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  1. Hi, what are ARReads doing in relation to tracking children through eyfs and year 1, 2 into 3? I'm looking for ideas to marry up the tracking. Do teachers use maps if so what is considered a realistic and then challenging goal? Are there any international schools out there that feel like they have got it sorted?
  2. Peter Pan Training Partnership in conjunction with Bedford Borough Council are pleased to be able to offer free online training. The training is taking place across the Autumn Term and includes: The New EYFS Education Health and Care Needs Assessment Form (ECHNAF) Training An introduction to Environmental Rating Scales Please see attached flyer for full details on each course and how to book. Visit www.peterpantrainingpartnership.co.uk for more information and to book
  3. Greenway Nursery and Rainbow Club, Horsham, are seeking to appoint an enthusiastic, professional, and Level 3 qualified practitioner to provide nursery education to the highest standard. It is essential that the successful candidate has a sound knowledge of the EYFS, the ability to deliver an exciting curriculum and stimulating environment, and proven skills in communication with children, parents and colleagues. Experience of working in an Early Years setting is essential, as is the ability to work effectively as part of a team. Greenway Nursery was established some 18 years ago and is popular, respected, and successful. It is situated on the campus of Greenway Academy in Horsham, although it is completely independent. It occupies its own dedicated and very spacious building, which is not used for any other purpose. It has its own extensive nursery garden with easy wheelchair access. The nursery operates on a term time only basis but also provides Wrap-Around Care and Holiday Clubs for Greenway Nursery and local primary school children. Although the setting operates for 50 weeks with a 2-week shutdown at Christmas, the successful candidate will be contracted for 43 weeks per year to cover 39 term time week and 4 weeks of Holiday Club cover. The base contract will be for 30 hours per week (shifts between 7:30am and 6:00pm) at £9.40ph. Overtime is frequently available, particularly in the Spring and Summer terms. The ideal candidate will be available to start as soon as possible in the Summer term. GNRC Limited is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
  4. Hello, I don't know if any of you have read the latest newsletter? There is some information about a linked blog and website called Learning Through Play by Maslaha. I got a few minutes into their first video and was shocked at the activities that were being advised. The first was an alphabet hunt, ok fine, for reception aged children this might be fun. The second was paint a panda . Why a panda? I have no idea, it was not related to anything. The video then explains how you get your child to paint in leaves for a background, show them where the black goes etc. Whaaaaaaaat? Have we gone back 50 years? How is this learning through play? How is the child playing if they are being directed exactly what to do. That is not playing! I didn't get any further in these videos as I was too shocked to look further. The thought that some parents may watch this and think this is ok make me shudder. Please Please Tapestry do not have any links to this website. Ask us, real reception and nursery teachers, we can give lots of ideas. Ok rant over, as you were!
  5. It's great being able to schedule observations to go out but it would be really useful to be able to schedule reply comments too. In this time of online learning, our school policy says we can't respond to parents after 6pm or on a weekend. Being able to schedule the comments would allow staff to 'work' when they want but still adhere to policy. Thanks
  6. Hi, Just wondering if there has been any progress on the newsletter function that was suggested as a possibilty a few months ago? We tried having a false child and adding all parents but we had complaints from parents that they could see each others names. Is this going to happen soon? Thanks
  7. When uploading an observation on tapestry, parents are not receiving the observation until almost 12 hours later. Is there anyway of resetting something so that they are receiving them instantly?
  8. I currently teach in a LA school nursery 26 place am /26 place pm. We are in the process of setting up 2 year old provision which I will also oversee. I understand the ratio for 2 year olds is 1:4 and that's fine. I'm now being told I will have possibly 30 children in the 3/4 year old provision but will not get an extra member of staff (me and level 3 TA currently) as we could mix with the 2 year olds and there will be extra staff in the room. My understanding is a ratio of 1:13 would still stand as the extra staff are correctly in ratio with the 2 year olds, am I correct? It's also been put to me that as we are a school infant class size could be applied (1:30) but I'm under the impression this is only when children reach reception age. I have already been told I'm incorrect but after reading the statutory guidance again I'm still of the same mind.
  9. Little Pilgrims is looking to appoint Level 3 Apprentices. Preferably we would like you to have completed your level 2. We are a busy nursery that is looking to recruit apprentices who are committed, organised and have a passion for working with children. You would be working alongside an experienced team and will be provided with an assessor and a mentor to help support you through your apprenticeship. If you think that you have the right qualities for this position then please email me b.smith@pilgrims-school.org.uk- Beth Smith, Training co -ordinator.
  10. Hello all, I am new to tapestry and can't seem to find out how to add the EYFS Development Matters Objectives to an observation. (22-36, 30-50, 40-60 and ELG's) Is this possible? Kind regards, Kevin
  11. Just wonder if any of you clever lot can clarify what a 'suitable level 6 qualification ' is in relation to staff:child ratios. I understand it's 1:4 for the 2's and 1:8 for the 3's & 4's. I was just reading that if you have a QTS, EYP or someone with Early Years Teacher Status present for most of the time the ratio can be 1:13. This section also says 'or another suitable Level 6 qualification'. Not that i want to use 1:13 but wonder if a BA(HOns) in Early Years would meet the criteria?? Thanks in advance
  12. I was wondering what everyone will be doing about heating their buildings this autumn while we are dealing with Covid-19. We are in a small hut with only fan heaters, high on the wall, which encourage germs to circulate everywhere. We have no gas supplied to the hut. Does anyone have any knowledge of infra red heaters or any other form of heating we might use or how effective they are? We don't have much of a budget to devote to this, but with the weather getting colder we will need to sort something soon. I just wondered what everyone else was doing.
  13. Natalie02

