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Found 51 results

  1. Hi does anyone have any sample questions ofsted may ask regarding the care learning and development (education side). Currently putting this together but would value some advice from those whom have recently been through an inspection?
  2. Early Years Educator Location Crodyon, Surrey Salary and benefits Competitive salary: £16,500 - £19,000 per year Up to 25 days holiday Company pension scheme Monthly rewards and high street discounts Refer a friend bonus Up to 40% childcare discounts Free uniform, free training and free DBS check Career Opportunities: Ongoing continuous development and early years quality training and mentoring Overview of the role We are looking for a Level 3 Early Years Educator for our gorgeous Nursery & Preschool in Croydon. You will be a level 3 qualified Early Years Educator with responsibility for supporting the Room Leader in charge of the room. You will assist in the running of the room and the daily programme of stimulating and educational activities. You will be responsible for providing a positive and secure relationship for the children and you will be a Key Person for children and their families and play a significant role in the children’s daily care and development. Qualifications and experience A Level 3 qualification in Childcare such as EYE, NVQ, CACHE or recognised equivalent Up-to-date first aid and safeguarding training Good knowledge of child protection procedures and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Excellent references and a clear enhanced DBS (DBS is paid for by Fennies) Passion for delivering high quality childcare and learning Exceptional communication skills, energy and a positive ‘can do’ attitude Team player Hours 41.25 a week APPLY NOW Please email your CV and covering letter to Kirstie Davis at recruitment@fennies.com
  3. Resilience and Mindfulness

    Overview This session will examine what does ‘resilience’ mean to us; the psychology of change and transitions and how might resilience help you manage change & stress. Learning outcomes By the end of the workshop, participants will: Define what we understand by ‘resilience’, ‘change’, ‘stress management’, and ‘mindfulness’ Explore a new model of resilience with five capabilities Self-assess against the model Consider some tips for improving resilience, change & stress management, and mindfulness Explore ways that participants can support themselves and each other to discuss, build and strengthen their resilience in stressful times For further details and to book
  4. Overview Effective, assertive communication can make all the difference in establishing and maintaining positive and professional dialogue with colleagues, parents and other agencies. This workshop will explore a range of essential elements for effective communication and provide an opportunity to develop skills in listening and delivering a clear message, giving greater confidence in conversation with others. Suitable for all early years practitioners the day will also explore how these skills and other strategies can be used for successfully managing difficult conversations with a range of stakeholders and colleagues. Learning outcomes Through practical tasks, small group work and reflection, this day will help delegates: gain confidence in using assertiveness techniques to get key messages across develop greater awareness of non-verbal communication and reading what other people are saying without speaking identify strategies for managing emotions and how to respond professionally and appropriately to how others are feeling For further details and to book
  5. New Manager

    Hello Everyone! I have just taken over as a manger in a committee run pack away preschool and would be grateful for any help! My experience is as a manager in a children's home so i'm new to running an educational setting and don't really know where to start. There doesn't seem to be any paperwork in place from the previous manager apart from a safeguarding file which have been done in recent months by our chair person and an employee file. Does anyone have any recommendations about what else is needed? Where shall I start? I like to be very organised and things to have a place to live so at the minute its riving me crazy not knowing where anything is, not being able to access things quickly when needed and trying to learn the job at the same time. Heath and Safety checks / templates would be appreciated. Team meeting minutes templates? Planning documents, Short/Long term Trackers for learning journeys Anything you think will help!! Thanks Kadie
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help with my topic question. I'm currently doing some independent research just for fun and wanted to know the impact level 2 and 3 childcare students have on your settings? I currently teach level 2 and 3 BTEC after years of working in nurseries and schools. My own memories of having students are mixed ones- sometimes they were great and you could give them tasks to do, others were not so great and needed a lot of support. Being on the other side now, I hear stories from my learners how they were photocopying all day or washing up all day. Now it's easy for them to say this and as I don't go out to assess them (others staff do this) they assume I'll believe them and find them a nicer place where they can do as they please. I usually take it with a pinch of salt until I contacted a couple of placements just out of curiosity to find some of these stories were true. So what I'm trying to do is to find out how students are used either in schools or nurseries or even child minders. I also want any feedback on the impact these students have on the day to day running and the learning and development of babies and children. Thanks in advance
  7. Apprentices? Yes or No

    Hi We are investigating taking on an apprentice. Have heard mixed reviews from employers in other sectors. Does any one have experience good or bad that could help us with the decision. Thanks Ann and Jo at Putnoe Woods Preschool
  8. Running TA trainings

