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  1. Lilbits

    Ok thanks Mouseketeer. I have actually ordered a few things now so will bear that in mind for when it arrives. If it turns out OK then I will order again as there are some unusual things there but if not then I won't order again. Thanks again
  2. Hello I have seen Lilbits (sensory and other resources - not just for early years) online and wondered whether anyone has had experience of the company. They stock many interesting and different items that I haven't seen before. The online order system seemed very long winded so I decided to phone but they are on holiday/having a break!! They seem to be on quite a long holiday so wondered whether it is still a going business. Can anyone help out please?
  3. Hello I'm looking for a piece of equipment that has padlocks, switches, fasteners, etc on for my Pre-school. I have asked parents if anyone can make something for me but unfortunately no-one has come forward. It looks as though I may have to buy something. I am sure I have seen something like I would like quite a while ago but can't see anything now. Can anyone help please? V
  4. Hi I have recently decided for personal reasons to only open the Pre-school from 9am - 1pm (unusual I know as most setting are extending their hours in September), so I am both relieved to have finally made that decision but equally concerned about my parents - numbers etc. On top of all this I have raging toothache and I mean raging!!!! to say that I am not keen on dentists is an understatement. I hardly slept at all last night due to the pain. I managed to get an emergency appointment this morning and when I was sitting in the waiting room I received a voicemail from Ofsted - they are coming tomorrow morning. I phoned them back and yes the message was right, they will be with me tomorrow. Obviously I am not feeling too wonderful at the moment what with one thing and another but hey ho things can only get better. Is there anything in particular I should be mindful of for the inspection tomorrow? Our last inspection was in June 2015 so only two years in between but I have heard today that they are doing them after two years this time round. Thanks in anticipation V
  5. Beans

    Thank you all for your replies. I will rethink things.
  6. Beans

    So that's dried soya beans and kidney beans not to use. What do you advise or do you think I should not go with beans of any kind? V
  7. Additional charges

    I explain to new parents with children in nappies that they put nappies and wipes in their bags in the cloakroom which we use when they are changed. All parents are expected to put a change of clothes for their child in their bags in case of accidents or the.children get wet playing with water. Parents supply sun creams. I buy our own wipes, tissues and nappy sacks. We have some spare clothes and sun hats. I ask that parents bring in donations for snack but occasionally I have to buy bits and pieces. Generally parents are good about snack - all sorts of fruit, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots etc, bread, crackers and spreads. V
  8. We are planting seeds, beans etc over the next few weeks and would like to sort different beans and make patterns etc. Are there any beans that children shouldn't handle? I'm sure someone will be able to advise me. Thanks V
  9. Hi I would like to ask our opinion on what "Understand that they can use lines to enclose a space and then begin to use these shapes to represent objects" from Development Matters EAD. It's probably something simple but I'm not sure. Is it using materials to make, for example, a sty and putting pigs in it on the farm? Or am I being silly? Sorry V
  10. Playdough

    Thanks Sunnyday I'll give a go today ready for tomorrow. V
  11. Hi I used to make playdough in the microwave but have lost the recipe. I wanted to try doing it that way again. Does anyone have the recipe please? Thanks in advance V
  12. nursery milk claim

    As they rejected the claim I asked how much their limit is per pint and the person I spoke to said she didn't know!!!
  13. nursery milk claim

    A few days ago I mentioned having problems claiming milk money back. It's still not resolved. I am trying to claim back from NMRU. I have sent receipts to prove I pay 81p per pint from the milkman but they rejected the online claim it was saying it is not value for money. I have contacted them again and they want receipts again which I originally emailed to them. I'm now waiting to hear from them again. V
  14. When is the EYNFF due to begin?

    All along I have been thinking that I wouldn't take on 30 hour funding but I am now getting concerned that I may lose families to those settings that are offering the full 30 hours. At present we are open 24 hours, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-1 and Tuesday and Friday 9-3. We are a pack away setting that takes 5 of us 30 minutes to set up and pack away each day. Three of those staff need to leave dead on 3.30pm to go collect their children from school. Four of us are in by 8am but one of them can't get in until 8.30am. At present we have the last half hour before opening, doing our paper work which is greatbut we would lose this time if we opened earlier. Staff are not keen to do more hours but we are having a meeting in a few weeks time to go through more options. As I wasn't thinking of offering 30 hours, I must admit I haven't really checked with current parents what their thoughts/wishes were - not good I know. Now I am thinking I must do something about it as September is looming. West Sussex have let us know the basic funding fees from April - 2 year olds were £4.94 per hour and will be £5.10 per hour - 16p per child per hour extra 3/4 year olds were £3.77 per hour and will be £4.42 per hour - 65p per child per hour extra EYPP stays the same at 53p per child per hour up to 15 hours. Now we will be the same as the maintained Nursery Schools and Nursery classes which they don't like. I am resorting to have to ask for help from you lovely people. Is anyone willing to share a parent survey/questionnaire that they have used please. I thought there was a draft copy on West Sussex EY butcan't find one. Any help would be appreciated. V
  15. which magazine?

    You are right that's probably why I stopped Nursery World few years ago. I remember the piles of magazines some still in the cellophane.