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  1. A lot is driven by the debate around a knowledge based curriculum I think. I've not fully read them yet but will do this wek as I wait for our EYFSP results to trickle in from our schools! Number bonds to ten is not a tricky thing to be honest, children do that in reception already. Ii'm curious re the focus on fluency with numbers to 10, which will allow the Key stage 1 curriculum build on R rather than be the same as R as it sort of is at the moment. The draft eYFP handbook is curious, in that there is no reference to moderation at all, so I'm wondering if EYFSP will just be an in-school thing, along with the planned removal of KS1 SATs, so schools will be less burdoned? Progress will then just be Baseline to Yr 6. Cx
  2. https://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/nursery-world/news/1164846/schools-to-pilot-revised-early-learning-goals-from-september The revised ELGs and the pilot handbook for EFSP have been shared. These will be used by a small group of pilot schools from September pending a review and further consultations. You can find a link to the materials at the end of the article. Cx
  3. Early Years teachers

    I agree. A qualification does not infer entitlement. To do certain things you need certain qualifications, but they belong to you, not the job you actually do.
  4. Personally I think this is a much broader developmental stage not something you can do in an activity as such. To develop the skill over time you need lots of talk and modelling of language when looking at books together, or engaging in other shared actvities wher you can be using the maths language that is appropriate for the child. Cx
  5. Working with divorced parents

    Thanks all!!! I want to make sure I give a sensible opinion to my friend who is going through a rather messy and vitriolic divorce process.
  6. Hi All, Just want to pick your brains. Legally schools are obliged to share information/engage with/provide copies of records/info/reports etc for all parents with parental responsibilty, even if that means duplicating them. What's the general state of play in a setting? Especially if there are concerns about a child's behaviour/learning and the like. Cx
  7. I have never seen a child wearing a helmet in any school (or setting) i've been in! There's no requirement. Cx
  8. Think this is it: https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/evidence-summaries/early-years-toolkit/ scroll down to see the different elements - there is a PD one.
  9. Somewhere in the mists of my memory there is a website where you can look at the evaluations of different interventions based on effectiveness and VFM. Now if I could only recall what it was!!! I may have to wait until I get back to work on friday. I'd hesitate to say anything that hasn't been properly evaluated for actual effectiveness Cx
  10. So pleased you found it useful! I printed the certificate and will write my own name in!!!
  11. https://www.thecommunicationtrust.org.uk/projects/professional-development/online-short-course/ This is an online course which gives a good overview of how to support childrens speech and language needs, including EAL and identifying emerging speech, language and communication needs. It says it takes about half a day but I did it in less...but may depend on the level of prior knowledge. The Communication Trust has a section for EYFS too https://www.thecommunicationtrust.org.uk/early-years/ including information about children's communication development and how to identify and support children with speech, language and communication needs. Their new microsite is also linked to EYFS and ensuring children get the SLC support they deserve http://www.thecommunicationtrust.org.uk/projects/early-years-commitment/ "The Early Years Commitment is a simple approach. It starts from wherever you are now and gives you the small steps you need to help you move forward in making communication a real part of your setting's policy and practice, in the way that works best for your setting, your children and their families. " Cx
  12. Hi - predictions are a completely different thing. How can you discuss predictions when you have no evidence to suggest you will be right or wrong about them? Moderation is about the evidence you actually have re a child's attainment. Interim judgements by defiition means between now and submission I think! That's how I do it anyway!! Cx
  13. Hi, There is detailed information about the moderation process in the EYFSP Handbook . Interim judgements are your judgements at the time of your moderation visit. They are not your predictions or aspiration for the child - you just need to ask yourself, if I had to submit their EYFSP today what would they be for every ELG: emerging (1) expected (2) or exceeding (3). I suggest to our schools that they create a simple grid with the ELGs numbered 1-17 across the top and the names of the children down the side, then complete with your interim 1,2,or 3 outcomes. The moderator/s will then be able to scan the grid and select the children they want to discuss with you across the 17 ELGs. Your final judgements will be the ones you have QA'd and had signed off in the setting/school and then submit to your LA by the deadline they will give you. Happy to answer any more questions. Cx (EYFS ninja but Moderation Manager by day!!)
  14. Reception Staffing

    Yup - that's the ratio - as a teacher you have the same ratio a the other teachers in the non nursery classes. 1:30 is the minimum however.
  15. She was a bit rubbish all round I thought. Her lack of knowledge about Children'sCentres was bordering on laughable!