    Hi All, looking for some advice, I am a FS2 teacher at a British School in Dubai. We have 11 classes across FS1 and FS2 and our Head of Foundation Stage has asked me to run some weekly trainings for our TAs with a different focus each wee (first one being The Role of the TA, then Behaviour Management, then Curriculum, then observations-you get the idea). The problem is I am having trouble knowing where to pitch the first one in particular as we have a real range of abilities, we have about half of the staff who are Philippino who are lovely but have no training (two stood and watched two children tying another child to a pole with a chain) and are not good at multitasking whilst we have a couple who have their level 4 and can do complete observations on Tapestry. Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for activities for the first session (The Role of the TA-expectations etc.) so that I don't end up talking down to anyone but so that its exciting and useful to all. Thanks in advance!! Fiona
  9. Food Hygiene

    Can I ask if other settings pay for their staff to be trained in food hygiene via external courses or do you send core members of staff who then disseminate the training to other members of staff via in-house training? Thank you in advance!
  10. Forum member WChurchill (she of the wonderful New Zealand blog) has been reflecting on her own professional development and has been considering what she thinks early years priorities should be. We will be posting her thoughts here over the next few days - you will see that there are clear questions for consideration: please go ahead and put your own thoughts and experiences on the thread! I'm excited to see what we all think! An early years practitioner in the Millennium: Challenges of technology, austerity, accountability, and globalisation. One practitioner’s perspective. "I spent over twenty rewarding and stimulating years as a classroom teacher in the North of England and for the most part as a senior manager responsible for the early years foundation stage (EYFS). I delighted in working with children and parents and felt hugely privileged to be able to foster relationships and play a role in such a formative time in their lives. I was immensely proud of my achievements and my work was very much a part of my identity and who I was. I did not aspire to be a Headteacher as I did not feel that management was a route I would take to achieve my goals. It was also possible that this path could be at variance with my evolving teaching philosophy. I always thought I would stay in the classroom but as those of you who were followers of my posts on the forum will know, this intention did not come to fruition for me and reaching for goals can take unknown paths" What are your professional, long and short-term goals? What are your aspirations for the children that you work with? What needs to be accessible to you to achieve these aspirations?
  11. Hello all, I am writing to ask for some advice, I have been in early years for around 10 years it all began when I completed my BA Hons in early childhood studies, I then had the opportunity to complete my EYPS. In order to do this I got a job in a private day nursery, over time I worked up from a nursery practitioner to the settings early years professional overseeing the EYFS and finally the deputy manager. I felt after a few years I wanted to get back into the rooms working with children and was offered an opportunity to go to a special needs school to be their early years teacher due to holding the EYPS. I have been doing this for the last two months and straight away I felt like I was under qualified and felt like I was so out of my depth. I feel so low and every day I hate going to work, I find it so difficult going from working as a team with qualified nursery practitioners to being the only member of staff knowing the eyfs and how to support the children through planning and observing to being the only person who knows the eyfs and can extend their learning. I feel that I don't get to give the children the right support as I have such a high work load making sure all the children are making progress as their are 60 children (30 am/30pm) with 10 of these working to IEP's and EHA plans. When I have spoken to other staff members I was told I had too high expectations, is this the case or have I fallen into the wrong environment? Any support/help/guidance would be highly appreciated. Thank you from a very confused early years enthusiast!
  12. Ratio vs Quality

    I've decided to complete my research project on ratio vs quality. It would be really helpful if you could post any articles you have read recently on the topic and if you have time complete the survey and return it to ku.ca.ailgna.tneduts@regniarg.nagaer. Survey questions copy 2.docx
  13. WChurchill, a tutor in Initial Teacher Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, has been awarded a Travelling Fellowship for 2016 to visit Germany and New Zealand to research best practice in early years care and education. She would like our help: The aim of the project is to learn and most importantly disseminate good practice to best effect. W Churchill says "One of my thoughts was to have a two way interaction where FSF members can get in touch with me before and during my travels to enable the project to become a collective adventure. This allows for a multitude of lenses observing and experiencing early years education and care in situ. I will post my thoughts as I go along and the tone would be one of a practitioner rather than researcher learning about other practices to open our eyes perhaps to other possibilities. I have visits to universities, kindergartens and a family to learn not only about the Te Whariki curriculum but also how Reggio Emillia principles have been interwoven with the New Zealand approach to early years education and care. In addition, during my travels I will learn more about a highly successful programme called 'Baby Watching.' It is a schools based programme which reduces children's anxiety and aggression by increasing understanding and empathy. Through the programme the children feel safer, more focused and ready to learn. For me there may also be a research element too" She's very excited ... and so am I!
  14. I placed a status on a facebook page regarding training as was overwhelmed is setting wanting training, there where many comments which I then asked to comment on here, but if they do not have the sign in details as usually would be the manager then they cannot post. Do you have a facebook/twitter Page that is direct to you. There are many setting that are interested in either web training or meeting in local areas together, Can you help with this I understand that some training was delivered in Devon (I think it was.) So can you help with training? if so where will training take place? How do we contact or do we have to source this ourselves?. I love Tapestry but I find the only part confusing is the analysis.
  15. free prevent duty training

