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  1. Online sef

    Yes, that's the thing, thanks Sunnyday 😊
  2. Online sef

    We've got a new manager and I was wondering about trying to get a token, again. Off the top of my head I've made 3 requests, for manager, temporary manager and manager. So, with that in mind is there a way I can get a SEF hard copy from somewhere for staff to write on, add post its to instead of trying to do the online one?
  3. Hudle Holgers

    Hello, I'd love to help but I dont know what a huddle is
  4. Oh **@~:;'#^%^*^&*^% ! I'd forgotten about this. Did I register? Did they send me a letter? I was too tired for this years ago, hence my resignation letter in 2005!! More things to check!
  5. 30 hour funding and how to offer it.

    We're having a meeting on monday to discuss whether we will be able to stay open much longer, past July anyway! Being able to offer more funded hours might help us! And I love that we can limit the asmount of places we offer. Thanks, I'm seeing glimmers of hope, albeit through a black fog!
  6. 30 hour funding and how to offer it.

    Does it say anywhere that the whole 30 hours has to be used? Could the parent ask for 20 hours funded or 23, 26? The 15 hours isnt mandatory so I just wondered.
  7. H & S madness?

    I haven't heard that and I would tend to use our standard reponse if I was told that! Prove it! I'm always a bit uncomfortable using food to play with so I would always use out of date if it was available.
  8. http://eyfs.info/forums/topic/35758-cooking-activities/?hl=recipes From 2013, loads on this thread ☺
  9. Didn't Cait put some recepies in the resource section years ago?? I'lll look
  10. I've posted this on the Birmingham forum but thought i'd put it here so you can all see what our funding is likely to be like after April 2017. Not as bad as feared for us in PVI although school nurseries will be spitting feathers! https://www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/people-1/changes-to-early-years-funding-formula/
  11. Very like we used to be too. More parents have work commitments now though, but I remember the days when every session would have 1-2 parents helping, playing, getting involved. We always felt it was important that the children saw their parent as more than just mom or dad. They were someone who were respected by other adults, plus the children got to share their parent and the parent saw exactly what we did and learnt why. it was how most of us became staff. :1b Still occasional parent helper thankfully, but I miss those days :1b
  12. Chair/Manager Relationship

    I've seen it from both sides having once been the manager. These days my relationship with staff is as friend as well as anything else. I pop in or text now and then to see if they need anything, but i'm happy to leave them to run the day to day business. They all know their stuff and I have no worries that something wont get done. I also know if anything is amiss they all know they can contact me in confidence if necessary. I aslo go in now and the with an activity I've seen or just because I miss the children. Next week I'm going in with the inserts from chocolate boxes and biscuits and taking weighing scales and chocolate playdough! It helps that I keep up to date as much as possible with the EYFS world and I know they rely on me passing on new ideas and new official stuff. We're lucky we've all worked together over the years and know what each is capable of but we also have 3 committee members who I try to involve as much as possible. I suppose it differs form setting to setting and what relationship you have. As manager my chair was a bit bossy and official, although well meaning she often meddled where meddling wasnt necessary so I try to look objectively at something before commenting on it. If you're new, i'd suggest a get together with each member of staff, find out what they like, what they might like to change maybe. And the manager might have ideas the previous chair didnt agree with that she'd like to run past you. :1b
  13. Last time I did them, I gave the children a recipe to follow. Panders, we're in a big hall too but the children follow the recipe and the turn taking really well. :1b :1b
  14. https://www.netmums.com/child/government-announces-a-50-million-boost-to-childcare-scheme I dont follow things as closely as I could/should, but I was under the impression the SFF would be rolled out and according to some sources some of us would be worse off. Is this extra funding just for the areas mentioned? £4.30 would be manna from heaven!
  15. nursery milk claim

    We use cook milk, but had to re-register aswell. Now it seems I get emails from Cool Milk and the new name one....it used to drive me bonkers but now I accept it as another piece of EY bumph.