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  1. Behaviour consequences

    Some good advice on this sheet which you may have already done, but good to refresh. 20 tips for good behaviour.doc
  2. governing document help

    Hi Slipenders Here is a summery of the 2011 PSLA Constitution and details on where to apply for the full version and how to adopt it etc. constitution-2011-overview.pdf
  3. Phase 1 Letters And Sounds

    Just to add to this topic, you can watch some of these L/S activities being used by teachers on YouTube which I found very helpful.
  4. SEND

    Hi Foreveryoung I have found this doc on my computer, is it the type of thing you you are wanting? Not in preschool anymore so just check it's not out of date. merged-early-years-developmental-journal.pdf
  5. Suitable Person

    With your long term serving staff when was their DBS done? Just thinking if it was a while ago they would not have signed up for the 'Up Date Service' as its only just been made compulsory when doing a DBS now. Therefore if you got all your long serving staff to sign up for this service, it could be another way of showing Ofsted the suitability of your staff. Hope that makes sense?
  6. Hi Wendy123 Lots of information if you google, but is this the type of info you want? A Charitable Incorporated Organisation.docx What is a CIO.docx Comparison of Charity Structure for Childcare Providers July 13.pdf A Charitable Incorporated Organisation.docx What is a CIO.docx Comparison of Charity Structure for Childcare Providers July 13.pdf
  7. Adding an additional setting

    I think the bit about not requiring new application, applies to settings like the big Daycare chains, when they open an additional setting. If you are moving out of your old premises to a new address, then you are classed as a new setting and have to register as such. This happened to our preschool, when the church building we were in got sold and we had to move. Despite going for over 20 years with same staff and having a Good Ofsted grade, we had to re-register and have a registration visit from ofsted to see and approve the building, talk to staff and chair/nominated person. You then have to wait the 30 month period for the ofsted visit and grading.
  8. The world

    Hi Skippy What about looking/comparing objects- their toys- plastic, wooden, metal, those that need batteries to make them go, those that you have to wind up, push/pull to make them move etc Role-play dolls/ sorting clothes for hot/cold weather Cover a box with different textured materials to compare -sandpaper, silk, wool, leather etc. Small world - Pet animals/ safri/jungle hot, north pole/artic/ cold pola bears, penguins etc. Dinosaurs similar but some eat meat, others eat plants, Dried/ cooked spaghetti. Water/ice
  9. Mmm good luck with that one!, The powers that be have closed most of them down due to budget cuts. The original plan (I read somewhere) was to have a Health Visitor in a Children's Centre, who would go out to visit various settings within the catchment area to give advice to the setting, or you could signpost parents to the centres to see them for support. The report also talked about needing to recruit 5,000 more Health visitors. Then in the next breath they go and get rid of the Nusery Nurses who work within the HV team, who used to do home visits so the HV could concentrate on the more serious cases regarding Safeguarding. Now they are having to do more home visits as well. You may find although they would love to help, they may not have the time/resources. Hope i'm wrong. Good luck
  10. Hi RedDragon You are in a catch 22 situ, can you afford to stop taking 2yr olds who will stay with you and bring in money when their funding kicks in when 3, or is there enough 3yr olds in your area to keep you going? When we were opened we too were reluctent to take the 2yr olds, but if we didn't, then they would just go to the other preschools around us and then when they all the 3yr olds eventually left to go to school we would have had no children coming up to replace them. I would definately try and keep all staff, as they are your best assets and it would be unfair to the children not to have that adult imput and surely they deserve the best. We all know, even when you are in ratio, you can never have too many staff- in my fantasy childcare world of course.
  11. H & S madness?

    Talking of dried rice- for those of you who have it out to play with, do you supervise it? Reason for asking is, we the staff didn't think it was kind of dangerous untill during our feedback from Ofsted that this could be so. We had it out in the tuff spot during their visit and 2 of the children had taken some into the home corner role play and were pretending it was porridge. Now of all the times we have had it out no one has put it in their mouth, but on this occasion they did. It wasn't in long as they spat it out and a staff member had noticed and went over to them, but Ofsted had seen it. Their comment was "Had we seen the case of child choking on a jelly cube in the news, did we know that rice can swell up when liquid is added"? Well i must admit I hadn't ever thought of it like that to be honest? Were they saying we shouldn't use it then, or just to supervise it more? They really didn't say. Not seen anything written down about it either.
  12. Chair/Manager Relationship

    Hi 1403 Are you a member of PSLA, as this sample from one of their publicactions called Charity Essentials might be worth buying. Also found this Role of Chair with a list of what you might need to see. Sample pages of running a preschool.pdf The Role of Chair.docx Are you familiar with the settings policies/procedures esp Safegarding, recruiting/vetting all staff dbs's periodically and Behaviour management? As you and the committee are classed as the 'Employer' there is quite alot of responsibility on knowing how the setting is run, so you are following the legal requirements set out by both the Statutory Frame work and good old Ofsted. Good Luck!
  13. EY2

    I'm afraid Isp it's not a question of committee members not being left with the children, it's more that the committee as a whole is your Employer and oversee the running of the setting/ make decisions, therefore they are supposed to know all about the legalities of how it is run, otherwise how can they make these decisions? For instance if a alligation was brought against the manager etc, do the committee know the proceedure to follow. In our case we were penalised because Ofsted said our chair- note a volunteer Mum of 3 working 3 days didn't have any safeguarding training and didn't really fully understand the EYFS curriculumn therfore when doing our settings development plan and appraisals how was she to know what courses to send the staff on to improve the outcomes and progress, for both staff and children. All forms filled in correct, but it was just not good enough to say she has read our proceedures/policies on safeguarding and knows the number/professional bodies who to contact etc. But it does not say anywhere that the nominated person or committee have to do any such training. So not sure where this leaves committee run settings anymore. They seem to have lumped Preschools in with schools and colleges in the 'One fits all' Common Inspection Framework Doc and it just doesn't work. Especially like so many have said it's difficult enough to get people on a committee in the first place and to expect them to do all this work, is just so unfair. Rant over sorry
  14. zigzag are you due a visit from Ofsted anytime soon, or have you had one a while ago?
  15. Hi zigzag, Can I ask if your Chair is the nominated person for your setting?