    Hi everyone, I thought I would share this with you. It is a free on-line course on the Prevent Duty, recommended to us by our Early Years Improvement Officer. It can be done in addition to the other courses that you may have accessed already and may be useful for committee members to do too. It takes 45 minutes and can be found on - elearning.prevent.homeoffice.gov.uk you need to type in your region and type of setting, ie a school or early years. Hope you find it useful. Lucy
  16. Sharing resources

    An OMEP book on Education for Sustainable Development is available for free download - click on: Siraj-Blatchford, J., Smith, K., and Pramling Samuelson, I. (2010) Education for Sustainable Development in the Early Years, Organisation Mondiale Pour l´Education Prescolaire (OMEP)
  17. After recently completing a foundation degree and BA in early years I have 5 text books I would like to sell. they were extremely helpful throughout the course. Please let me know if you are interested. I'm near Basingstoke.
  18. EYFS Developmental Milestones

    This ebook explains developmental milestones throughout the stages of the EYFS. EYFS-developmental-milestones-eBook.pdf
  19. Pre-school Practitioner Hours: 18 hours per week, term time only 8.45am – 2.45pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday A fantastic opportunity for a highly motivated, creative candidate/individual who is passionate about Early Years to join the team at this popular Ofsted Outstanding pre-school. You will need a Level 3 or above recognised Early Years qualification and experience working in an Early Years setting. For further details and an application pack please visit www.dolphinspre-school.co.uk Closing date: Monday 20 June 2016
  20. I've reviewed a book that would be incredibly useful if you were thinking of doing some work with your staff on observations, assessments and planning. I think it would be a great purchase. It could be delivered over a series of staff meetings and all the resources, ideas and training materials are either in the book or are downloadable from links detailed in the book. At £20 69 (on Amazon) it's not a cheap book - but if you viewed it as 'training' for a whole staff team it's a bargain! You can read it here
  21. Vacancy Oakham Day Nursery

    Oakham Day Nursery is a brand new nursery and is currently looking for two experienced level 3 (or equivalent) nursery nurses to join our growing team.Our nursery requires a nursery nurse that has a passion for inspiring childrens learning and development and can contribute positively to our unique learning environment. The position is full time. Contact Charlotte or Lucy on 01572 335055 Oakham Day Nursery are looking for a level 4 or above experienced nursery nurse to run our baby room. The ideal candidate will work within our baby room organising a daily routine... And planning exciting and engaging activities for our babies. We are a relatively new nursery with a small team and feel this is an exciting opportunity for someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about childcare to join our growing team. Please contact Charlotte and Lucy 01572 335055
  22. Staff Mentoring

    Hi, Im after some advice on the whole appraisals, supervision and mentoring tasks. Currently we do appraisals once a year, we are doing supervisions every month at the moment after negative feedback from ofsted. I was also told that some staff need mentoring. How do others show that mentoring has taken place- is it just from the supervisions or has somebody got a template they use to show how, when and why the staff members has been mentored. Many Thanks
  23. Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I have QTS but I qualified as a secondary school teacher but haven't taught in a state school for 15 years. I was invited to teach at and run an EFL school which I did for many years. Now I'm childminding and doing a level 3. I'd like to go back into teaching but don't know what to do next once I've finished my level 3. Would doing primary placements be enough? Should I do the EYTS course - I'm reluctant as I already have QTS and I will have level 3. I am hoping QTS + Level 3 will be equal to EYTS. The government line is that once you have QTS then that is enough for them - it is then up to the school. I have a lot of transferable skills but I don't by any means think I could walk into a reception classroom and pull it off without some input. Any advice gratefully received.
  24. Hi, Just wondered what anyone else thought or could suggest.......I have a B.Ed (Hons), QTS, EYPS and have also worked as a freelance early years inspector for Prospects. I am thinking of starting a Masters, possibly or working freelance as a mentor/consultant? Not sure what direction to go in...comments appreciated!
  25. Hi, I am an Early Years SEN Advisory Teacher with an MA (SEN) Education. I am currently doing a PhD research project which includes developing and supporting a site for EY practitioners which helps them progress the children in their settings who present with SEN. The site has lots of SEN resources for practitioners and parents via menu tabs and also links to training. Practitioners can also talk to other practitioners who are on line at the same time through the ’chat’ function. There is also a ‘Pinboard’ where practitioners can ask their own questions in order to get individual advice. If you could ‘pin’ a question here to be answered that would be great. It would be really appreciated if you as EYFS practitioners joined the site- used it – and gave me feedback on the way. Below is an invitation link to the site which is called EYFS – SEN http://eyfs-sen.ning.com/?xgi=xjdTAjq2JYnzf7 Many thanks. ​ EYFS - SEN-info 10.01.16.docx