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  1. I would like to see some form of a staff introduction page that parents and children can access that tells them a little bit about them. At The moment we obviously can't have parents in the setting as much as we'd like and I think this would be nice to support the children's transitions getting to see some photos about there Key person or staff at nursery which they can identify with such as photos from home pets hobbies etc. I also find not all staff are key persons or have returned from furlough or maternity and parents might not necessarily know who they were.This would be a nice introduction if they could see a page of all practitioners what room they work in and their role within settings. Thanks
  2. Dear all, Please help, we are new to using tapestry and we are still working out how to set it up. Particularly the care diary.. How do you add in a weekly or fortnightly menu on tapestry so it adds for all children automatically, is that possible? Also how do you add, change and amend the care diary through ipads on the app, as the app seems to be basic and only lets you add observations and assessment. Thanks so much in advance Shana
  3. Hello, We have been using tapestry for a few years now and have read that care diary's will be added to the app in the future. Is this still being looked into and if so can we have a rough timescale please? we are a 80 place setting and are very keen at using your care diary system, but unfortunately using it on the online version is not sustainable for us as only management are able to log into the online version. We would be willing to trial the care diary on the app as and when you have created this, thank you, Karen Busby
  4. Hi, what are ARReads doing in relation to tracking children through eyfs and year 1, 2 into 3? I'm looking for ideas to marry up the tracking. Do teachers use maps if so what is considered a realistic and then challenging goal? Are there any international schools out there that feel like they have got it sorted?
  5. Hi, Please feel free to share this flyer with any parents from your settings who may benefit from some additional support at the minute! Also if anyone would ever like any SEND advice or support, just let me know! Thanks Stephen
  6. Just wondering, will Birth to 5 Matters links be available to flag on observations from September? Thank you.
  7. Hello, I don't know if any of you have read the latest newsletter? There is some information about a linked blog and website called Learning Through Play by Maslaha. I got a few minutes into their first video and was shocked at the activities that were being advised. The first was an alphabet hunt, ok fine, for reception aged children this might be fun. The second was paint a panda . Why a panda? I have no idea, it was not related to anything. The video then explains how you get your child to paint in leaves for a background, show them where the black goes etc. Whaaaaaaaat? Have we gone back 50 years? How is this learning through play? How is the child playing if they are being directed exactly what to do. That is not playing! I didn't get any further in these videos as I was too shocked to look further. The thought that some parents may watch this and think this is ok make me shudder. Please Please Tapestry do not have any links to this website. Ask us, real reception and nursery teachers, we can give lots of ideas. Ok rant over, as you were!
  8. Hello, I work in a bilingual school in China and Tapestry is a big success here with the majority of our families. To reach all, i am wondering if there will be a move towards providing bilingual support somehow on the site? Any thoughts?
  9. It's great being able to schedule observations to go out but it would be really useful to be able to schedule reply comments too. In this time of online learning, our school policy says we can't respond to parents after 6pm or on a weekend. Being able to schedule the comments would allow staff to 'work' when they want but still adhere to policy. Thanks
  10. Hi, Just wondering if there has been any progress on the newsletter function that was suggested as a possibilty a few months ago? We tried having a false child and adding all parents but we had complaints from parents that they could see each others names. Is this going to happen soon? Thanks
  11. I was thinking it would be really useful to have questionnaires that we could send to our parents using Tapestry especially under these current conditions not seeing parents face to face as much or as long...
  12. When uploading an observation on tapestry, parents are not receiving the observation until almost 12 hours later. Is there anyway of resetting something so that they are receiving them instantly?
  13. Hi, I am new to the forum and am researching Tapestry for my setting. We currently still use workbooks, pictures etc. and am looking to move to an online for of observation. It would be really helpful to hear from you of your experiences of using Tapestry and any advantages/disadvantages of use that you have encountered. I would be really grateful for your responses and thank you for your time. JoB
  14. Hi everybody, I'm a level 3 practitioner and for a course I'm required to find out other practitioners opinions and theories on CPD and how it all actually works in practice for you all. I personally think that CPD is one of the most vital things you can do as a practitioner and in the ever changing world of early education it is important that we keep our skill base up, especially to prove those 'it's not a real teacher job' people! However I'd like to hear all of your thoughts on how you think CPD is beneficial to you and your staff and practice, and especially if there are any cons to it (like needing time of work, financial costs, time consuming, becoming outdated etc) thank you in advance!
  15. Little Pilgrims is looking to appoint Level 3 Apprentices. Preferably we would like you to have completed your level 2. We are a busy nursery that is looking to recruit apprentices who are committed, organised and have a passion for working with children. You would be working alongside an experienced team and will be provided with an assessor and a mentor to help support you through your apprenticeship. If you think that you have the right qualities for this position then please email me b.smith@pilgrims-school.org.uk- Beth Smith, Training co -ordinator.
