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  1. Inadequate woes

    yes - got nowhere and the next Inspector even said it was ridiculous and strongly criticised the previous Inspector and other things she had done - but it is all water under the bridge - just a shame we all have to go through the stress when we know we are doing a fab job and yet other settings are running under ratio etc but 'talk the talk' - sorry don't mean to sound bitter but I do wonder how some settings are given Outstanding.
  2. Inadequate woes

    Sorry to hear this - we also have been through the same and although it was 4 years ago we did not get notification of the return visit. It is my worse nightmare, missing something on the paperwork side - our inadequate was due to a water butt that had no lid - it had no water either and was not accessible to the children but deemed enough to be inadequate - but I genuinely fear that one policy which is not updated or similar. You are doing the right think and being positive and remembering you are doing it all for the children and not Ofsted - you will nail it when they return.
  3. It is reassuring to know it is not just us either - I have threatened to 'staple' the notices to the children's heads but I fear they would still get missed - have to agree - notices on the door does seem to work the best - especially if you keep them waiting a little longer than normal to open it I get very frustrated when we do so much and still get moaned at - parents need to take a little bit more responsibility
  4. I use this - not sure if it was not from this site originally but you are welcome to use it for ideas Parent_booklet_EYFS_blank.doc
  5. Name Tags Under GDPR

    We were told on a recent course that you should give staff the option of not having their photo - seemed a bit daft to me - we don't put surnames on as I don't see the need but if a member of staff decided they didn't want their photo they would have an alternative image.
  6. GDPR- emergency contacts details?

    I agree with the above and think the onus should be on the parent to inform the emergency contact and to be honest it is very unlikely they would put them down if they had not agreed - whole business is a minefield and doing my head in!! I asked the question about how likely it was that a small setting would be checked and the answer was very unlikely unless there was a serious breach and I think we already do everything to prevent that anyway. I will do an audit add a few bits to my letters, send out a Privacy Notice and try not to stress about it.
  7. GDPR- emergency contacts details?

    We were told at a GDPR training last night that to be compliant we needed to obtain the signature of the 'additional adults' on the enrolment form. The whole thing is a nightmare.
  8. admissions question! HELP!

    I have the exact same issue - parent made a complaint to Ofsted 2 yrs ago and was found to be unfounded, horrendous stress for all the staff etc. She spoke to my deputy and asked if she could put her daughter on our waiting list , deputy quite rightly said the mum would need to speak to me directly to which she replied 'Oh I don't really want to talk to Helen'!! Anyway she rang and left a message so I rang back and said that although she would be welcome did she really think we were the right setting considering the previous complaint - she then turned that round saying 'well the member of staff has left now so there is not a problem' - I pointed out to her that her complaint was also about my management skills and I had not changed so she said it was clear that they would not be welcome. I repeated they would and would put her on the waiting list as we are currently full, which is true, and if she wanted the place she would need to call back. Not heard from her since and she is bad mouthing me at the local school and has apparently threatened to make another complaint to Ofsted - not quite sure what she can complain about. I recorded it all. I agree we should not have to take families who have previously caused problems - at the end of the day they are our businesses and any other business can refuse a customer. I am amazed at the cheek of these people they really have no idea of the distress they cause - which I did point out to her.
  9. We have a little girl who is 2 yrs old, recently started with us and is really struggling to settle. She is very dependent on one member of staff and cries on and off all day - nothing specific sets her off but if her dependent member of staff needs the loo we have a massive melt down and throughout the day for no apparent reason she will start crying. It is heart breaking and I would suggest to Mum, if the circumstances were different, to perhaps wait a little longer before leaving her but Mum is battling Cancer at the moment and having lots of treatment and appointments. I cannot imagine what home life is like - parents have told the children that Mum is dying but how on earth can a 2 yr old comprehend that? We are doing as much as we can to support everyone but I wonder if anyone else had experienced similar and could signpost support services that may be able to help?
  10. Snow Plan

    We try and open - I love the snow and would much rather spend the day with the children and their excitement - I am fortunate that I live 2 miles from where I work and if I couldn't drive in, which would be rare, I would walk. Another member of staff lives nearby as well. I have already had an email from a parent asking that if we open and school closes will we take siblings!! I would love to say yes and have the extra income but we are full so I have had to explain ratios to her . We are protected by the Malvern Hills so it's rare its bad enough to close.
  11. Questionnaire

    I have used Survey Monkey before - really easy to set up and if I remember correctly free for a short survey. We do an annual questionnaire varying the method and questions depending on what we want to learn. examples include 'Do you feel welcomed at the setting?', 'Why did you chose ***** pre-school?' 'Is there anything you would like to see which we don't currently offer?' 'Do you feel you understand your child's development?' This year I did a paper copy and 2 stalso added a section I pinched from this site for the children - 2 stars and a wish so the children could tell their parents or draw what they like about pre-school and what they would like added.
  12. We have had an incident at work which is causing a lot of concern and I am not sure which way to turn or where to go - a child's behaviour has been challenging since Christmas - nothing serious but regularly pushing the boundaries and when reprimanded showing now sign of any remorse and no respect to teaching staff. Mum has been spoken to and said that he is challenging at home but said no more - even suggested that it was our fault because he was bored - that most definitely is not the case. Anyway this week during a sports activity run by an external company the child bit his own arm, seen by an adult who immediately stopped him and asked what he was doing - he replied ' I wanted to get someone into trouble' - asked who? he replied with the name of the adult leading the sports activity. The bite was hard enough to leave a mark for some time. All recorded and parent informed of full details. The next morning she came in and said that morning, she had caught him putting his fingers down his throat to make himself sick and regarding the self biting that he regularly bit his himself and then appears to not realise he was doing it. We had not been told about the biting before and it seemed that the fingers down the throat was a new thing. He is a very capable child, no SEN concerns and well within his developmental levels, moving to school in Sept - when his behaviour is good he is a joy and until this week nothing of great concern just frustrating that nothing seemed to work in preventing the unwanted behaviour. We have recorded everything on a Concern for Welfare form and recommended to Mum that she speaks to her Health Visitor or GP but I am really concerned that a child of 4 can bite himself with the intention of getting an adult into trouble - the consequences could have been catastrophic to both the person he was trying to blame and us. Any advice would be gratefully received
  13. Starting a holiday club, help needed!!

    We started offering holiday club for our pre-school pupils and we just had to inform Ofsted that we were opening more weeks and obviously the insurance. From memory we can take to the age of 8 with no change to registration - I am not sure what the criteria is for 10 yr olds and sorry can't help with ratios but I would email Ofsted and ask the question. Due to the type of registration we had we had to continue to work to the EYFS and have allocated keypersons for any children who came to us but were in the local school reception which all seemed a bit daft - I think you can apply for a different type of registration but it meant for expense for us so it was easier to just put the staff members name next to the children on the signing in form to comply with Ofsted.
  14. GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

    PaseyLtd - we use photo's for the children's pegs but don't put their names on, we were advised this would be good practice as technically they could be seen through the front door (you'd have to have very good eyesight but still a possibility) The only place we have their names with a photo is on their self registration labels and they are not visible from outside. Not sure if this helps and agree the parents know the other children's names anyway but I suppose it reduces the risk.
  15. Statutory fgm reporting requirements

    I can't find the free course - only one that comes up is £30? Can anyone help?