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Found 57 results

  1. Safeguarding

    Hi is this I need some help please regarding safeguarding (DSL) we have 2 designated Safeguarding leads, however at some point during the year we have both of the DSL away and that leaves no safeguarding staff, even tho all staff are level 3 and are all first aid trained. i am wondering for occasions like this is it possible if one of the staff has the mandatory safeguarding online e course? is this sufficient because i am aware that the nursery at all times during opening hours has to have a safeguarding lead at all times. Any help/guidance will be much appreciated. Thanking you all in advance. Rukaiya
  2. Hi, We have some tricycles in our Pre-Nursery and Nursery. Our children range in age from 2-5 years old. The children ride the trikes along a sort of path way in an enclosed area that is part of our outdoor free-flow area. Can someone please tell me what the current legal requirements are for wearing helmets in a child care setting? Thanks!
  3. Dear Friends, We are a small, rural pre-school in Youlgrave Derbyshire. To help us to improve on our experience and understanding of diversity within our own culture we are looking to link up with another setting. We could share pictures and letters, send photographs of where we live: our setting and the children that attend. As we are a rural Pre-school we are looking for a setting that is perhaps in a city or town. It would be great if perhaps we could arrange a visit one day to experience the differences and similarities that we share. We look forward to making some new friends, Kind regards Lucy Burlinson (manager).
  4. Hi, How does everyone go about reviewing their policies and procedures?. Also, how often do you review each one?. Currently our committee reviews them at half termly meetings but when meetings attendance is low (which is most of the time) the reviews are moved to the next meeting.
  5. Very quick question...looking at setting up a website for our setting. A parent (non committee member) has offered to do this using "some old wix sites he has spare". He does not do this sort of thing for a living. While grateful for the cost saving instinct tells me old sites could have been used for some other purpose in the dim and distant past, also I am insisting he gets DBS as committee member before I give the go ahead. Any thoughts or suggestions please...?
  6. I am trying to find a Safeguarding Audit, and possibly an Inclusion Audit. I cant find where these are. CAn anyone help?
  7. Hi, I hope somebody can help. Our early years setting is part of a private school from 2 to 18 years. We are only Just beginning to show and track progress. In the nursery class and Reception class we have done a baseline assessment, well a best fit approach. We will then do summative assessments at the end of each term. For the whole school approach I have to show numerically and with percentages how much progress we are making and to set targets. My initial idea is to do something similar to GLD, 1-emerging 2-developing 3-secure. So for nursery for example, the majority are within 30-50, so a child that is developing in that area would get 2, I thought if they were in the age band before they would minus 1 point or 3 depending. The problem arises when they are in the age band before. It also wouldn't be cumulative year upon year. Can anyone suggest any ideas or what they do. Thank you!
  8. Hello there. We use a mobile cookery unit within our early years setting, which allows the children to bake in their rooms. Whilst we have risk assessed the use of this etc, we now need to put a policy in place around its use and I just wondered whether anyone has written or come across such a thing before? Thanks
  9. New Manager

    Hello Everyone! I have just taken over as a manger in a committee run pack away preschool and would be grateful for any help! My experience is as a manager in a children's home so i'm new to running an educational setting and don't really know where to start. There doesn't seem to be any paperwork in place from the previous manager apart from a safeguarding file which have been done in recent months by our chair person and an employee file. Does anyone have any recommendations about what else is needed? Where shall I start? I like to be very organised and things to have a place to live so at the minute its riving me crazy not knowing where anything is, not being able to access things quickly when needed and trying to learn the job at the same time. Heath and Safety checks / templates would be appreciated. Team meeting minutes templates? Planning documents, Short/Long term Trackers for learning journeys Anything you think will help!! Thanks Kadie
  10. Hi all, Just interested in what's happening with sun cream application. Do you wash hands between children? Glove up, and change gloves or not between children? Does it depend on the children's skin, or the brand of sun cream? Does anyone have policies for sun cream application or does it fall under general skin cream application? Jacq
  11. Apprentices? Yes or No

