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  1. Thank you for this - a headstart on another minefield of skins to prepare for !!
  2. Are you taking in ironing?

    I've been advocating it for years - one day of mass action each month and just perhaps someone might listen :rolleyes:
  3. Are you taking in ironing?

    When I was told about this my first thought was whether the children would have the physical development skills to undertake this job my second thought was then to expand on this and determine whether there was much call for chimney sweeping or whether we had any cotton mills that required small children and what sort of prices I might get if I hired them out :rolleyes: On a more serious note however how bl***y" insulting is this (if indeed it is true) to even suggest it - along with the suggestion that staff work in a voluntary capacity for a term to make ends meet - really they want staff to work for 14 weeks for no pay so that a couple earning perhaps £199,999.98 per annum can access 30 hours "free" childcare. I can see the look if it was suggested that said business advisors volunteer their services for 14 weeks to help councils "make ends meet". Many years ago my LA send a "business advisor" to me to undertake a cost analysis - they managed at that time to produce figures that showed I could deliver my service at the exact hourly rate that we were being paid by the LA for funded hours - strange that - closer inspection however revealed that I would not be meeting my some of my statutory employer duties including paying holiday pay - when that was taken into account a somewhat different hourly rate was reached!! There is just no understanding of the early years service model by most people and there is a distinct lack of wanting to understand as well because that would mean admitting that funding does not cover costs - unless of course you want to warehouse children rather than provide a quality childcare and education experience for them - or if all else fails farm them out to the nearest launderette :wacko:
  4. Help and support needed please!

    I was inspected in May 2015 and had the call on Friday for an inspection on Monday - before that we had a 6 and a half year gap between inspections! Safeguarding Supervisions Knowing your children Think about what you want to do for your joint observation - who will be doing it and what your learning outcomes are Know who your 2s Too are - if any of them are in your inspector will track one Know who qualifies for EYPP - if any of them are in you will be expected to demonstrate how you have spent £s and impact etc. Our inspector also wanted to track one of the children who had been with us for the longest and preferably a child who was being assessed as a bit of a high flyer - she wanted to see how we differentiate for these children Know your SEN register and be confident talking about other agencies you liaise with Our inspector looked at policies - make sure you have all the statutory ones especially mobile phone use and online safety - we aren't connected to t'internet at the hall but still have a policy as we have an ipad and smart phone Maths and literacy are still the hot potatoes - if they are part of your everyday practice make sure that they are on obvious display Staff folders - you will need to show at least one staff folder with your recruitment processes to demonstrate you do safer recruitment and take up references When it's all over - large drinkies !! Good luck
  5. Have large folder and put them all on website and email out to parents when updates are done to alert them - cannot say whether anyone has ever looked at them though !!! I know for sure that I look at them with my deputy for first pass review and then all staff have to look at them whether they like it or not for final review/ratification. Have known they who must not be named take a peek too :lol:
  6. Toy and equipment lists

