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We do a medal inscribed with their name , our setting and the year , we use wooden stars or circles and I also did a certificate with a poem which someone posted on here .

We then buy them a small gift associated with growing , ie flowerpot and seeds or watering can etc

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Well we haven't done a gift before - we have always taken them ten pin bowling and then out to lunch. Not sure what we will be doing this year - staff don't seem that enthusiastic for the bowling so maybe it is time for a change.


For their graduation morning I buy white t shirts which they decorate with fabric pens and I iron on our logo and all key persons write a message on the back of the t shirt.

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We give them a little teddy wearing a t-shirt which has their name and our logo - always a hit. My son still has his and he left 8 yrs ago.

Also do a certificate which has a lovely poem which I think I found on here.

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Graduation photo is an easy one and not expensive, and always brings a tear to the eye! I got the cap and gown from EBay and took pictures against a white background - start early! Then I took them to be printed to get nice glossies and bought some frame mounts and just stuck them behind that - no proper frame, then slipped them into A5 slippy pocket to keep them clean.


I also got pencils and crayons personalised with the child's name from Studio Cards, they always went down well, popped into a cheap pencil case for school.


They got a book too, I went the The Book People as they always have bargains, like 10 Julia Donaldson books for £9.99 or something.

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Stargrower- Don't feel too bad, we can beat you -we don't give them anything! :( They just get their LJ and I put in this poem.( Me thinks a trip to the bookshop is in order) at least!



To (Child’s Name), now you are going to big school.

We would just like to say,

Thank you for coming to play with us

Each and every day.

Together we’ve had lots of fun,

Playing with the toys,

Like Lego and stickle bricks,

Dressing up clothes, for both girls and boys,

There has been sand to dig,

And play dough to squeeze,

Water with jugs and funnels,

Climbing frame and trampoline,

Balls, bikes and tunnels.

We have learnt about sharing and caring,

And being the best of friends,

So although you will be leaving us,

We hope this doesn’t end,

So please come back to visit,

For we will still be here,

Continuing to ‘Learn Through Play’,

For at least another year.

So (Child’s name), Good luck and Goodbye

Now we’re going to be brave, as we try not to cry.

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Cheap book as others have said the Book people were always good for bulk buys.. and a poem bookmark we made signed by all the staff..


This was the one we used most.


You are a very special person
And you should really know,
How we loved to teach you,
How fast the time did go.

Please come back to visit us
As through the years you grow,
Try hard to learn all you can,
There is so much to know.

One thing we tried to teach you
To last your whole life through,
Is to know that you are special,
Just because you are you.

Good luck in your new school!
We are all very proud of you!



​and it was a party in the park for all, anyone who helped during the year. parents and children always a hit..

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We have a little leavers ceremony with children and parents followed by refreshments. We show them a slideshow to music of their time at nursery and then give them a certificate, grad photo made into a card which we do ourselves and some bubbles (frozen or spiderman - 55p a go!)

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O what am I like, loosing the plot! Need to add(so we don't look to mean) that, although we don't give actual presents to those who are leaving, we do have a leavers/end of term party for all children and in the past two years had a magician as well. This year due to low numbers and low funds (11 in total and sustainability issues for Sept) it will just be a party. If numbers don't pick up, we will be having a closing down party this time next year as well. :(

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Goodness...we give them a card! Feel a bit bad now I've read what others do! We have around 40 leaving each summer so couldn't afford much but I will have a think.

Yep same with me Stargrower!! and I only have half the amount leaving that you do!! We are having a family day at the local farm on the last day - but its not a freebie - and everyone will be coming not just leavers. We just dont have the funds!

My excuse is we don't like to make a big fuss as some children are a bit overwhelmed by the 'leaving'!


Annnnd. Last year at great expense we did do a lovely framed leavers photo of the whole group - as a 'keepsake' - went home two days before they actually finished and not ONE 'aahh, that was nice' from the Parents!! So call me mean, but the Learning Journey cost enough!! ha ha

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We give book. I run scholastic book club for parents through the year and use the commission to buy books at Christmas and for leavers. Normally have leaving party for all children but too many this year so we are taking just the leavers to local museum/farm. We are paying for coach but asking for £5 contribution.

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ISP are you asking parents to attend or just staff and children? I suggested this last night and mixed response from staff as some felt we should invite them but it's possible not all could attend and I would rather it be staff and leavers only , we are having a celebration leavers event too .

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Lashes - we have 12 leavers this year. We are inviting them all on the trip with 6 adults. That's 4 staff, 1 apprentice and 1 student. Rest of children in normal session with 2 staff and 1 parent helper. In the past we arranged 'family' trips where parents came and were responsible for own children.

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