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  1. OFSTED advice

    Is your deputy part of the registered body e.g. management committee? I think that people who are staff and are on the committee etc may have to complete a health check as part of the EY2. We experienced this when my deputy joined our committee.
  2. Interesting. We only had 13 children when we had our inspection. I have a termly sheet which sounds similar to Mouseketeer. It shows boys, girls, eal, 2 year funded, EYPP, term of birth. It was ' recommended' I needed to look at more cohorts e.g. eal - one child. I had whole group, boys and girls. I don't believe it is a requirement within the EYFS - is it?
  3. We had inspection before Christmas. The inspector asked about starting points - how we obtained these and how much input from parents. We use an 'I Can' sheet using statements taken from the What To Expect When document. We complete these with parents when they come for children's taster sessions. She spoke to keypersons about the children she had selected, asking them to explain how they organised their planning, observations, implementing next steps and tracking the child's development. She then asked about what happens for children not making expected progress.
  4. baskets/tubs for toys

    We also use the curve containers. They are just the right size to fit into some of our units. They seem quite robust - so far...... We have the tub trugs and the children normally empty everything out and use the containers. Lots of role play and physical activity as they drag each other about.
  5. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    Well done C1403! We also got a Good on our inspection at the end of Nov. Our recommended improvements are to do with tracking and using data for wider range of cohorts. Also staff CPD and the impact from staff training.
  6. Ofsted Box

    Our last inspection was end of Nov. The inspector gave me a printed list of what she might look at. I went through and marked where each item was to be found. I found this really helpful. I always worry that if I kept an ofsted file or folder - would I remember to keep everything updated.
  7. The whole process makes no sense. We have our agm, committee members resign and are then voted back on and any new members. Unfortunately ofsted won' recognise them until ey2 complete and they are registered on the charity commission site which can all take months. In theory we dont have a full committee for this time. Not sure what the answer is.
  8. Complete the EY3 to inform Ofsted of new committee members once their ey2 is complete. Lots of groups are being downgraded by ofsted at inspections because people can't officially become committee member until ey2 is complete. It can be a nightmare trying to support people through the system. Don't forget to update your groups details with the charity commission
  9. It was a bit reckless Sunnyday. New years resolution - live for the moment!!!
  10. Just out of interest - what date is officially twelve night? Is that when you all take down your Christmas decorations???
  11. packed lunches

    We 'encourage' children to eat sandwiches and savoury items first before the sweeter items. Older children are encouraged to make their own choices. Its not enforced.
  12. Forum Update

    Looks good. I also had problems remembering who I am, sorry, remembering log in details. Will have a wander later.
  13. governing document help

    Slipenders - which version of the PSLA constitution do you work under? It's the 2011 version which allows staff to become committee members. I think that they use to produce guidance notes on the procedure to change your constitution.
  14. Small mallets

    We bought some from Poundland a few years ago. I think it may have been during summer so probably with the camping stuff. Worth a look.
  15. snack time

    Tables for us too. Some of our children do not have a dining table and chairs so meals at home are eaten sitting on the floor or sofa. We feel it's a good and useful experience - learning social skill and making choices.