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  1. SEND question

    Yes apparently we are very lucky in our county! Well I say 10 weeks that was last year when I had referrals, since then I know that they have lost lots of therapists and most are only part time, so now who knows! However, it is quite a drawn out process over all and therefore frustrating. for instance:. Generally when a need is identified we are advised to do 'Watchful Waiting' let's say on average a term but depends on how often we see them! Some only attend 6 hours pw. During this period we are advised to have in place strategies to support - Assess, Plan Do, Review - another term gone by. We have to show that we have DONE EVERYTHING WE CAN!!! then........ complete referral for outside agencies ( compiling all the evidence, photocopied , parents permission etc.) once it's gone to Panel they decide which Outside agency best fits the need eg Ed Psych, Salt, Paed etc. Generally I find it takes a school year to get any help and support from anyone other than us! I am that unqualified Ed Psych/Speech and Language/Behaviour Management Therapist!! 😏 Ta Dah! I have a two year old Eal with (to me) very obvious autistic traits. GP says No, Mum concerned and am now on the start of the cycle to get help!! 😩 Quite frankly dreading it. .
  2. SEND question

    We can make a referral for Area SenCo to visit and agree/disagree that their may be a special need. The referral needs reems of evidence before any help/support is given. Very time consuming! They meet monthly to discuss referrals, well they did, not sure now how frequently due to cutbacks! Shall have to look that up as have a referral in mind! we can also make direct referal to Speech and Language, quite a wait 10 weeks + before appointment..
  3. Retention of records/archiving

    21yrs for enrolment forms???? 😩 They will have to bury them with me......or cremate them as per audit!!
  4. Privacy notice for parents

    Thank you for this Rebecca and Lauren 👍
  5. Today my Manager told me about a conversation she had with the Head of our feeder primary school. Apparantly, as they are now an Academy they 'have to' test the children on induction to assess if they have Speech and Language needs so as to ascertain the budget for a SaLT. out of 41 newbies only.........5!!!....did not need speech and language support!!! i am shocked and slightly horrified! 😳 29 of those children were from our setting!! 😭 i would NOT have thought THAT many.....maybe a handful plus the 3 that I had sought SaLT for....and of course it is becoming more and more difficult to get referrals unless the child's need is high. i am also disappointed that the school didn't think that this information might have been more useful in the Autumn term, so we may have focused a bit more on CL than we already do......and we do! Baffled as to what more we could do as we have always had close links with Speeech and Language and lots of advice and strategies in supporting CL are royally in place!! it also make me wonder how true a picture testing children in the first term shows too? Surely there are going to be many children who are neither settled or comfortable enough in their new environment to say Boo to a Goose, let alone respond correctly to a lengthy speech and language inquisition! Anyone know any more about such a test? Or any ideas how we could score better in the future?? 😏 Feeling a bit deflated.
  6. GDPR resources

    Sorry, may be missing something but if it's just a list of forenames does that need 'data protecting'?
  7. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Cannot even work this now! 😁 I said that.....not Mousekeeter ( is that contravening ...........)???
  8. General GDPR thoughts and ideas

    Oh my goodness! This is thread is so helpful but also so mournful (is that a word?) - going dizzy! I have loooaads of old photos of past little people in albums etc and occasionally we all Ooo and Ahhh in fond rememberance of when they attended and the great fun activities we did (long before paperwork was invented) In those days we would never (rightly or wrongly) thought about consent!! Looks like my whole working past is about to be incinerated!! On the bright side though shall be rather liberating and I shall have Rooooommmm in my office!! And thank you Rebecca and Lauren 😍
  9. My GDPR 'To Do' list

    Can you tell me how the new GDPR compliant enrolment form would differ please Rebecca? -
  10. Yes I do Rebecca, after all this was our previous early years Minister Mr Goodwills 🤔 response to how our pathetic funding rates would make it work for us! I have always worked to one over ratio, and still do, but for how much longer?? This term I have had 3 staff off with various illness/family matters and this has meant we were working to ratio - and I haven't liked it one bit!! There is simply no time for any additional support to children in need of it and it feels like herding cattle! As Finsleysmaid mentioned EAL and SEN support is an almost joke when no additional funding is available to support these children - mind you even if you had the extra funding it's almost impossible to find staff to do the job! I do hope in this round of Ofsted inspections that inspectors are really clued up on the pressure being put on early years settings and view tenacity as an outstanding quality!! 👍
  11. Don't know what to say to this, apart from it's all very depressing. Thanks for sharing it though Rebecca.
  12. Hear Hear! Opportunity to add your name to the open letter - believe to Keep Early Years Unique, we all should!
  13. Looks like it's going to be 'All Change' ......again! Free-flow, free play, cafe style snack........all 'so last year'!
  14. Granny Gift!

    During a parent group meeting re fundraising some parents asked if we could make a Gift for Granny, which Parents could then buy......... As we do not like Fluffy Duck activities can anyone think of something 'saleable', unique and quick!! We have 30 children!! Think I might prefer the old jumble sale.... : /