    A space for staff

    Hi not sure if this is right place. I just wondered how settings communicate or have been communicating with staff through lockdown? I’ve love using to memo tool to leave information for our families and we have been really impressed with the feedback and parents have commented on how handy it has been. I thought it would be really helpful to have this tool but not to leave information for families but for staff? I’ve tried to see if there is a way but haven’t been able to. I just wondered if anyone else thought that would be a good feature instead of making phone calls or sending individual emails. I had some training information for example that I could have just uploaded for them to all access instead of trying to get it to them individually....if that makes sense x
  14. Just wondering if anyone has any 'official guidance' on whether children should attend two settings from September onwards. This includes children being brought to pre-school by a child minder as well as children who attend other pre-schools? I have heard rumours and read various comments but I can't find any clarification or official guidance. Fingers crossed some of you lovely lot will know!
  15. Notifications to manager and key person when a parent leaves a comment. Notifications to parent when staff leave a comment.
  16. Dear all, From September our school Nursery will no longer be run by a teacher but by an EYP. I am the Reception class teacher and EYs lead and will be overseeing the Nursery. We want to name our EYFS to incorporate both the Nursery and Reception but don't really like the word 'unit' as sounds a little institutionalised. Does anyone have any alternatives that we could refer ourselves to which is not 'EY's Unit' Many Thanks ::1a
  17. Hello there - nice to meet you all! I'm Danielle, an EY teacher and Phase Leader currently working in Qatar (Middle East) at a brand new school that opened in August 2019. I started as a Pre-KG (Nursery) teacher and Phase Leader and I'll be in KG1 (Reception) next year. We are an International Schools Partnership (ISP) school and we follow the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). Before moving to Qatar I worked for many years in Lewisham, South East London - my spiritual home! I worked at some amazing and innovative schools where I learnt about, and then rolled out, the 'Planning In the Moment' style of teaching and learning - I never looked back! I was lucky enough to train with Anna Ephgrave, as well as work with other amazing specialists such as Dr Elly Barnes, founder of Educate and Celebrate. I'm currently working on my MA in Education, covering culture, language, and identity and i'm researching and reading into the benefits of child-led learning and pedagogy. I also wrote a couple of random articles for Nursery World! Now, I'm attempting to develop our school's vision for Early Years and learning about the IEYC and how this can be combined with a child-led approach. Any ideas, information, references, experience, would be greatly appreciated. Basically, I need others wisdom! I'm always happy to chat, reflect, and discuss everything and anything about early childhood and education! Looking forwards to chatting with you
  18. Hello everyone - nice to meet you all, I hope all your families are safe and well I'm an EY teacher at a brand new school over in Qatar and we use the IEYC - International Early Years Curriculum. For anyone interested, here's a link > IEYC. We are only using this curriculum; we are not using it alongside the EYFS, as some schools do. This was my decision as when I looked into all the strands, threads, units, and areas of learning everything overlapped so much that it seemed an ineffective use of our time to document both. So, I'm curious to know, with the new IEYC Tapestry update, if any schools/ practitioners on the site use this curriculum and what their thought are. Specifically: How do you plan? What formats do you use? How do you assess children? What formal assessments do you use? How do you set up your classes (Phase A / Phase B)? Anything else you think is helpful! I'm no expert in the curriculum, but have read nearly everything offered in terms of curriculum documentation on the My Fieldwork website - literally everything. So, I'm also happy to share my thoughts and understanding if asked! I'll give it a good go anyway!
  19. SylvanHouseDayNursery

