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  1. hi does anyone have a risk assessment for food play they are willing to share please. x TIA
  2. Powder paint

    pvs glue is fab to add to powdered paints to thicken the consistency x
  3. Outings

    If we go on an outing walking we usually have a 1 to 4 ratio dependent on the children but we also do outings further afield involving coach travel on these trips I always do a one to two ratio especially like the one we are doing today to a theme park.

    I am the manager and eyps but would like to employ an eyps eytt primarily to just lead practice on nursery floor and check planning role model etc we are a large 81 place nursery and I do not get the time I would like to be on the nursery floor x

    Hi can anyone give me an idea of how much you are paying or would be paying hourly for a Eyps or Eytt within the setting. Thank You
  6. Been using tapestry since last year tried others but tapestry was by far the best
  7. Staff bringing own children

    I agree with GFCCCC I never have staff children in the setting if they want to return and need childcare they have to sort something else out
  8. I would like to do something as a ice keep sake for the children who are leaving to go to school in September can any one please suggest any easy to do ideas or gifts please xx
  9. I have a couple of them and use them a lot they are great x
  10. Hi does anyone have a policy/ procedure on moderation and checking of staff development files and planning that they would be willing to share xx
  11. Inter faith

    Thanks people the bbc website has now removed there's will try woodland school
  12. Inter faith

    Hi does anyone know where I can download a nice under faith yearly calendar please or have one I could use ?
  13. Looking for advice...

    Hi i would advise that her performance and attitude was not up to required standards I'm guessing from your post and mention of disciplinary in the past issues with her have previously been addressed so would just inform her that she would not be offered a permanent position I would pay her a months notice and ask her to leave immediately sometimes better to pay them the months notice than have them in the building causing problems good luck
  14. Two year olds napping - a question...

    we have had parents in the past that have tried to insist that we keep their child awake or we wake them up I got fed up of trying to explain to parents why sleep is important and that we can not physically stop a child from going to sleep we now give all parents a sheet explaining why sleep is important and why we willnot deprive a child of sleep seems to have finally made sense to the parents.x
  15. As with narnia we record everything even minor scratches and bumps we also have a pre existing injury book if a child comes in with a injury just covers us and also can be benficial for cp mtgs.x