  16. Hello all, I am new to tapestry and can't seem to find out how to add the EYFS Development Matters Objectives to an observation. (22-36, 30-50, 40-60 and ELG's) Is this possible? Kind regards, Kevin
  17. How do parents of those children who leave us to go to school keep the information they have access to on their tapestry app. Will it always be accessible even when it is removed from our system or do they need to do something their end to keep hold of all the progress made throughout their time at nursery? Thanks
  18. Hello, I hope everyone is coping well. I'm due to start university in September (BA Early Childhood Studies). I purchased two textbooks (suggested purchases from the reading lists) just to start having a read over the summer and get myself back into the swing of 'study' - but I haven't got a clue what I'm doing anymore! It has been a good 10 or 11 years since I completed my level 3 diploma. Everything and nothing seems important haha. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Keeley 😊
  19. Hi, I have a child who will soon be holidaying abroad where the coronavirus is spiking again and the R rate is currently 2.6. As a Childminder would you be advising they do not return to your setting until 7 days after they return to the uk? Would you also apply this to children who are holidaying in the UK if the R rate is high (R1+)in those areas too. I am aware the government guidance specifies no quarantine rules from certain countries but if children are returning from areas where the R rate has increased then coming into your home when they get back this could potentially put other children and my own family at greater risk. Would love to know your thoughts on this - thank you
  20. Hi Everyone We are currently wondering where to keep staff mobile phones as the staffroom will not be in use in September. I wondered if any settings had come up with a plan so that staff could access their phone during the day but would still comply with safeguarding needs. Thank you
  21. In this article, Dr Rebecca Webb and MA in Early Years Education student Kathy Foster reflect on Kathy's use of the Scrapbook Approach to explore her own uncertainty, what it feels like to come from a place of not-knowing in order to be open to asking questions, and trying something new. Sometimes not-knowing can be daunting. Kathy is really inspiring because, in conversation with Rebecca, she uses it as a way to be curious rather than concerned. If you are thinking about ways that you can be reflective as an individual practitioner, or as a staff team, do have a read and let us know what your approaches are.
  22. Dear all, From September our school Nursery will no longer be run by a teacher but by an EYP. I am the Reception class teacher and EYs lead and will be overseeing the Nursery. We want to name our EYFS to incorporate both the Nursery and Reception but don't really like the word 'unit' as sounds a little institutionalised. Does anyone have any alternatives that we could refer ourselves to which is not 'EY's Unit' Many Thanks ::1a
  23. I am really interested in using the Care Diary on Tapestry however my reception class would not necessarily need the toileting / sleeping etc. Is there an option to assign / remove certain categories to or from a class or individual child or do they all have to be there? I am just trying to weigh up whether using it will be advantageous to use for staff who are navigating managing parent expectations as we transition back from the pandemic 🤪 Thanks in advance ✌🏻
  24. Hello, I wondered if someone could help - I'm new to Tapestry and would love to create a story video to share with my new class (Sept 2020). I've set them all up on Tapestry so ready to go! I can see the 'Record Video' feature on the Tapestry app (on ipad), can you access this feature via laptops or do I need to download the app to record directly? Thanks for your help!
  25. When I first started a lifetime ago we had a wonderful book in our pre-school which was published I think by UNESCO and had been donated to the pre-school by them to address the issues raised by cultural diversity with the view to gently teaching children about racism. We used it a lot to talk about how we are all different and yet we are all humans. Alas ten or so years ago we had a serious flood and one of the books which was damaged beyond repair was this book. It was I think about a little girl and she lived on one side of a hill . I think she was either blue or green and her drawing was quite geometric maybe a square or a triangle.. on the other side of the hill there was another village and they were (blue/green?) different . I can only remember that somehow the little girl ended up in the other village and I think the two villages were constantly fighting over who was better. Every time something happened like she was ignored or a bad thing was said , or she witnessed unfairnessr she started to fade away. I thought it was called something like "The little girl who vanished" . It was a lovely lead into talking about racism/tribalism of any sort etc. Given the current situation in the world and having a small budge I would like to find simple stories suitable for the 2-4 age group which I can pop into our book corners area so that we can once again be more proactive in tackling this issue head on but in an appropriate way for our age group (who in my experience for the most part don't even notice coloour/cultural differences etc). Do any of the really ancient forum members remember this book? Or indeed still have one which they use..if so what is it called and does is have a number ..I suspect its out of print even if I could remember the name and if so probably a collectors item. Does anyone have any really good books on this subject which they use?
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