    I have mine as an excel spreadsheet so that I can total the values for the equipment costs again for insurance purposes. I don't bother with a got rid of date I just delete the item - once it's gone it's gone. I do however have a separate wish list of things I would like to replace/purchase in the unlikely event that we ever have any £s. :lol: :rolleyes:
  7. Thank you Rebecca - I have only glanced at the early years stuff in the summary - it is not telling us anything that we don't already know - it would be lovely if the powers that be sat up and took notice though
  8. 1. How easy have you found it to find suitable childcare? This question does not provide a definition in respect of the word "suitable" - is this suitable in terms of opening hours, number of days/weeks open or suitable in terms of the quality of care or suitable in some other way? As a supplier I would suggest that the introduction of the 30 hours will mean that parents will find it more challenging to find any kind of childcare for the following reasons: a. If a significant number of parents require 30 hours childcare for their children this will result in a net loss of available spaces overall unless "new" spaces are created (unlikely as current funding levels do not lend themselves to the provision of a sustainable business model). b. Parents looking for suitable childcare in terms of quality will find it challenging as current funding levels combined with the Government's recommendation that early years settings reduce their staffing levels to keep them sustainable mean that quality of provision will be impacted. c. Parents looking for suitable childcare in terms of nursery flexibility regarding operating hours/days/weeks will find it challenging to find settings that are able to offer provision covering "unsociable hours" as they will not have the resources to fund "unsociable hours" salaries as current funding levels keep the pay of early years workers at minimum/living wage levels. 2. What are your thoughts on the cost of childcare? Is the Government giving parents the right support with childcare costs? a) The current funding arrangements are not fit for purpose. The "free" offer is not "free" in that it is being subsidised by providers or parents of children who do not access the "free" offer. This in effect means that paid for childcare is by necessity artificially inflated to make up for the losses incurred by underfunding of the "free" offer. b) If it is the Government's intention to provide parents who can readily afford childcare with "free" childcare then yes. The current proposals for the 30 hours could after all result in parents working 16 hours per week earning say £115.20 per hour qualifying! If the Government is committed to supporting disadvantaged children then no they are not giving the right support with childcare costs. If the Government is committed to giving parents a choice of quality settings to access childcare and education for their children then no the Government is not giving parents the right support as inadequate funding is already causing early years settings to close their doors thereby reducing choice! 3. Are there problems with the availability of qualified childcare staff? How can there be problems with the availability of qualified childcare staff? a) There must after all be a surplus of qualified childcare staff currently looking for work - after all the Government is actively encouraging early years settings to cut their staffing by 10% to ensure that they operate efficiently on the pittance paid by early education funding. b) There is obviously a plethora of qualified childcare staff queuing up to be paid the minimum or living wage (all providers can afford to pay whilst early education funding levels continue to fail to meet costs) instead of earning a £1 or £2 above this working for Lidl (other supermarkets are available) in the retail sector. c) There are floods of applicants queuing up to undertake qualifications to enable them to be qualified childcare staff - why wouldn't there be given the status and pay accorded to this role - underfunding regrettably continues to make this an unattractive career prospect as underfunding demonstrates the low regard the Government has for the profession (even they don't want to pay what early years workers are worth) and low salaries compound the issue.
  9. Me too - (I have lost the ability to add faces)
  10. If I have read this right parents do not have to be working 16 hours per week - they just have to be earning the equivalent of working 16 hours a week at either the minimum or living wage (depending on how old they are) up to £100,000 per annum so if they are over 25 and earn at least £115.20 per week they qualify for the 30 hour offer but they could be on £57.60 per hour and working 2 hours per week or even on £57.60 per hour and working 33 hours per week as they would still come in at just under £100,000 per annum (obviously that makes them early years workers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I am planning a questionnaire because as a sessional term time setting this could have an impact in terms of whether we extend our day or perhaps our school year and as yet there is no information coming through from any powers that be as to how many potential clients are out there for us to consider changing our business model - whatever we do has to be sustainable after all. If you are a full daycare setting operating all year round the 30 hour offer will have a direct impact on income as parents will hope to have more "free" hours at the underfunded funding rate rather than just 15 hours at this rate. For sessional term time settings it is not just a case of more "free" hours it is whether we are able to or wish to offer anything over the current 15 hours. As I understand from the "guidance" so far we do not have to choose 15 or 30 we can offer a number of hours up to 30. With regard to the questionnaire format I would take out the 16 hours bit and just put in the minimum weekly income and the maximum!
  11. I watched the news report and began to recognise some of the strategies that were being talked about. The article and news report did not give sufficient detail about the programme used but some of the elements sounded very much like the strategies used by a programme we use in my neck of the woods called PEIC-D. This programme is meant to encourage interactive "communication", focussing on the aspects of communication that give meaning without words and uses tiny steps to engage children in non-verbal communication as a pre-cursor to eventually hoping to encourage verbal communication. A better explanation is available from this link below: http://www.poole.gov.uk/education-and-learning/parental-support/promoting-early-interactive-conversations-dorset-peic-d/ Like Upsy Daisy has said however using programmes such as this can we wonderful for some families but not great for others and as others have said you are back to £s. Any early intervention strategy will only work if there is enough money behind it to make it possible - people need to be trained and free'd up to deliver the interventions which all comes at a cost. As it is we struggle to get sufficient (if any) funding to support the children we have with additional needs - programmes such as this rely on one to one support delivered with a consistent adult - a couple of hours here and there just doesn't do it sadly.
  12. fairer funding campaign

    Thanks Rea - have seen this one. Also yet another consultation is about to be launched regarding nursery schools and how a fairer funding formula could be problematic for them because they and I quote here "led by qualified teachers on higher levels of pay". With absolutely no disrespect to our mainstream colleagues - as an honours degree holder with EYP status - I find that quite insulting. I had no option but to get a degree and EYP status as at the time that was going to be the only way my setting was going to stay open - the goalposts have moved several times since then but there are many settings led by EYPs/EYTs or who employ EYPs/EYTs. Perhaps we can use this consultation to make the point that underfunding is underfunding for all and that we are all struggling to stay sustainable on current funding levels - in most cases in the PVI sector we cannot pay our graduates what they are worth or could earn in the maintained sector.
  13. This is where this forum comes into it's own with such useful information - many thanks to Rebecca for bring it to our attention methinks
  14. I shall be emailing the link to my LA safeguarding lead as on a refresher on Monday my staff were told policies had to be changed and at a DSL network last week I was told that deputy DSL had to do level 3 multi-agency (at great expense by the time you factor in pay for course, staff member and supply). We also have to do level 3 refresher every 2 years (although this may be LSCB requirement) which I will ask for clarification on. Truly there is enough paperwork as it is without adding stuff to the TD list that isn't needed