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  1. Level 2/ level 3 ?

    I am the manager of a pre-school and I have a member of staff who is about to start training but she is not sure whether to do the level 2 or level 3. We have had lots of chats about this but she wanted to know a bit more than the distance learning website we use tell you about the units etc. Could anyone who is doing either the level 2 or level 3 let me know what the current mandatory units are etc and if possible give me a sample question from the course (a rough idea) so I can show her the types of thing each course asks? She has GCSE's which would allow her to do either and has no learning issues etc. She already plans, writes obs and key works. Its just really a question of confidence. So I hope by showing her the types of question she can make her decision from a more informed place. I would prefer her to do the level 3 and think she is more than capable but as she has been out of study for a while she is just a bit "ooo am I capable of that" but ultimately the decision will be hers. Many thanks
  2. GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

    Thank you ladies/gents etc. Phew thought I had missed something but we seem to be on the same page, I kept being bombarded by companies wanting to help me through things (for a small fee of course)......I like the idea of an audit though just in case I get asked for something official by someone . Thank you all
  3. Glitter Ban

    In this world of our everything we do has an impact on the environment. Perhaps we should suggest that all parents walk their children to nursery, no one uses disposable nappies and no one drinks from cups from famous brand coffee shops etc...we could go on and on. I think most nurseries/pre-schools etc probably only use glitter once or twice a year (seasonal activities) . Much better to talk to the children about the world than make tokenistic "newsworthy" soundbites
  4. I am aware of a new regulation coming in next year and am suddenly being bombarded by companies wanting to sell me all sorts of wonderful stuff to help us through the new requirements. We are of course already registered for data protection etc. Does anyone know if we will automatically be contacted to formally register for this? Or is it just something we have to comply with.
  5. I am sure many of you have seen the recent guidance re safety sockets which we have used for many years in our plug sockets. Initially I was sceptical and as our sockets are at child height (we have no control over these as we are in a community hall) I did a risk assesment which said we would continue to use them). However following confirmation from the council that the hall is fitted with the lates type of sockets, circuit breakers and a trip switch style fuse box I have been digging deeper into the situation and will now be removing all my covers henceforth. Has anyone else done this and if so does anyone have a risk assessment that I could have a peek at to see how you are managing the prospect of children touching the sockets etc. I know what I want to say but saying it in a professional, direct and clear way is proving elusive. My previous assessment obviously merely indicated that all sockets would be covered and that children would be discouraged from playing with the covers...that covers would be replaced immediately after a plug was removed (when a piece of electrical equipment was used). So now I shall be stating that we have RCD's, trips etc and our sockets meet required standards and are PAT tested....the risk of a chil managing to put something in all three and over riding the safety mechanisms in a socket are very very low but how are we wording he bit about trying not to get them to fiddle with the on off switches etc? Any thoughts
  6. New sef?

    Hi Narnia me old mate....I have never been able to access the online system and get nowhere when I ring up about it so I now simply download a hard copy and then send it to them by recorded delivery. In the summer we had our inspection and the inspector commented that they really liked our SEF.
  7. New SEF

    so glad I delayed filling in my updated SEF otherwise it would have been out of date before I posted it to them!
  8. A friend has shared this with me and I thought I'd pop the link on here for peeps to look at. Always useful to have a few hints as to what is going on. The missing girls with ASD etc seems to be a focus of concern at the moment we seem to be much better at picking up boys with this type of condition http://taniaannmarshall.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/first-signs-of-asperger-syndrome-in-young-girls-pre-school/
  9. how about persists with an activity even when it challenges them?
  10. Updating policies

    dont forget if you are committee run then they need to formally adopt the new policies or any changes
  11. Praise and reward

    I am a fan of Alfie Kohn but also believe in praise (shall I sit on the fence then?)....what Alfie is on about is things like star charts etc and rewarding children with material items in response to achievement. I really struggled with my bright sons wondering why it was that "peter" (not his real name) got a play station for doing well in his SATS whilst my lads got a "Well done, I'm very proud of you". I also agree with not praising what should be acceptable behaviour however some children are not raised to know what this is so praise can help install the missing default. I however also know of many many adults who like Narnia would have thrived on their parents/carers just saying "You are clever well done". I am married to one such person who has been irrevocably damaged by his parents never showing any interest when he did well and quick to ire when he did wrong. I therefore believe in praising the effort and not the end product. So whilst I dont think a star chart will work for say toilet training (in the long term which is Alfie's opinion) I do believe that saying "well done what a clever boy" doesn't do any harm!
  12. Well I'm not changing anything yet...but I suspect there will be something new heading our way :blink: at some point from the delightful Mr Gove etc al...no doubt involving conjugating Latin Verbs, Quadratic Equations and nano particle theory! I must say I'm not in love with the dev matters as for me somethings are not there which I would like to see...for example for me recognising colours is most definitely a cognitive development not just an expressive activity. However I am a realist and it oesnt matter what we do...it won't suit everyone as we all have different discourse etc on what children should learn/how/and when. It would however be nice to have something for a little while to give it long enough to see if it works as at the moment to deconstruct how I see it....I can picture myself sitting in a room watching the screen with someone else holding the zapper and just as I think "aha....I know what I'm doing here" and start to settle into the sofa......the person in the other chair switches channels! but that's enough thinking for one day.........
  13. We were inspected last week and our inspector told us that they are no longer to refer to development matters (which is where the development bands are) so I don't see what difference it makes now. We were told as of two weeks back inspectors are not to ask for, refer to or mention in their reports deveolpment matters. Hence whilst I showed our planning/obs/learning journeys all linking into dev.matters....it won't be written in the report nor did the inspector look see whether our obs linked to the right areas or bands!
  14. leaving certificates

    Ours are all identical (apart form the names of course) and say they are a certificate of graduation from XXXXXXXXXXX pre-school. Then they say "your learning journey has only just begun but you are already a star!" We choose not to say "given for xxxxxxx" and individualise it because in my experience with adults they read things into what is written and compare their child's to the next....so I keep them uniform to avoid comparisons by the grown ups.
  15. this is excellent! Thank you