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  1. Outings

    Our children all wear high viz vests with the name of our preschool written on the back in permanent marker. I think they came from IKEA.
  2. I think encouraging independent skills give lots of fine motor practice. Zips, poppers and Velcro on clothes. Opening their own lunch containers and packets, peeling their own fruit etc. As for activities : cutting and tearing paper, pegging dolls clothes, using tweezers to pick up small toys e.g. Dinosaurs stuck in mud. Finger rhymes that involve separating fingers e.g. Tommy thumb. Disco dough. Mark making shaving foam, sand etc
  3. P.E. Ideas?

    These are the games our children love to play Whats the time Mr Wolf, great for maths too. Duck, duck goose Musical statues Balancing bean bags. Children take turns to decide on which part of their body to balance them whilst walking around. Parachute songs and games Traffic lights Bean game Runner bean, Broad bean (stretch wide) French bean (Bonjour) Dough disco
  4. I think some children find remembering colour names particularly difficult, but they all get there in the end. If we think about how many shades of each colour there are it's not surprising. Focus on their interests, Always use the colour names repeatedly when around them. Never ask them to name a colour, but you can give them choices e.g. holding up the aprons would you like the red one or the blue one?
  5. At preschool some of our older children were supplied with string, lollypop sticks and some laminated shapes. They used the materials to see if they could make their own shapes. Some placed them carefully around the outside of the laminated shape others made different sized shapes using lots of sticks. Some found out they couldn't make a circle using the sticks.
  6. Knowing her age I think It's just a control thing. Treat it like a behaviour issue. Don't give her any attention just take her to the toilet help her in complete silence.
  7. Ask the parents to encourage dressing and undressing when using the toilet at home. Hopefully this will lead them to want to do it themselves at preschool. If they use the toilets at the same time as others praise the other children for their independence. You could be a little bit sneaky and ask another staff member to call you away to see when left for a moment if they would forget their stubbornness!
  8. rhyming activites

    A game for children who are new to rhyming Introduce that you are going to play a rhyming body game. So you say what rhymes with bed? And point to your head, hopefully they will say head. Pies point to eyes, Boulder point to shoulder. etc As they get better at this pause before pointing to see if they can work it out.
  9. setting next steps

    We still use written learning journals which we send out to parents every half term along with a brief summary and next steps. Our children are 2-4 years.
  10. Toast Time!

    You seem to have covered the physical skills. How about offering a choice of spreads eg cheese and marmite to encourage the children to talk about their likes and dislikes. They could compare the bread and toast and see if they can tell you how the bread has changed in the cooking process. Sorry I can't think of anything else.
  11. Health issues

    I have been living with a chronic illness for most of my life and feel the need to speak up on behalf of your applicant. Please believe them if they say it will not interfere with their work they will know their limitations if any. The drugs work wonders! We are a pack away setting too, so I do know how tiring it can be. Even for the young and healthy ones. I believe I work just as hard as my other colleagues and have not had anymore time off. If you are still worried you could check with their previous employer.
  12. Healthy Me!

    We are a pack away pre- school so this Is at large group time Ask the children. What does being healthy mean? Make sure healthy food , drinking water, exercise, washing hands etc and sleeping.( I normally give them clues to the ones they don't say) What did you have for lunch box that was good for you? I write them down and draw pictures under headings good for you and a treat. Explaining that good for you foods we can every day. Sometimes we sing the Chocolate cake song which is on boogie mites cd for some of the foods. It goes like this. Cucumber cucumber Hands up who likes Cucumber Yummy yummy yummy Put in my tummy I like, you like, cucumber Then we stand up and do some exercises. We get the children to come up with the exercises, usually running on the spot, press ups, star jumps and a few others they have seen their parents do! At the end of the exercise We run on the spot again. Stop put your hands on your heart and close your eyes. Can you feel your hear beating faster? All have a drink of water. We now need to rest and sleep.
  13. Can anyone help? I have the very same child! So far I have only come up with one game, but I do think it may be too difficult. Driving tragffic light game ( He loves cars) Children pretend to be cars steering carefully around each other. When I hold up the colour red they stop still, green for go, Amber to change direction.
  14. Another idea maybe to ignore his noises and try to have interesting conversations with other children nearby in the hope that he might want to add something to your conversation. If he does stop you could say something positive back about what he said and that you noticed that he was doing really good talking. So you are ignoring the unwanted behaviour and praising him when he is talking properly.