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  1. Hi Has anyone got any documentation that I could look at to share with parents regarding Tapestry. I thought I had found something ages ago but cannot find it now. Thank you
  2. Storyphones Help

    Thanks Rebecca, it looks amazing but i cannot work out how to download so that i can transfer onto the storyphones. I will use the site to share stories though
  3. Storyphones Help

    We had credit which was lost too! My phones work well but we have the same stuff on them which is boring. I think opsol are still running. I will look at the link Rebecca has sent.
  4. Hi, I have had a set of storyphones for years and have not used them for a while. I do not remember my password for bookshelf but the company went into liquidation last year and no one at the company can help.; Does anyone have any ideas. The company have said that resources on my bookshelf may not be available. Where do you get stories to download please. Dpes anyone have any useful links Thank you
  5. Printing entries

    I have decided to print out the entries each time a child's next steps are due to share with parents. Can anyone advise on how I can make the page numbers continue. Each time I print a new set the numbers start at 1. it is picky but if there is a way to sort it out that would be great. thanks
  6. ECAT Tool

    I thought I had read somewhere that there is an ECAT tool within Tapestry. I cannot find it. Please can someone show me where it might be using an idiots guide. I have the SALT tool as a paper copy but would like to link it to the child on Tapestry. TIA Thank you
  7. Parent permission letter.

    Ahh thank you Rebecca, I haven't thought to look there. I will go and have a rummage
  8. Parent permission letter.

    Hi Carolyn, No nothing as yet. Sharon
  9. Parent said No to Tapestry

    Would anyone be prepared to share their paperwork re Tapestry. I am new to it and am not sure quite where to start. Thank you in advance
  10. What tablet to buy?

    Hi, I have just started trialling tapestry and have used ipads. They have been really easy to set up. Had support from both Apple and the lovely team on here. Good luck
  11. Tapestry in the garden

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you that is what we have started to do but I wasnt sure if there was some means to save work onto the ipad and then upload when inside. Thank you
  12. Very new to Tapestry. We are trying to use it in the garden but cannot save our observations. Can anyone advise us on what we can do or use please. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi I am in the process of employing new practitioners. My old reference letter seems a bit dated. Is there anyone who is able to share what their reference paperwork looks like. Also can anyone advise me on health questionnaires for new staff and what they may put in their paperwork. Are we still allowed to ask for this type of information. Just not sure but want to be able to do it right..
  14. Business rates relief?

    We have had this for about 2 years. We get a letter advising us that our cost is £0. Really helps!
  15. Hi I am having a dads stay and play session and was wondering about any resources which you think might be useful to support the topic... The educational value of play... I have some parents who want their child to be able to read and write aged just 3... The child's is communication is poor and they are only just starting to learn to play. I wanted to gently highlight the benefits... Does anyone have any ideas on a simple leaflet to support this area. Thank you in advance.