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    My wife runs a small nursery from our home in East Sussex. I work from home as a web author, with an interest in virtual, or online communities, when I'm not 'helping' with the children downstairs...

    We conceived the idea of a Foundation Stage community after realising that there was no comprehensive resource available, either private or government initiated. There are plenty of sites which offer bits of information and some bulletin board services, but nothing that really tries to tie it all together, and nothing that tries to develop any sense of community in a very fractured workforce. So we thought people might want such a thing. Let's see how we get on!

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  1. Hi Ian - Rebecca will be able to give you chapter and verse on this tomorrow morning, but we all here at the FSF are DBS checked (mainly for Tapestry purposes) and if you don't want it to become outdated you pay for an annual update (which costs less than the initial one I believe). This is managed by one authorised person (in our case Rebecca - I guess in the case of your setting it would be you as the manager. Hope that's all correct, but as I say, Rebecca will pop in in the morning and give you the indisputable truth!
  2. Wanting job back

    Hi - I'll just throw my threepennorth in, but it's a personal view rather than a professional one: Obviously only you can really know if you would like her to stay or not, and it should boil down to your own preference, as you have to keep your ship afloat. But if you would rather she stayed I think it would be a good opportunity to make it a positive experience. Rather than a "oh all right then, blimey you've caused no end of trouble!" (and I'm not suggesting that you'd put it this way ) you could phrase it as a kind of "you know we'd dearly love you to stay, you're a really welcome member of the team". But accompany it with a few questions about why they want to stay, and whether it's just a temporary decision while they catch their breath, or whether they really want to commit themselves back into the job - because obviously you've gone to a lot of trouble to begin a recruitment process and you don't want to have to start all over again in a few months time. If that goes well and she finds herself back in a familiar and safe environment, you could have her as a strong employee for some time to come. The other way to look at it, which I'm sure you're also considering, is that she has 'crossed the rubicon' and now she has thought of a departure once she may not be able to get it out of her head. That doesn't sound likely, given her personal troubles, but you'll need to feel comfortable about that. Not sure that helps a lot - good luck!
  3. Calling any Inspectors

    Happy New Year! I can direct at least a couple of recent inspectors (ie last couple of years) in your direction?
  4. Just wanted to draw people's attention to this Observer article about the 30 hours free childcare scheme.
  5. Transport theme helped needed please!

    Hi Sparks99, and welcome to the Forum! We used to have some old 'Topic Support' articles but didn't copy them over to the new shiny site as they were pretty outdated - the old six areas of learning were used etc. But the 'The Sea' one has a few ideas, and the 'Transport' one might spark a few more for you. I'll leave it for others to add more up to date stuff
  6. Scam

    Definitely a scam Panders - we've been hit by very similar calls in the past here. Parasites!
  7. New update ... here to help!

    Hi Chrissie - Do you mean you used to get taken to the tapestry.info page and then log in from there? If so, you're quite right - there's now an extra step involved, as we decided to include an extra Tapestry information page on eyfs.info. So now, if you click the Tapestry sign at the top right of the home page, you will be taken to an initial page on eyfs.info, and from there you need to scroll down until you see a button called 'Visit Tapestry.info'. From there you'll be able to log into Tapestry. Thanks for bringing this up though. I'll think about adding a button to that first page enabling you to log into Tapestry directly from there. If I've misunderstood you please do get back to me. PS - By the way, you do know you can always log directly into Tapestry like this don't you? https://tapestryjournal.com
  8. Hi rappers - Hmm. I'd be interested in seeing what evidence your governors have used to reach this decision. The subject has rumbled on over many years, but as far as I know there is no accepted/uncontroversial evidence that wifi and other similar forms of radiation pose a health risk. Perhaps they are using the precautionary principle, which is simply to exclude certain things on the basis that there is no proof they don't pose a risk? There is a wealth of material on the subject and (as seems ubiquitous these days) opinions and beliefs are ferociously attacked and defended, so I don't really want to get into a prolonged debate about it - googling "does wifi pose a health risk" will get you into those debates very quickly, although I'd advise against reading contributions below the byline too much, as they tend to get abusive and silly very quickly. Here's a contribution from Cancer Research UK, which is at least moderate in tone. So I'll leave it to readers to decide which side of the fence you're on. With regard to Tapestry, we hope to soon have a full offline version of the app (for apple devices only initially) for uploading observations, so if you have any iOS tablets that would enable you to record your observations in airplane mode (ie no wifi while in contact with the children). Ethernet cabled laptops are obviously fine but restrict your mobility as you say. If your school isn't banning tablets physically then perhaps you could continue to use them for recording observations, although you'd still need non-contact time for editing them properly and carrying out other admin/management activities. Hope this helps - and we'd also be upset if you were unable to continue using Tapestry! :1b
  9. Why can't you like things Upsy? You can't see the like button or it's not responsive?
  10. You don't need to worry it might be you doing something wrong Lois - we're quite happy to receive queries like that, especially if it's causing frustration, and perfectly nice if it turns out to be a misunderstanding! :1b
  11. Hi Lois - Sorry you're having problems. Are you saying the apps are regularly logging out completely, so you have to use a full email and password to log back in again rather than the PIN? Can you give me the version number of the apps you're using? It doesn't look to me as though you've put a support ticket in about this, so you might prefer to give further information via a ticket?
  12. Christmas theme

    Aha. Well the Christmas theme is only available on the updated version (this forum area is called 'Updated Tapestry'). There's a similar announcement on the forum area for the old version of Tapestry, but I'd strongly recommend booking a slot and migrating as soon as possible. All accounts will be moved over by the end of the month, so knowing when it's going to happen is probably a Good Thing. Plus, you'll be able to switch the Christmas theme on! :1b
  13. Christmas theme

    You've changed to the new version of Tapestry?
  14. Just a reminder to any weavers out there, that you can now alter your Tapestry appearance to, for example, celebrate this festive season. We'll be adding new options on this as time goes on. Here's what the Christmas theme looks like :1b
  15. making observations upload immediately

    Hi Emmalene, and welcome to the Forum! :1b You can do this from the Control panel>Settings>Observations tab like this: