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  1. Questionnaire

    I have used Survey Monkey before - really easy to set up and if I remember correctly free for a short survey. We do an annual questionnaire varying the method and questions depending on what we want to learn. examples include 'Do you feel welcomed at the setting?', 'Why did you chose ***** pre-school?' 'Is there anything you would like to see which we don't currently offer?' 'Do you feel you understand your child's development?' This year I did a paper copy and 2 stalso added a section I pinched from this site for the children - 2 stars and a wish so the children could tell their parents or draw what they like about pre-school and what they would like added.
  2. We have had an incident at work which is causing a lot of concern and I am not sure which way to turn or where to go - a child's behaviour has been challenging since Christmas - nothing serious but regularly pushing the boundaries and when reprimanded showing now sign of any remorse and no respect to teaching staff. Mum has been spoken to and said that he is challenging at home but said no more - even suggested that it was our fault because he was bored - that most definitely is not the case. Anyway this week during a sports activity run by an external company the child bit his own arm, seen by an adult who immediately stopped him and asked what he was doing - he replied ' I wanted to get someone into trouble' - asked who? he replied with the name of the adult leading the sports activity. The bite was hard enough to leave a mark for some time. All recorded and parent informed of full details. The next morning she came in and said that morning, she had caught him putting his fingers down his throat to make himself sick and regarding the self biting that he regularly bit his himself and then appears to not realise he was doing it. We had not been told about the biting before and it seemed that the fingers down the throat was a new thing. He is a very capable child, no SEN concerns and well within his developmental levels, moving to school in Sept - when his behaviour is good he is a joy and until this week nothing of great concern just frustrating that nothing seemed to work in preventing the unwanted behaviour. We have recorded everything on a Concern for Welfare form and recommended to Mum that she speaks to her Health Visitor or GP but I am really concerned that a child of 4 can bite himself with the intention of getting an adult into trouble - the consequences could have been catastrophic to both the person he was trying to blame and us. Any advice would be gratefully received
  3. Starting a holiday club, help needed!!

    We started offering holiday club for our pre-school pupils and we just had to inform Ofsted that we were opening more weeks and obviously the insurance. From memory we can take to the age of 8 with no change to registration - I am not sure what the criteria is for 10 yr olds and sorry can't help with ratios but I would email Ofsted and ask the question. Due to the type of registration we had we had to continue to work to the EYFS and have allocated keypersons for any children who came to us but were in the local school reception which all seemed a bit daft - I think you can apply for a different type of registration but it meant for expense for us so it was easier to just put the staff members name next to the children on the signing in form to comply with Ofsted.
  4. GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

    PaseyLtd - we use photo's for the children's pegs but don't put their names on, we were advised this would be good practice as technically they could be seen through the front door (you'd have to have very good eyesight but still a possibility) The only place we have their names with a photo is on their self registration labels and they are not visible from outside. Not sure if this helps and agree the parents know the other children's names anyway but I suppose it reduces the risk.
  5. Statutory fgm reporting requirements

    I can't find the free course - only one that comes up is £30? Can anyone help?
  6. 2 years funded child

    we don't have a rating with our new registration number (recently changed from committee to privately owned) and we have funded 2 yr olds - worth speaking to your LA
  7. I feel your pain - I have one member of staff who consistently submits less observations than any of the others - we have just moved to the Focus Child and it is even more evident now - I have recently paid for all staff to attend a course on observations so we all had the same information and no change - next step will be that difficult conversation after half term. This is one part of the role I hate - we are a small team who are friends outside of work and it is really difficult but I start the conversation by saying 'I have my manager's hat on now........' I am very guilty of not delegating as I seem to spend as much time chasing up others to do the job as it would have taken me to do it in the first place - then moan I am drowning under my 'to do list'. I have gone to the extreme of timetabling jobs and allocating to staff - ie Monday - fill up toilet rolls, soap dispenser etc - seems over the top but it does ensure the jobs are shared out and hopefully completed.
  8. Coping with change

    lsp - that's the one I use and it drives them mad - they dread me having a 'quiet' evening as it usually results in lots of suggestions - I also have staff who struggle with change and am reassured by the fact that I am not alone. Our profession constantly changes, not just the legal requirements but the day to day stuff - what works one day inevitably doesn't work the next which is why I also struggle to understand why practitioners struggle with any change. I am afraid to say there are times when it is tough love and they do as they are told.
  9. Reconfirming 30 hours eligibility

    Non of my parents had received a reminder - some received an email saying their funding had stopped as they had not renewed!! You can imagine the panic - I have sent all of them my own reminder and our portal shows those parents who have reconfirmed so I am keeping an eye on it - but it is more work for me again.
  10. Next Steps ... new article published

    thank you Rebecca - that is very helpful - 'next steps' is one thing we always struggle with
  11. Mother Goose - we didn't have much in the bank and what was there paid for the valuation,solicitors etc on behalf of the committee. We came out of the PLA a while before we transferred partly because of the 'returning assets' but mainly because they had done nothing for us for years. The valuation was done by someone recommended by the solicitor. It took about 2 years to complete the whole process but worth it. Happy to help where I can
  12. I created a CIC - Community Interest Company - no need for a committee/trustees - just me - I was originally the manager of a committee run - bought it and created a Ltd Co but the Parish Council I rent land from didn't like the fact I was Ltd so it was very easy to change to CIC - the only difference being the business is 'not for profit' - as if we are ever going to make a profit!! I held a EGM and the parents agreed to 'sell' the business - it was then independently valued and with the cost of staff redundancies taken into account I paid the valuation to take over the business.
  13. I have done this myself and just had a member of staff finish, I am not sure if all Uni's are the same but we were in Uni for 1 day a week - I was fortunate that we both work part time so the day in Uni was just scheduled into the rota but we did get paid. My latest member of staff managed her placements on her days off - she did not have to do it in full weekly blocks as long as the number of hours were completed - however other staff were available to cover when needed. Her 0-2 placement was only 2 weeks. We received £7000 to cover staffing costs and also used it to improve the setting as part one of her projects. It is a lot of work - I was a mentor as I already had the qualification but Uni will provide one if you have nobody suitable (this was at a cost but it could come out of the £7000) - I was paid for my time in addition to my normal hours. I also had to attend a couple of training sessions at the Uni. Please shout if you have any other questions but I would say it is well worth it.