    Hi We are investigating taking on an apprentice. Have heard mixed reviews from employers in other sectors. Does any one have experience good or bad that could help us with the decision. Thanks Ann and Jo at Putnoe Woods Preschool
  12. Hi all, first post here. Sorry if this is a repeat question, I have searched the forums and am still a little confused. I am getting in my own head about this and confusing myself more! I am an NQT working in a split Reception and Year 1 class. Having recently been to the EYFS conference and coming away thinking that I had it all under control and knew what I was doing. I have gone back to my data for this term and am suddenly met with a sinking feeling that I have been too harsh on my assessments and have not properly understood the terminology! This is the first year my school has been using Tapestry and it uses the terminology of 'ELG Emerging, developing and secure', previous years, and the rest of my school use the terminology "Emerging, Expected and Exceeding" with aim of course for most children to be at Expected by the end of the year and some Exceeding. This is where my confusion with terminology comes in to the ELG emerging, developing and secure and ELG+ emerging, developing and secure. "Definition: Good level of development Children achieving a good level of development are those achieving at least the expected level within the following areas of learning: communication and language; physical development; personal, social and emotional development; literacy; and mathematics. This includes 1–12 in Figure D below." - direct gov website. So where does the ELG emerging, developing and secure fit into this terminology? Is Secure = Expected? If so, why then is the ELG split into three and the ELG+ (assuming this is exceeding) Split in to a further 3? I was working on the understanding of: Emerging= Emerging, Developing = Expected Secure = Exceeding But this makes no sense with the ELG+ or with the direct gov definition? Maybe I am over thinking this too much but I wondered if anyone could shed some light on. Jamie
  13. Reserving places

    Hi All Just wondered how you go about saving places in your settings? An example of the issue we are encountering is: Baby place reserved in Feb for 3 days per week to start in September for which a £50 deposit is charged that is then reimbursed on first invoice. However parent has contacted to say that they now do not want the place until Jan 2018 meaning that the place has been left open for almost a year. We do charge a four week notice period for any changes to start dates but in short this means we have turned other children away from September for a place that we are now unable to charge for until Jan 18. Curious as to how others overcome this?
  14. Dear all I am studying for a Doctorate of Education at the University of Sheffield and am currently working on my thesis focusing on issues of school readiness. My main focus is to explore teacher beliefs about school readiness, and how these beliefs impact on practice and pedagogy in the Reception classroom. If you could take five to ten minutes of your time to complete this survey I would be very interested in your thoughts on school readiness. The link is http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/OT74Z/ The project has been ethically approved via the School of Education department’s ethics review procedure at the University of Sheffield. Many thanks. Louise
  15. Recruitment procedure

    Hi all! Just had my pre-Ofsted catch up with Pre-school Alliance and one of the few :1b things we picked up is us missing Recruitment procedure. Is there anyone who would not mind sharing their procedure with us,please? Thank you!
  16. Forum member WChurchill (she of the wonderful New Zealand blog) has been reflecting on her own professional development and has been considering what she thinks early years priorities should be. We will be posting her thoughts here over the next few days - you will see that there are clear questions for consideration: please go ahead and put your own thoughts and experiences on the thread! I'm excited to see what we all think! An early years practitioner in the Millennium: Challenges of technology, austerity, accountability, and globalisation. One practitioner’s perspective. "I spent over twenty rewarding and stimulating years as a classroom teacher in the North of England and for the most part as a senior manager responsible for the early years foundation stage (EYFS). I delighted in working with children and parents and felt hugely privileged to be able to foster relationships and play a role in such a formative time in their lives. I was immensely proud of my achievements and my work was very much a part of my identity and who I was. I did not aspire to be a Headteacher as I did not feel that management was a route I would take to achieve my goals. It was also possible that this path could be at variance with my evolving teaching philosophy. I always thought I would stay in the classroom but as those of you who were followers of my posts on the forum will know, this intention did not come to fruition for me and reaching for goals can take unknown paths" What are your professional, long and short-term goals? What are your aspirations for the children that you work with? What needs to be accessible to you to achieve these aspirations?
  17. Absent children

