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  1. Playdough

    Just about to make my regular Sunday night play dough to take into work tomorrow! Many years ago I used to cook the dough on the hob then changed to the boiling water method. My 16 year old said "That's not the way you make play dough, Mum" but it has worked well for the last 16 years! My favourite job of the week.
  2. Staff Salaries

    Hi I am currently working in a pre-school as a 1:1 SEN worker and have been asked to become the SENCo for the setting. I am qualified and was the SENCo at my previous setting. I was the supervisor and this was many of the roles I took on that was included in my supervisor's hourly rate. What is the hourly rate that is paid for a) a 1:! SEN worker and b) a SENCo in, say Oxfordshire? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Good Morning Britain report

    It's really hard to believe that a complete stranger, no checks, gains access to a nursery and is also able to film the children without anyone even noticing! I know funding is a big issue, but if all settings were inspected yearly and went back to no notice inspections, dreadful people like that manager just would have to do their job properly and keep the children safe or suffer the consequences. When I became involved in pre-schools 30 years ago, our social worker responsible for pre-school registrations did just that and made impromptu visits in between if she happened to be going through our village. She certainly kept us on our toes!
  4. Dangerous 'Button batteries'

    Thanks for this. I've printed it off to hand to my Supervisor tomorrow.
  5. Do your staff wear flip flops?

    Also, if you need to get to a child quickly who is running across the room or playground, you just cannot move quickly or safely enough in flip flops. I had a nasty accident myself crossing the road wearing "fit flops" when I moved quickly and awkwardly and fell over. God forbid I could have been in charge of a child at the same time.
  6. DBS advice

    Hi, got mine in December and under Employment Details, Position applied for, it gives my job title followed by - CHILD WORKFORCE.
  7. Happy event

    Great news! Very envious!
  8. Our transition visits are really a highlight of our pre-school year! First, the Foundation Class teacher comes to visit the children during a normal session, chats and plays with them alongside pre-school staff in a very relaxed way without the parents present. We find the children are much happier about starting school because they've met the teacher and now consider her "one of us" and not a stranger. They then attend school for 4 short afternoon visits to the Foundation Class where most of the children are having a taster afternoon in the Year 1 class, and a few stay back to welcome the newbies. I love it because I get to stay on for the first visit and chat and play with the leavers, and those who left me last year, whilst the parents have to go. This means that the teacher has a good idea of who our children are as individuals and where they are developmentally even before she gets the formal written transition reports, and the children become excited and a lot less worried about starting school. The only downside is that sometimes they decide they want to go now and I and my staff feel a little bit miffed! But, this is what we want for them - to be happy and ready to move on to the next stage in their lives and leave us behind. Boo hoo.
  9. We give books for Leaving Day and we too use The Book People so the books are a) lovely and b) cheap!
  10. Also can't remember how much we paid, but they were very reasonable and have lasted well for some years, we got ours from Ikea.
  11. Finally!

  12. Ofsted Inspection done and dusted!

    Well done!