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  1. Ofsted online SEF ends April 2018

    I was going to update the SEF over this half term break, so am relieved that I don't have to - and to not have to see it on the To Do List! However, I liked to have some control over an inspection by knowing that the inspector had read beforehand about what we do and why, and what we have done and intend to do to improve.
  2. s a t p i n

    If so, then you could and 'pip' and 'tit' and get 18 CVCs. Oh, 'nan' could be added too, so 19. 'Sain' is a CVC, if 'ai' is considered a vocal (a sound, not a letter), but the rest are CCVC etc. 'Ants' is missing, and if the same letter could be used twice, then also 'saints' and 'paints'. (There is some form filling avoidance going on here, for the EYNFF... The County Council has sent me a reminder!)
  3. s a t p i n

    Wow! I've found a few more, so got 23 - 17 cvc and 6 vc: is, as, an, pan, tan, nap, sap, tap, at, pat, sat, in, pin, tin, sin, it, nit, pit, sit, tit, nip, pip, tip
  4. s a t p i n

    I edited my first post, as you can see, because I discovered that I missed 'is'!
  5. s a t p i n

    14 cvc
  6. s a t p i n

    I came up with 19 (including vc)
  7. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    A supply agency tells me that a person with a secondary qualification is counted as qualified for early years. I said that to my knowledge they are not. They claim that they checked this and had it confirmed, so sent us a secondary teacher. I'm paying much to meet legal requirements, when I could have worked with an able parent or someone else I know without a qualification.
  8. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    I wrote to Ofsted and got this reply: The National College for Teaching and Leadership is responsible for determining which qualifications are considered relevant under the Early Years Framework or Childcare Register Requirements. The Department for Education has made a list of these qualification available at its website, which you can access here: Early Years Qualification List. Should you have queries regarding this list please contact the Department for Education on: 0370 000 2288
  9. Secondary teacher in ratios?

    But the knowledge and understanding needed to support young children's development and learning is so different from that needed for teenagers!
  10. Measurement

    Just realised that lesson planning for a Reception class is very different from providing spontaneous learning opportunities to a a few Reception-aged children and older nursery children in a preschool...
  11. Measurement

    I often point out (in real life or surprising contexts) how something is both longer and thinner / shorter and thicker or bigger and lighter / smaller and heavier etc, and that something that is tall can be long. We have opaque water bottles which we sometimes use to compare amount of water and weight, to use language as 'more, less, the most, the least' and 'lighter than', 'as heavy as' etc.
  12. "The toolkit is available via the link below and has been designed to support the strategy, and provide professionals with some useful tools to inform their work with children and families. The toolkit provides a range of information including guidance, evidenced based practice reports, downloadable versions of the neglect thresholds chart and indicator matrix’s, case studies, training handouts and material, and some practical tools and prompts." http://www.hampshiresafeguardingchildrenboard.org.uk/professionals/neglect/practical-tools/day-in-my-life-pre-school-child/ The Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board is asking for feedback on whether there are gaps or things missing, as well as to receive content and documents from agencies to be uploaded into the toolkit. hscb@hants.gov.uk.
  13. Neglect toolkit

    "The toolkit is being given a ‘soft launch’ across both Hampshire and IOW for the next three months. During that time we are keen that professionals have the opportunity to test and review the toolkit, and provide us with feedback on all aspects including content, layout and overall user-friendliness. We are particularly keen on your feedback on whether there are gaps or things missing, as well as receive content and documents from agencies to be uploaded into the toolkit."
  14. 2 year olds

    Long day for me too - and got a cold! So, if you accept 2 1/2 year olds, you don't need to do anything.
  15. 2 year olds

    More staff (1 to 4 children), a large supply of spare nappies, eyes in your neck and plenty of patience.
  16. Outdoors in Mid-Hampshire

    Wildflowers provides a unique learning environment for children and the adults supporting them. It is based in an old barn and has access to around 25 play places in nearby woods and parkland where the group spends each morning in all weathers. The founder and manager Helena has developed Wildflowers' provision since 2005 and seeks to deepen the implementation of its vision further. She is looking for a reflective educator to support children in developing emotional and cognitive independence and resilience, and to sensitively and creatively extend their abilities and understanding. 8.45 am to 3.45 pm (approx.) Mondays to Fridays, term time.
  17. Reference questions

    Which are the questions that must be asked in a reference form to meet legal requirements? I want to keep it short to ensure a prompt reply from the former employer and trust my and my colleague's judgement about a person's capability from an interview and a trial day.
  18. Reference questions

    I wonder if those three things would be considered sufficient by Ofsted. Once I gave a reference, answering all questions honestly, assuming that it was confidential. The former employee asked to see the reference and she had the right to see it according to data protection legislation. I would hesitate to answer some questions in writing after that, if I had anything negative to write, despite some forms claiming to that the information would be kept confidentiality.
  19. Reference questions

    Here are two questions which may be important to ask in a reference form, though the last one may be too personal: In your experience, has the applicant the ability to maintain confidentiality? Are there any issues you are aware of which may impact the applicant’s job performance? This question also includes capability procedures, not only disciplinary ones: Has the applicant been subject to any capability or disciplinary procedures during their employment with you? If yes, please indicate reasons and action taken. We are not allowed to ask applicant to fill in a health declaration until they have been offered a job? Are we allowed to ask about number of sick days when seeking references, which takes place before the job offer?
  20. Reference questions

    Thanks Louby Loo. A few questions... When did the applicant work for/with you, or how long have you known this person? (Please give exact dates.) Why exact dates? Why wouldn't 'about six months' or 'two years' be sufficient? Did the applicant require a Disclosure & Barring Service check when employed by you? Why is this important? Are there any outstanding disciplinary issues? Isn't it important to ask about past disciplinary issues too?
  21. Reference questions

    Thanks Diesel. Some employers are hesitant to communicate and lengthy forms can be put aside, so I'm trying to find out what is the minimum to ask to meet legal requirements. Could I only ask about 1) unsuitability to work with children and 2) any past or ongoing disciplinary procedure? I would prefer a conversation with the former employer. Are there reasons not to call them?
  22. Summatives

    Is there any reason to keep development records?
  23. Summatives

    From the EYFS requirements: 3.71 Records relating to individual children must be retained for a reasonable period of time after they have left the provision. For those that are related to children's learning and development, I consider 'reasonable' to be 3 years.
  24. Claims for funding

    So you have to return funding you have been paid?! What about staffing - even if a parent says that their child will be away the coming week, you can't just tell people that they have no work that week. They also have bills to pay. How are we supposed to run businesses or charities if we count on a certain income to cover fixed costs etc?
  25. Claims for funding

    I fill in the agreed days and hours of attendance and number of funded hours per day and in total, and parents sign.