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  1. Whistleblowing

    Last member of staff on Safeguarding Basic came back and said we should be showing the NSPCC poster for whistleblowing. I tracked it down, printed it and put it up in the kitchen. I had a conversation with and Improvement Officer (??? goodness knows what they call them now) today and she asked if I had a Whistleblowing Policy, I was able to tell her we had a stand alone one, but also had the poster up on the wall, which she looked at and seemed pleased.
  2. Whistleblowing

    Yes we have one too
  3. GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

    There's an article this week in Nursery World regarding GDPR, strangely, thought I understood it until I read that article. Will have to take another look at it all, sure it's a lot simpler than they are alluding to, as we are such a small pre-school.
  4. basic online safeguarding course??

    caught me while I was editing Finleysmaid
  5. basic online safeguarding course??

    http://www.kscb.org.uk/training/e-learning-courses Could try here and either free or not expensive, or maybe if its just for Kent, your own LSCB are doing similar
  6. Hudle Holgers

    What are they using the hudls for? Are they using them to work Tapestry?
  7. s a t p i n

    Well Mousie, we had a member called Beau who used to regularly set us quizzes. ?? they used to be fun, sadly not done them for a long while
  8. s a t p i n

    If no help on here Sunnyday, think I might be inclined to google an anagram site
  9. Safeguarding and Inclusion Audit

    yes I can - just doing one at the moment. which LA are you? do they not provide one on their website, most do
  10. No more Active Kids

    They have been mucking about for a couple of years on this. I only received the 2017 Ingredients card today! Fed up with the scheme really. Tesco's dumped their scheme a few years ago saying it would come back bigger and better -never to return! What's the betting we don't see Sainsburys again.
  11. Glitter Ban

    Just checked my cards I have taken down only 4 with any glitter on - we usually use them to make winter themed collages when we return in January (see I didn't even use the "C" word and to be fair I'm still within my rights to - not twelfth night yet??
  12. Granny Gift!

    I think that's a lovely idea Inge. I buy fabric bags from Hobbycraft in the summer they are about £1. each. we use them for the children's Learning Journeys .
  13. Not too sure, can't find our copy, but would Dogger have positional language, because the toy goes missing and they have to look for it.
  14. doesn't make great reading Steve, but thank you for linking it.