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  1. Hear Hear! Opportunity to add your name to the open letter - believe to Keep Early Years Unique, we all should!
  2. Looks like it's going to be 'All Change' ......again! Free-flow, free play, cafe style snack........all 'so last year'!
  3. Granny Gift!

    During a parent group meeting re fundraising some parents asked if we could make a Gift for Granny, which Parents could then buy......... As we do not like Fluffy Duck activities can anyone think of something 'saleable', unique and quick!! We have 30 children!! Think I might prefer the old jumble sale.... : /
  4. Videos

    Ahh thanks both will get back to you Matt re error message - we use an iPad,Samsung and a Lenova tablet!
  5. Videos

    We do not appear to be able to upload videos longer than 2 or 3 seconds. We do however see tapestry videos that are much longer on a shared child's setting. How's it done?
  6. Hi All, I wonder if anyone who is a sole trader has given any thought to the following..... My lovely Hubble asked 'what would happen to the playschool should anything happen to you?! Yikes! That made me think, what would happen? As our businesses are so tied up with Ofsted regulations and Local Authority Provider agreements etc etc I wondered what exactly would happen if I was no longer able to 'Provide'. Of course he would need to contact Ofsted and LA but.......As Only I have access to the bank account how would Staff be paid and the group be financed whilst 'sorting it out'. I do have a Manager who of course could take the reins but I was wondering if it would be possible to have a 'sleeping partner' in the shape of my DiL who does have a level 3 Dip in early years, though not currently working in it, but whom I would be willing to add to signatory on bank account. Just In Case!! Anyone else have a back up plan or is it just me ??? : /
  7. The Gingerbread Man! Lots of running....
  8. which bank account

    Ahh quite a lot of nursery owners complaining so on the Facebook page CNLF!!
  9. which bank account

    Have heard on the grapevine that HSBC and some RBS banks are closing accounts of holders who are offering the 30hrs!!, And refusing extensions on cc and overdrafts!! Think they must see what we foresee.....
  10. Are you taking in ironing?

    Our whole sector has been totally devalued since the 30hr malarkey started. Suddenly the need to have "highly qualified staff" in place (QTS even) has been replaced with - doing parental chores for them, putting donation buckets out, staff to 'volunteer' rather than be paid!! Are they having a Laugh???? Because we are NOT laughing! Read a quote from one very furious Practitioner which kind of sums it up for me.... To the Dfe: why write the EYFS if your not prepared to honour it's values!! We've been sold out.
  11. Are you taking in ironing?

    I believe it was a suggestion given from one of the management groups brought in for the 30hrs 'workshops'.
  12. Hi Clairmari42 and welcome to the forum! How about simple songs and rhymes that involve family....eg These are Grandma's Glasses, Makaton signing for Family, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister....etc Asking parents to bring in a family photo to 'talk about' or create an Our Families board..... Sure your get some more ideas along soon........
  13. Claims for funding

    We just keep them, attached to PSOU, in case of random audit. Very occasionally have to scan and send via secure portal should there be a discrepancy - me making a typo on headcount : ( Next audit, I shall question.....!!
  14. Claims for funding

    We're not trusted in our LA - no copy of birth certificate - no funding!!
  15. Funding

    Glad I'm not alone in feeling teed off with all the extra admin this 30 is giving us. I only open for 18 but now have 4 children/parents wanting to use their '30' to cover the extra 3hrs a week!! What I really want is CASH!!! I do not want to have to jump through hoops - during my holiday period to receive this pittance! It's costing me in admin time checking, prompting, checking again and now our LA has opened a PORTAL - which sounds to me like A BIg Black Hole - of which I know nothing!! I have just managed to give up being a keyperson and now I can see I shall be full time administrator! Bring on the hols.........I need a break!