    Hi everyone, We are considering other ways in which we safeguard children who attend our setting. Currently, if a child does not turn up for a booked session we would not contact the parents that day, however, if they missed a few sessions we would contact the parents to check in and see if everything is okay. We do not have a time limit or set sessions missed on this though and it is not currently in any of our policies. So can I ask, does anyone have anything like this in place? And what is the time frame you give? If anyone would be happy to share their policy on the subject I would be very grateful. Thanks Sarah
  18. Pre-school Practitioner Hours: 18 hours per week, term time only 8.45am – 2.45pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday A fantastic opportunity for a highly motivated, creative candidate/individual who is passionate about Early Years to join the team at this popular Ofsted Outstanding pre-school. You will need a Level 3 or above recognised Early Years qualification and experience working in an Early Years setting. For further details and an application pack please visit www.dolphinspre-school.co.uk Closing date: Monday 20 June 2016
  19. Hello, Does anybody know the rules and regulations for Nursery staffing? Do you have to have a qualified teacher for a Nursery within a mainstream school? If not, how many nursery nurses etc would be acceptable? Thank you for any help/advice!
  20. safeguarding concern

    Please could someone clarify for me how you have included the new Starting Point advice and referral system in their procedures and practice. I have been told conflicting advice. Is starting point for us to phone if we have a minor safeguarding query or SEN query over a child? From my understanding we are to 'go through" starting point for a referral? County told me that we now phone Starting point instead of CALL Derbyshire but Starting point said we are still to phone Call Derbyshire if it's high risk. I'm so confused!!! The more I look into it the worse it gets! Where on earth does Local Authority Designated Officer come in?! Please help, I am nearly bald!!! Thank you in advance xx
  21. I am teaching in Reception in an independent school and am new to the EYFS Co-ordinator role. I have twenty children in the class and a full time TA. Do I need to assign half the children to each of us to be their named key worker or can I as the class teacher in a class this size be the key worker for all the children? It would feel odd not to be. Does anyone know the answer?
  22. I a wondering if anyone has written procedures for baby sleeping, feeding and changing nappies, that they would be willing to share. Ours were written a long time ago and we want to check we haven't missed anything. We will be very grateful for this help. :1b :1b :1b :1b :1b
  23. Staff Holidays

    Hello, I am wondering how are other nurseries dealing with staff holidays during term time and school holidays? We are full year, but mostly very busy in term times. We have both term time and full time staff. Recently, 2 staff went on leave at same time from the same room, leaving the owner of the nursery very unhappy about the situation. She ended up paying a lot of money for overtime to the other staff. As a result, we received a letter with some comments from the owner today of a holiday policy that : - More than 1 staff will not be allowed to take annual leave during term time and will require prior consent from the manager. The managers will check if appropriate cover is available before granting the permission. Staff will be allowed to take time off for occasions such as birthday, death in the family,appointments etc. Term time staff are requested to take their leave during school holidays. During busy summer months and Sep, staff should book a full week rather than one-off days for holidays. Is the above a reasonable policy for staff holiday as I like going on holiday during term time to save some money for flights? thanks
  24. Hi there. I am brand new, so I hope I am in the right place for this topic. I have just been appointed chair for our preschool by our committee Need ur help. My first duty as chair is to dissolve the current situation of joint supervisors! and create 1 supervisor & 1 deputy. This has come as a suggestion from our ofsted representative and agreed by committee that it makes most sense to manage the setting and the finances this way as we have had a tough last 12 months. How on earth do I manage this? My first instinct is to deliver the factual information and then ask the staff to give a solution to committee at next meeting? Both are very qualified and very capable and neither will easily stand down. Which may cause its own set of problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Praying during work hours

    Hi We have a Muslim staff member that used to pray during her lunch break (which raised no concerns or issues) but she has now told us that at various times of the year the prayer times change so she will need to pray during her work hours (around 1500-1600). This means that we have to potentially find alternative cover while she prays. Also, she prays in the baby cot room whilst some babies are sleeping, but children from the adjoining room see her praying and there may be a possibility that they tell their parents and we may be quizzed over this. This is clearly a sensitive issue and we want to be as accommodating as possible. Has any other nursery has had a request from a staff member to pray during work hours and if so, how have you dealt with the request? Do any of you have a dedicated prayer room? Thanks Sat