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  1. cultural/ethnic books

    A search for fiction got me here: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/3721.Best_Multicultural_Books_for_Children Ignore!
  2. cultural/ethnic books

    'Children Just Like Me' https://www.dk.com/uk/9780241207352-children-just-like-me/
  3. Updating policies

    Do you share each change with parents and, if so, immediately_
  4. I started our setting in 2005 and read anything I could find about outdoor learning for young children at the time, which included publications by Learning through Landscapes, probably including this one. I share these values, apart from that the indoors and outdoors "should be available simultaneously and be experienced in a joined-up way". I don't think that is important and would be impractical for us.
  5. Here they say that it is better to use a mixture of sugar, warm water and washing-up liquid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDySkoZ19KU
  6. Ofsted online SEF ends April 2018

    I was going to update the SEF over this half term break, so am relieved that I don't have to - and to not have to see it on the To Do List! However, I liked to have some control over an inspection by knowing that the inspector had read beforehand about what we do and why, and what we have done and intend to do to improve.
  7. s a t p i n

    If so, then you could and 'pip' and 'tit' and get 18 CVCs. Oh, 'nan' could be added too, so 19. 'Sain' is a CVC, if 'ai' is considered a vocal (a sound, not a letter), but the rest are CCVC etc. 'Ants' is missing, and if the same letter could be used twice, then also 'saints' and 'paints'. (There is some form filling avoidance going on here, for the EYNFF... The County Council has sent me a reminder!)
  8. s a t p i n

    Wow! I've found a few more, so got 23 - 17 cvc and 6 vc: is, as, an, pan, tan, nap, sap, tap, at, pat, sat, in, pin, tin, sin, it, nit, pit, sit, tit, nip, pip, tip
  9. s a t p i n

    I edited my first post, as you can see, because I discovered that I missed 'is'!
  10. s a t p i n

    14 cvc
  11. s a t p i n

    I came up with 19 (including vc)
  12. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    I wrote to Ofsted and got this reply: The National College for Teaching and Leadership is responsible for determining which qualifications are considered relevant under the Early Years Framework or Childcare Register Requirements. The Department for Education has made a list of these qualification available at its website, which you can access here: Early Years Qualification List. Should you have queries regarding this list please contact the Department for Education on: 0370 000 2288
  13. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    But the knowledge and understanding needed to support young children's development and learning is so different from that needed for teenagers!
  14. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    A supply agency tells me that a person with a secondary qualification is counted as qualified for early years. I said that to my knowledge they are not. They claim that they checked this and had it confirmed, so sent us a secondary teacher. I'm paying much to meet legal requirements, when I could have worked with an able parent or someone else I know without a qualification.
  15. Measurement

    Just realised that lesson planning for a Reception class is very different from providing spontaneous learning opportunities to a a few Reception-aged children and older nursery children in a preschool...