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Brilliant ! - now after you have framed it xD take it to the committee or better still the pub with your staff team and have an extra loud meeting about it with a suitably planted "bystander" who knows at least one person on the committee so that perhaps your meeting can be reported back to your committee members!

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I should B**********y well think so too!!!!!!!

I admire you for your commitment to stand for what you knew was right.


It can give others hope.

Now. stick two fingers up, either way round would work (if you see what I mean), relax, shout it from the roof tops and have a good night's sleep.

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The sleep will be good, it has been utterly draining The letter also informs me that the inspector now confirms that everything I said was true. what a shame we had to fight so hard to get that admission. But, get it we did and I am happy to put the whole horrid episode behind me

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You are an absolute LEGEND Narnia! You deserve a medal for taking them on! they knocked you down and you jolly well got right back up and fought tooth and nail! You are an inspiration! (always have been IMO)You are an OUTSTANDING Manager and dont you EVER forget that.I for one bow down to you gal!! soo proud :-)xx

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Fandabbydozy!! Huge pat on the back to you for fighting your corner and getting the justification that you deserve. I wonder if the inspector will have any come back on her? Sounds like she needs some more training!! Well done, you are an inspiration to all of us managers that we do not need to just roll over and take whatever Ofsted dish out. xx

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