestly quite annoying phone calls from Citation I caved and had a meeting with one of their sales guys. He did a good job of the terrifying me that I wasn't compliant and had gaps in my risk assessment. Does anyone use these guys, or similar? Is it worth the money? TIA
  8. Claims for funding

    Our 2YO is five pages long and the 3YO seven pages long. BC we just have to check seen and who by. Never used to have to though.
  9. working from home

    Hi. We're pack away too (until September yippee!). We have no internet, nor computer except my laptop and no time in the sessions. Therefore I have no choice but for key workers to use Tapestry or write targets / two year checks etc at home. I do 95% of my work at home and am SENCo. Unavoidable for us. We also are registered with ICO but I trust the staff to act appropriately.
  10. Professional Love policy

    That should read taught - Freudian slip I guess as I fought a fair bit too!
  11. I've got a garage full of CP furniture after being lucky enough to score from a closing down preschool. Anyone good at sanding?! DIY not my strong point! Speaking of Darvell, have you visited? I went up there a couple of months ago and was really surprised to learn that there was actually a community in Community Playthings. Very enlightening!
  12. Professional Love policy

    Mouseketeer that's brilliant! On the professional love matter we don't have a policy but I do refer to it in a document which I'd guess you'd call a code of conduct. This is more for parents than for OFSTED though. It might seem like common sense to us, but it isn't to everyone. I previously taught in a school where there was a strict no contact culture and I think that is ridiculous so I feel it is important to state that if a child needs a cuddle that they will get one!
  13. Time to get tough?

    Thanks Blondie. I do have 1:2:1s half termly and they are topics that have been raised before, but I just feel that we're going round in circles. The joys of management eh?!
  14. Time to get tough?

    I have two members of staff who are a bit lacklustre at present. I have been trying to pull them out of 'the job' and to spark a bit of passion or ownership but it just isn't happening. This has come to the fore lately when a colleague who was visiting commented that they 'lacked buzz'. One is not keeping up to date with observations, which she is getting paid an hour overtime for each week. This happened last year and then the quality dropped significantly because she was just trotting them out for the sake of it. The other does not maximise interaction at all and tends to draw others into chat instead of focusing on the children. I think she's lost her spark and she seems unenthusiastic and flat. Supervisions are coming up - how would you handle it?