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  1. EBulk dbs for committee members

    Yes same as Finleysmaid. Committee members must be completed through Ofsted.
  2. Part-time staff and keyworkers

    Yes we assign a keyperson once a place has been accepted for their child. They are then able to meet them and interact at their transitition sessions. The KP and senior member of staff will also do a home visit if parent/ carers are in agreement. This works extremely well for us and supports the attachment theory. We also work very closely as a team and support each child and each other. This includes a buddy system for children attending additional sessions in time that their KP doesn't work.
  3. Progress display

    This is not something I would be keen to have on display for all to see. Are you able to have a foldable notice board type of object, that could be available to the staff team but folded away when required to keep confidentiality. What does your EY lead suggest.
  4. Risk Assessments

    Hi Finleysmaid is the soft play something you have purchased or hired for a one day event. We recently hired a soft play package and under the terms and conditions it listed all possible hazards and guidance for children's safety both if for use outside or in our case indoors.
  5. Additional charges

    We ask for a contribution towards our snack. Of course any parent/carer that would like to provide their own healthy snack can. But with 60 childrens on roll not one has. It's currently 20 pence per session.
  6. Childcare Choices

    Thank you.
  7. Help!

    Hi crumbs, it sounds like you have a few issues to resolve. So I would prioritise them as you cannot do it all in one go. There is a good document called roles and responsibilities of a committee, not sure if it's PSLA. That clearly defines responsibility and by whom. Firstly definetly get the DBS checks in place. Ensure the policies of the preschool are shared by all staff and committee and updated and signed annually.It is the responsibility of the committee not the supervisor. Although her and the staff may help with this. Have you spoken to your Early years adviser with the LA at all. Supervisors/ Managers do tend to do many roles that are really committees responsibility however it has sometimes been the only way to get people on board, and keep the place running. That said committees have a legal obligation so decisions should be agreed together, and with the staff team. I would suggest a meeting with all staff and committee to move things forward. Then if the Manager is unhappy a discussion could be had with them separetly. Good luck and feel free to ask more if you need to.
  8. Celebrate your inspection! Autumn 2016

    Many congratulations to you and all the team.
  9. We've had the call!

    Congratulations Laura and your team.
  10. We've had the call!

    Wishing you and your team good luck today.
  11. Hi hope its not serious. Please note if you are a manager on a committee run provision but not the nominated person, you will need the nominated person to contact them by email to give permission to talk to you. Hope this helps.
  12. Funding portal help

    Hi, do you not have a late claim option on your portal site. You should be able to see what to do through the guidance docs. If not I would phone the funding department for your LA. On the odd occasion that I have telephoned ours for queries they have been extremely helpful. Good luck in your new venture.
  13. Toy and equipment lists

    Yes we have an inventory for insurance purposes. Just realised haven't updated for ages. Something else for my tdl. Oops meant to say we found breaking it down into ie: furniture, construction equipment, books etc a lot easier to manage.