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  1. You'll have to register with NMRU and if you have been registered in the past, you will need to re-register, but pretty straight forward to claim, just keep your receipts and refer to your daily attendance register. If someone off unexpectedly you don't need to worry about adjusting amount of milk bought, but if you are aware they are going to be on holiday, for example, then they expect you to adjust the amount of milk you buy I buy Cravendale because it has a reasonable shelf life.
  2. I buy Cravendale at Tescos and still claim the old fashioned way through WMRU, in fact, just about to do that!
  3. Putting a Tender together

    Oh Narnia, it does indeed put things into perspective. Sending you my best wishes and hopes for the future
  4. Dens!

    Maybe its the primitive need to be hunter gatherers September may be a good time, then you can "train" them how to do it properly. Even when we used the pop up type playhouses indoors they did very similar things, it must be a deep seated need to fill their home and nest.
  5. Done Smiley
  6. Signing in....?

    I think originally we did just say that hours of attendance were the same as our session times. Then local safeguarding began to say we really should record actual times. I am open from 915, but some children might not actually be on the premises until 9.30 due to dropping older siblings off etc., same at pick up time, many a time not everyone is out the door on time - so it is worth recording.
  7. Signing in....?

    Information about the provider 3.76. Providers must hold the following documentation: • name, home address and telephone number of the provider and any other person living or employed on the premises (this requirement does not apply to childminders) • name, home address and telephone number of anyone else who will regularly be in unsupervised contact with the children attending the early years provision • a daily record of the names of the children being cared for on the premises, their hours of attendance and the names of each child's key person • their certificate of registration (which must be displayed at the setting and shown to parents and/or carers on request)
  8. Transporting

    I am assuming you have looked up "transporting schemas" on google. Can you tell us anything more about your little boy, for instance, his age, whether he has EAL etc. Have you found any information from the family like, does he do similar things at home, or does dad or granddad use a wheelbarrow which he has observed? Is there a media character he likes like Mr. Bloom
  9. registers and visitors books

    But Mousie, sooooo true. If you really wanted to make some kind of mischief you would go all out to look like the real deal surely. Must be a known thing that people tend to believe anyone that wears a uniform, or appears to be official.
  10. registers and visitors books

    I've had a few not bring their children along too, and I always ask them to it's as much a child's choice as anything else. I often wonder why parents wouldn't bring them, makes we wonder if there is something to hide but yes, some are already in another setting, we did have a bit of a run on having families desert one setting for us, it was as if I were doing the poaching, but definitely not, just parents talking to other parents as they do.
  11. registers and visitors books

    I have no idea why that all underlined, it just would not stop - and now it's fine
  12. registers and visitors books

    I have only ever checked the ID of official visitors from LA, Ofsted and workmen. Not prospective parents, that makes me feel a bit cringy!
  13. Hi, I can see you are new to the forum, so first of all, Welcome. I am sure around the country there will be lots of different formats for reporting to parents, I have used the My Unique Story format for many years now. As you say, it can feel a lot of work, I guess we are just used to it. I hope someone else comes along that can help you. You have certainly put your question in the correct place!