    Changes to procedures

    Hello, I hope this is ok, I'm new to this forum! I work for a group of private nurseries which are due to reopen on 1st June. We are currently working through the mammoth task that is updating policies and risk assessments etc which I am sure many of you are familiar with! I was hoping I could pick some brains and get some ideas of how you plan to carry out certain procedures safely? We usually complete a paper diary sheet which is handed to the parent at the end of the day- we would like to go paper free but the tapestry care diary cannot be viewed on the app which is a pain for parents as they would have to log onto a browser. Any ideas? The only thing I could think is to upload a photo of the diary sheet to tapestry like an obs. We would also need accident forms to be signed etc. Another worry is how we will clean toys as we go without restricting the children too much or having a pile of toys to clean at 6pm! Also, how do you plan to clean your toys? Is warm soapy water enough? I'm worried about using detergents etc incase these are not safe for children. Any ideas will be greatly received! There's a lot to think about isn't there!
  20. enuffsenuf

    Getting back- the new set up

    I have recorded this for our families to explain to the children how when they come back things will be a bit different so they know its will be a little changed and are a little prepared for whats happening .....its not perfect but as I find "outside a bit strange and stressy now I guess children might find it even more so....even though they are adaptable (as are we all) its not the same and probably wont be for some considerable time
  21. Hi, I was hoping someone could help. Is the Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, that was Published: 3 March 2017 Effective: 3 April 2017, the most relevant guidance? I have been told by a colleague that the ratio for 2 year olds is 1:6, but I believe that it is 1:4, I was just trying to find out if this was still the case, or if I have missed an update to the ratios. They are talking about having 'older 2year olds' - but I still think they are counted in the 1:4 ratio of 2 year olds, until they are actually 3. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Helen_Cullum

    2 Year old ratios

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help. Is the Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, that was Published: 3 March 2017 Effective: 3 April 2017, the most relevant guidance? I have been told by a colleague that the ratio for 2 year olds is 1:6, but I believe that it is 1:4, I was just trying to find out if this was still the case, or if I have missed an update to the ratios. They are talking about having 'older 2year olds' - but I still think they are counted in the 1:4 ratio of 2 year olds, until they are actually 3. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  23. I am a PhD researcher at the Institute of Education, UCL, exploring the impact that the 30 funded hours policy is having on settings. The study takes a broad view and seeks to examine how the policy impacts upon the day-to-day running of settings, the finances of settings, the children and families, the practitioners and so on. If you work in any setting that offers the 15 and 30 funded hours and would be happy to discuss your experiences of the 30 hours policy in an interview lasting around 45 minutes, please do e-mail me at s.vince.14@ucl.ac.uk. The project has been approved by the UCL ethics committee. Many thanks Sharon Vince PhD Researcher, Institute of Education, UCL
  24. EssendeneLodge

    Nursery Manager Position, Caterham Surrey

    We are looking for a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and organised individual to join our Early Years Team at our School in Caterham. Experience in the role as Nursery Manager is preferable. You must have knowledge of the EYFS and Development Matters. Experience working in a school environment is also a bonus but not essential. We are a small school with a Nursery and Pre-school for children aged 2-4 years for 51 week provision. The Early Years Department is strongly connected with the school and we aim to guide, support and lead our children in their learning and preparations for school. We work hard to ensure we provide a stimulating play based environment to help the children to develop by building communication skills as well as self-confidence and self-belief. As part of your job role you will be required to: manage the staff within the unit, with the support of the Early Years Co-ordinator, Plan specific input sessions for Nursery and Pre-school, Market the Nursery Provisions, Complete Safeguarding tasks, Work with the children in the unit and Support and nurture the Early Years Team. Please have a look at the Job descriptors attached and if interested please contact the school office for a show round on 01883348349 or via email: office@essendenelodge.surrey.sch.uk Please also take a look at our social media: Facebook: Essendene Lodge School Twitter: @EssendeneLodge Instagram: essendenelodgeschool Website: www.essendenelodge.co.uk Nursery Manager Job descriptor.docx Nursery Manager Person Specification.docx
  25. BenTapestrySupport

    Where's Spot

    Where's Spot
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