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  1. Ratio help please 😳😶

    Points counting does not work, you cannot cut a child or adult in half.. I know someone who did this ended up understaffed and got caught out.. If a member of staff has one child in a lower ratio then you can put older children into that ratio.so long as you don't exceed it. You cannot have a younger child in a higher ratio . I used to put each adult into a 'box' and allocate children to that box.. it they had one under 3 than the box only had room for 3 more children..over 3 and the box could hold 8 children. https://eyfs.info/forums/topic/47827-ratios-help/?tab=comments#comment-441706 This thread has a very useful table to help work out ratios..It may be an old one but still works.. it is a topic that regularly emerges.. Does not include under 3s though .
  2. Didn't realise this was still going until I came across it by accident.. Maybe worth a look to see what they offer . Early Years TV
  3. This really is one of those things that can change year of year or even term to term, depending on the children. Over the years I must have tried so many different ways.. We too had an issue with transitions in and out as we all had to move at the same time, no freeflow and a short narrow corridor between the two.. We did however line up some of the time, nothing wrong with learning a simple skill that also helped with fore drill and other times when it was necessary for children to listen and be 'under control' -for want of a better phrase. I never used music though other than a song we sang together or while doing the task in hand. Usually spontaneous and made up by a member of staff at the time if needed. Children tended to join in and if sometimes helped. (time to put the toys away, toys away, toys away, - to mulberry bush was a favourite) One thing I did was to change the wording of the task- on reflection I wondered what tidy up really meant to a 3yr old.. and so we decided to use a different phrase.. time to put the toys away -As staff we decided it described the action we were asking them to do,less arbitrary than tidy up.. . Other things we did was call them together and give them tasks in groups, one completed the task they would get outdoor clothes and put them on.. once one group was there the others tended to speed up, all wanted to be outdoors first.. Put things away as they go.. not always possible but they mostly got the hang of it.. Once some were ready we did send one of us outside with others following.. we used a walky-talky between staff if needed- Milling children- I have one year had children all find a book to look at while waiting for others to finish.. they found a book and sat on a carpet area.. in sight they enjoyed this and for that group it worked.. or I would send them to help another group or child. We found it was all about trying to find the best for the children, and for us to keep our sanity at the same time, if that meant queues and lines we did it, what worked one year seldom worked another
  4. Early Years teachers

    We always felt that someone was employed to do a specific job . If we needed an EYT we would have advertised and employed one but to gain a qualification while working did not automatically mean that a job would magically appear for that qualification.. We did aim to employ all level 3 so we had an enhancement / added salary to that level. It was not much but it did encourage more training for those reluctant. We used to say unfortunately we did not have a job vacancy for a EYT at this time but we would consider them if one arose. Meanwhile they could apply for appropriate jobs at other settings if they wish.. I had a job description with everything expected of them - including working at home. I also explained that for it to happen ratios would change and someone else on the team would need to be made redundant so they would need to take on her role as well.
  5. Funding weeks

    That was always our issue, we were paid only 38 weeks funding but if we were open same as school ended up with one week unpaid.. it did not work using these days for training etc as we were not paid for them , so we decided to only open for the weeks we were paid.. no training days for us in funded hours..
  6. Funding weeks

    Definitely varies between areas.. our are can open less than 38 weeks and the setting declares at the beginning of the funding year how many weeks they will be open, and gets paid for just those weeks.. None of those paid for dys can be taken for training , etc. Settings must be open for all the claimed weeks, and if there is a closure day in that week have to make up by opening an extra day. They do offer some lee way for emergency closure .You need to contact your local funding team to find out .
  7. They would need to be fitted for each child, this would take time and knowledge on correct fitting..this would include correct size for child's head measurement and adjusting straps.. In addition not all are the same shape so they also need to be the correct shape for the child's head. If not correctly fitted they can be more harmful than not wearing one.. Most sites suggest wearing one when on 2 wheels.. so do some research and risk assess.. not seen any legislation for them in nursery.
  8. This is so good an idea and inexpensive too.. always a bonus.. get parents to give you all those old pool noodles, but they dont cost much anyway. https://babbledabbledo.com/playground-sized-diy-marble-run/
  9. I shared a short video showing this on the facebook page of FSF Addicts.. but thought you may like to see it here and give it a go.. Sorry cannot get the video to show here unless on Facebook then you can see here . How to Blow Frozen Bubbles Go outside when the temperatures are below freezing. The colder the better. Allow your bubble solution to cool before blowing bubbles. Find a place outside that is cold and protected from the wind. Blow a bubble and catch it on the bubble wand. Wait. The bubble won’t freeze immediately. Depending on the temperature outside, it may take a few seconds to a few minutes to freeze. When the bubble is frozen, touch it lightly and see what happens. Try making frozen bubbles in other places. What would happen if you carefully put a bubble in the freezer? Have fun
  10. Snow Plan

