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    I love to sing and take part regularly in gigs and village shows, I love my garden and grow my own veg. I have recently taken on the role of supervisor in my village preschool , having worked previously in other early year settings. I have been a school governor for 9 years and i am also a member of The Royal British Legion Committee in my village, so you could say I am a very community spirited person. I am finding my new role both challenging and rewarding and it is a steep learning curve as i have not held this role before so always open to advice and support from like minded people x

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  1. Committee/manager help

    Completely agree with fm , you have to be tough , be prepared for the fall out though. As manager you are responsible for the day to day running and the committee and staff should support you in your vision. Make sure you have the justification as to why you are doing this and that whatever it is is beneficial for your setting. People find change hard , many committtee members don't know much about the actual policies , methods etc so may rely on you to put this across to them. If your passionate enough this will come across . Sadly as Fm said you are their employer not friend , I always made that clear that work was work and no reflection of friendship outside . Sadly any friends I thought I had are now no longer since my leaving . But if you can be strong and confident on what is it you want to achieve for the setting then you must do it as parents and children will recognise it .
  2. Gun play

    mmm no roaring - no playing with guns , no self expression , these are not only part of natural play bt also channels in which some children communicate how they are feeling . it is pretending , it is role play but it is understanding by those working alongside the child in how to interpret and encourage this expression not dismiss , in my opinion
  3. Staff breaks

    Our staff get 20 mins paid when working a 7 hour day
  4. Very low temperature in nursery

    18 degreees is recommended temp
  5. New Members joining Committee

    We were told not to complete Ey2 for committee members just those holding office i.e. Director/ chair , treasurer / secretary but DBS for all , I then added them all to update service via the gov.uk website
  6. socket covers risk assessment

    I agree with your comments John but there is not always the opportunity and often information creates curiosity . It really depends on the age group as our are 2-4 yrs , the older children would benefit from your method but not the younger ones . It's risk taking at its highest
  7. socket covers risk assessment

    We are in a village hall and have not experienced any issues as yet with uncovered sockets but again explain why you prefer for them not to do it , we only switch on when something is being plugged in etc
  8. socket covers risk assessment

    In the event of a child interfering with uncovered sockets , immediate explaination will take place to assist the child with understanding the dangers involved in doing so.
  9. free prevent duty training

    I was sofa surfing to and writing poetry ! just got showered !
  10. 2016 Appeal - culminating Friday 18th November

    Absolutely chuffed to find out my friends son is gracing the front of the CIN thankyou cards for fundraising .
  11. free prevent duty training

  12. free prevent duty training

    The iPad not me !
  13. free prevent duty training

    Doing it now but very slow !
  14. Which email provider is safe?

    Thanks Matt yes we use the 2 step verification and have to say very impressed with gmail .
  15. fairer funding campaign

    I wrote this on Saturday in response to Lucy Powell MP quote AND SHARED WITH Champagne nurseries lemonade funding on FB Extinction I hear you cry ! ''Tis surely not the Early Years lot You must mean the dinosaurs with which the children play Not the wonderful providers we send our children to every day ? My word is this real ? Or even true , the money we do or don't spend with you but what is paid on our behalf , that's all you get , well that's a laugh ! So your telling me that for all you do , the start you give my little one , the support for us and everyone The letters you write and policies too , the help you gave in helping him to use the loo The patience you showed when he struggled to talk and had difficulty when trying to walk The expertise you shared with me , the chair you offered when I was pregnant with number 3 Oh surely not , this can't be true , that you get so little funding for all you do So you mean to say that for all you provide , the care, the love , the learning too To ensure my little one develops and grows so well , is not recognised or applauded , Hell ! I see , I hear your cry , I apologise too for not knowing how .. much you get to take my child for a session , it's ridiculous , it's a difficult profession Applaud you I will now that I understand more , our support you have , government please listen , I implore Take your head out of the sand , stop throwing it around , these professionals have a right to stand their ground Pay them what's due and what is needed to survive , in their hands we've put our children's lives Don't refuse them what they deserve , it is so justified Extinct they will surely become , oh look another one died ! Author JP