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  1. Outdoors in Hampshire

    Wildflowers Kindergarten in mid-Hampshire is looking for a co-leader to join our team of three, to work from 8.45 am to 3.15 pm five days per week, term time. For information about Wildflowers and contact details, please see www.wildflowers-kindergartens.co.uk
  2. https://www.tes.com/news/new-early-learning-goals-what-do-we-know-so-far
  3. This sloppy job of the DfE has been liberating. If this is how little they care about us - about researching and writing properly to give us helpful guidance and useful tools, then why should I care so much about what they think about our committed work?! From now on, I will relate to Ofsted inspectors as any visitors - I will be happy if they like what we do. If they don't... well, that's how it is. I'm caught in a tricky position though, believing that we have to get 'outstanding' to get parents to sign up as we are in a rural location with 9 - 3 opening hours. Perhaps they released this revised pilot EYFS when everyone is busy finishing the year and ready to have a break to not create uproar...?
  4. We discussed the revised ELGs in our last team meeting. I have put together the attached summary from the document to bring to the next one. I feel sorry for the 25 schools piloting this craziness! Revised ELGs.pdf
  5. New vocabulary - yes, how to know? Understanding and using concepts about features of their environment is important, I think - 'measures' - which are removed I don't like 'Performing'. Isn't this too advanced for the age: "Recalls some important narratives, characters and figures from the past encountered in books read in the group"? Number bonds to 10 for four/five-year olds??
  6. Progress Reports/Reporting

    I wonder if the age bands mean anything to the parents, if they are too vague. We don't use them. At the end of each term, I send a list of the progress the children have made that term. A few times during the term I send the next steps in their learning, not development - things they can practise e.g. in the car or at bed time, with any guidance needed (for example no 'uh' at the end of sounds, so 'mm' not 'muh'.) Attached is a record of our observations and assessments of Jack's progress during the last term. This is what we currently are supporting Jack to learn (bullet points): Please let me know if you have any questions.
  7. cultural/ethnic books

    A search for fiction got me here: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/3721.Best_Multicultural_Books_for_Children Ignore!
  8. cultural/ethnic books

    'Children Just Like Me' https://www.dk.com/uk/9780241207352-children-just-like-me/
  9. Updating policies

    Do you share each change with parents and, if so, immediately_
  10. I started our setting in 2005 and read anything I could find about outdoor learning for young children at the time, which included publications by Learning through Landscapes, probably including this one. I share these values, apart from that the indoors and outdoors "should be available simultaneously and be experienced in a joined-up way". I don't think that is important and would be impractical for us.
  11. Here they say that it is better to use a mixture of sugar, warm water and washing-up liquid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDySkoZ19KU
  12. Ofsted online SEF ends April 2018

    I was going to update the SEF over this half term break, so am relieved that I don't have to - and to not have to see it on the To Do List! However, I liked to have some control over an inspection by knowing that the inspector had read beforehand about what we do and why, and what we have done and intend to do to improve.
  13. s a t p i n

    If so, then you could and 'pip' and 'tit' and get 18 CVCs. Oh, 'nan' could be added too, so 19. 'Sain' is a CVC, if 'ai' is considered a vocal (a sound, not a letter), but the rest are CCVC etc. 'Ants' is missing, and if the same letter could be used twice, then also 'saints' and 'paints'. (There is some form filling avoidance going on here, for the EYNFF... The County Council has sent me a reminder!)
  14. s a t p i n

    Wow! I've found a few more, so got 23 - 17 cvc and 6 vc: is, as, an, pan, tan, nap, sap, tap, at, pat, sat, in, pin, tin, sin, it, nit, pit, sit, tit, nip, pip, tip
  15. s a t p i n

    I edited my first post, as you can see, because I discovered that I missed 'is'!