    yes Uphill church.. love walking in that area..
  11. Snow Plan

    Dusting of snow yesterday in Somerset.. we so seldom get snow.. but it is very cold.. (No longer have the issue open or not etc, but roads are so icy and buses stopped where I go to do the Toy Library - opted out today! ) We have some snow on the beach today and the sea has been frozen on the beach for 3 days now..
  12. https://www.nhs.uk/change4life/recipes/healthier-lunchboxes
  13. Could this also be classed as self harming.. there is a raised increase in this amongst younger children who may not fully realise what they are doing.https://www.theguardian.com/education/2018/jan/23/children-young-three-self-harm-mental-health Record everythi9ng, daily diary or just incidences so you have a timeline and some way of showing how often and what happens.. Any changes at home or in his life that could cause this - Think it does need watching closely and looking at getting mum see gp, with your documentation it may help.. but she may not want to if she has already kept it quiet or not told you about previous incidences at home. Sorry not much help , just relaying some thoughts as you had no replies yet.. maybe others can help more.
  14. Voting rights

    Mother Goose is right.. were enough present according to constitution- that was always our issue as not enough parents were present so had to keep having a second meeting.. a set percentage of parents had to be present on our PSLA constitution
  15. Voting rights

    All depends on the constitution.. if a PSLA one then unless committee members or have children at the setting they cannot vote.
  16. Would any of you consider a glitter ban, considering what it is made of now and the amount of pollution it could cause when used in the quantities it is.. Putting together all settings it would be a considerable amount.. Sky News - Nurseries ban glitter over pollution concerns I had not really thought about it until now..
  17. Never heard of Playfoam and found this description for those like me Playfoam is a completely mess free creative play resource that is great for sensory play! This Learning Resources award winning product helps develop fine motor skills for little hands. The non-toxic formula makes this best selling Playfoam great for safe creative play. It doesn't stick to hands, clothes or carpet, just to itself! What's even better is Playfoam never dries out, so children can display their masterpieces rather than having to put it all back in the box! Playfoam Probably aimed at the home market but depending on price may be useful to settings.. its the amount needed for a group that may prove costly (Argos and Amazon have the 20 pack a bit cheaper than the manufacturer)
  18. Risk assessment for Grommets

    Ask parents about any restrictions or changes you may need to make adapt.. We never did a risk assessment for them, water in the ear canal - tends to be more about hair washing and swimming.. . Main issue could be the amount of noise in the setting could cause distress.. and they may be sensitive to sounds around them.. (remember one child became obsessed with the sound out heater made when cutting in and out.. - no one else noticed it but it was something he had never heard before- along side outside asking why it was so noisy and what was it- birds singing - a great novelty.)
  19. Minimum Wage Increase

    There may be an easier way but here is how our committee worked it out. (Numbers are examples and not true to dates as each will be individual to the setting) Work out the extra pay due each week - ( £5.00) Then work out the number of working weeks between the change date and the end of your financial year - (10 weeks) They then worked out the holiday pay not yet taken - This may need a bit of calculation into how much holiday was accrued before change date and how much after - depends on how the setting calculates holiday pay. ( our contract gave set weeks we were paid holiday pay, 1 Christmas, 2 Easter and rest in August) (3 weeks) Add the holiday weeks due to the working weeks - (13 weeks) This was then multiplied by the weekly amount due (5x 13 = 65) That total was then divided by the number of monthly wage packets due from the change date to the end of the financial year. (5) 65/5 = 13 so increase in this example would be £13.00 per month.. As an alternative you could just pay the extra for each month as it is earnt - bit like overtime would be - the extra is only paid for the weeks they are working and holiday pay - rest would remain the same.
  20. Minimum Wage Increase

    For fairness we always did the same % increase for all,but there is no reason that you have to do this, you can just increase the minimum wage earners.. . We always felt it unfair to not keep the difference between the wage scales. how long before they all become the same, and with no funding increase due before more increases in living wage etc this will become even harder in the not too distant future.
  21. PSLA commented on this a few days ago, did put it on th FSF Addicts Facebook page, (sorry don't always remember to add it here too) The more worrying angle is the aim to increase it to £9 by 20 20 with no increase in the funding supplied, that is to remain the same until then.. I am so glad it is not my headache to sort it out anymore.. we were at breaking point when I retired with cost and funding just breaking even, no way is that the case now.
  22. We have one of those at the toy library,it is very popular with parents and settings.. i do point out the escape issues but no one ever seems to be bothered about it, It is out alot of the time for children with extra needs or younger children more than the 3+ It is extremely sturdy , always out and never on the shelf for more than a couple of hours.
  23. Granny Gift!

    Fabric bags - can be decorated using fabric paints and will be individual to the child.. this is assuming they will all buy one , and remembering not all children have a granny so needs to be something that anyone can use/ buy.
  24. I saw one of them, it wa the one mentioned above, and decided that I was not happy with the way children were being used in set up situations some obviously set up to fail.. I see there are more programmes but did not watch any of them.. I felt it really was nothing to do with secret life of these children, more a set of tasks / situations for them to be filmed in.. I wondered what was the benefit to these children..and what did they gain from it..