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  1. Charity Commission contact

    I ended up emailing a query....they took over one month to reply, so I hope you don't have an urgent query!!
  2. Prevent - Police Involvement ?

    I was given a named officer from LEA Safeguarding team
  3. dont be sorry Lois, it was a good point, well made......she has not got the requisite skills required
  4. why don't you just base it on the "What to expect" document, the parent friendly version of development matters...
  5. Ps, no offense taken! Well used to it!
  6. Oooh that did make me wince as a chartered accountant myself ...( however I am also Eyps). That said, even with my passion for the job and very clear idea of what the job is, my accountancy skills aren't magic enough to find the funding sufficient!!! Wonder how long it will take Ms Spielman to discover the same?
  7. Shame she's still been shoehorned in despite the select committee rejection. Ms Morgan clearly didn't want to listen.
  8. I agree Mundia......I suspect a bit more change is coming our way....
  9. shame..... not! Call me old fashioned, but I do believe the role requires a "poacher turned gamekeeper" approach, both in terms of understanding the role, and in terms of credibility within the profession. Thus to my mind, an ex head teacher is a prerequisite for the role.
  10. Notice Board

    deffo Ofsted Complaints poster and regular poster...they will look for those. If short of space, put up a ring binder with copies of all important documents......one folder just requires a hook in the wall, and can contain mountains of info, and still counts as "displayed". to make it more obvious, put a list of what is inside on the outside cover of the file.
  11. Reports

    It should be sent to the nominated person's email that they gave to Ofsted. Check with the inspector, or ask Ofsted what details they have listed. Mine took about a week for the first draft.
  12. Advice needing- being closed down!

    And please do not think that I always agree with Ofsted, I most certainly do not, and would and have challenged them over issues before. However if you are going to challenge them, you must be fully prepared and ensure that you are absolutely compliant in all aspects. I think that's all I was saying.
  13. Advice needing- being closed down!

    Look I did not wish to upset you, but wanted just to give you my opinion. Feel free to ignore it. Perhaps I misunderstood you, but your post stated: "So Friday afternoon I got a phone call to say they are closing us down and disqualifying me from ever being a childcare provider again". It's your setting and your decision on how best to go forward, but if you post on a forum you must expect to hear opinions...that's the nature of a forum.
  14. Advice needing- being closed down!

    I'm afraid i agree with Mundia, Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do not in any way exacerbate the situation, ie now opening without registration. You must comply with Ofsted, even if you do not accept their findings and go on to chose to challenge them. The first conversation I would be having is a "no holds barred" discussion with the LA. What (really honestly) do they think of your provision? You have been very negative about the LA input to date, but frankly, you have to listen to them now. What do they make of Ofsted's findings to date? Is there any realistic chance of winning an appeal under these circumstances? i understand and commend your determination, and really really feel for you. Your frustration and anger is clear. However, clearly Ofsted are of the opinion, having visited on more than one occasion, that your setting is not meeting the required standards, and indeed seems not to be complying with statutory duties. A decision to remove registration is not taken lightly. Whether you feel their decision is justified or not frankly changes nothing right now.. At present their decision stands, and you will have an uphill battle to challenge it. Sorry if I do not sound supportive, believe me, I am, but I do think you need to seriously examine what has happened, and then, seriously consider how and if to proceed. I do wish you well.