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  1. Questionnaire

    Yes, we direct parents to the online form although we do have a paper version if they'd prefer it. We don't ask them to fill it on onsite - they're free to do it when they want and we've had no one complain so far. It's fairly straight forward to set up, but to get it to send the completed form as a PDF is a little bit more complex, but I wouldn't say complicated. If you would like to try our form, I'll send you a link and you can try it out with the name TEST CHILD so I know it's not genuine when it arrives in my inbox
  2. Questionnaire

    It's really simple! You just need to set up a gmail account and then go to https://docs.google.com/forms to start your survey. You can choose the type of question (these are 'multiple choice grids') and away you go! You could even just copy and paste these questions if you wanted Absolutely love google form - we use it for everything; applications/registrations/termly re-enrolments/session change requests. You can download a plug-in called 'Form Publisher' that converts the completed form into a PDF and then emails it to you. So versatile! Good luck.
  3. Questionnaire

    This is the one we used last year. We use Google Forms for everything! https://goo.gl/forms/Yf0gHmynm2UjmHYq1 I think I've anonymised it Edited to add: feel free to 'complete' the survey - it's a copy so it won't affect anything!
  4. Voting rights

    May be too late but it depends on your legal structure. If you're a CIO, then the staff can become affiliate members and would absolutely have the right to vote. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Did you explain to the parents the implications of not coming along? I would scrutinise your constitution and make sure that they followed all the rules for voting at an EGM. Was 2 weeks notice given? Was there a quorom etc? Perhaps you can block it because they haven't followed due process.
  5. Taking tablets to upload to Tapestry from home?

    HI Rebecca, thank you so much for your reply! I didn't receive any notification that someone had responded, so only chanced upon this today. Thank you so much for the detail. I'd tried to access the Tapestry Protocol Document but it's saying 'Sorry, something went wrong'. would it be possible to check the URL please? Thank you!
  6. We're an existing setting using Tapestry, and our staff take tablets home to upload pictures and created detailed obs. We had Ofsted in for a re-registration interview today as we're changing to a CIO, and the lady told us that despite having parental approval and staff policies in place, we cannot allow staff to take tablets home because of the photos contained on them. My gut feel is that this inspector is personally against it, but that we're not breaking any of the rules by doing it this way! However, the committee have now said with immediate effect we have to do all obs onsite. Really looking for some concrete evidence to support my view that providing the necessary permissions and policies are in place, that this is allowable. Thanks in advance!
  7. An enthusiastic, self-motivated and dynamic Manager is required for a Preschool in CB22. Previous experience of managing a childcare team, a minimum Level 3 Early Years qualification and a professional and caring manner are essential. Forest School and CPDP qualifications are also desirable. This is a permanent, term-time only position for 30 hours per week. The successful candidate will have an excellent understanding of the EYFS, Ofsted requirements and childcare legislation; a child-centred approach to learning through play; strong communication and organisational skills and be committed to providing the highest quality care and learning opportunities through an extensive range of well-planned activities. A competitive rate of pay from £16.5k per annum is offered, subject to qualifications and experience. Please email for an application pack. Successful applicants will be invited to attend an interview and trial session at the preschool. Please note that applicants who do not hold the required qualifications will not be considered for this position. The Preschool is committed to safeguarding children and an enhanced DBS and two satisfactory references are required.
  8. Hi finleysmaid - can I ask which bit you feel is relevent to moving to a CIC? It seems to be addressing myths around the roll out of the 30 hour scheme, but I may be missing something.??
  9. @Hopeytg - I'm actually in a similar position and wondering if you could share a bit more about your experience? Everything I've read suggests that as our pre-school is a registered charity following the PLA 2011 constitution, that we would have to return all assets to the Pre-school Learning Alliance, and that the new CIC would not be able to benefit from any funds in the bank. What happened to any cash reserves that you had? Who independently valued the business? Any insight would be lovely, thank you.
  10. Uploading Photos

    We use OneDrive as a shared storage solution. Excellent permission options restricting access to folders and files, and as a charity run provision, we get it free from Microsoft.
  11. which bank account

    We've just moved to co-op from Santander for exactly the same reason. We were fed up of faxing through payment requests all the time! Opening the new account took quite a while, but now it's happened, it's amazing at his much easier it is to do online transactions. One person sets up the payment online, then an approver logs in and authorises the payments. Much simpler. Would recommend.
  12. Funding question

    You can be eligible for both. You could both earn £7k per year (qualify for 30 hours) and be in receipt of child tax credit (qualify for EYPP).
  13. Thanks for the reply Rebecca. Unfortunately, those two options you suggested are not viable work arounds, so there are two separate journals, one for each setting. I'm not the only 'parent' who has commented on this too, as many of our children also attend other settings to provide wrap-around care. They have also commented that it's a bit annoying having to do everything twice, and so often just don't bother. Tapestry seems to recognise when you try to log in using an email address used by both settings as you have to choose which account to access. It would be a nice add-on, to be asked when saving a parent observation - "would you like to add this to your child's journal with X'.
  14. I'm an administrator at a setting, which my child attends. He also attends another setting which is local to where we live. Both settings use Tapestry, but there is a huge difference in the quantity and quality of observations in my son's journal between the two. It has got me wondering whether there are any 'best practice' guidelines that would be good to share with the staff at our setting and thought there might be some settings on here that would be willing to give me some insight as to how you use it at yours, and importantly, how you manage the staff's usage... Do you have a set number of obs that you like your staff to record per child? Does that vary according to the number of days a week the child attends? i.e. you like 1 obs per session, with a minimum of 3 per week for full time children etc. Perhaps you like staff to record many more? How detailed do you go into the comments & description that the parent sees. Do you ever just upload a picture/video with nothing else? How do you use Tapestry throughout the setting; do you allow staff to take pictures during the session, and ask them to complete the rest away from the children? Or do they take a picture and make notes 'on the fly'. How often do you review how many observations a staff member is making, per child? Do you do this weekly, monthly, termly? Do you have any kind of KPI's for staff which relate to Tapestry? Do you encourage parents to upload their own obs into Tapestry? These are just the first ones that come into mind, but I'm sure there are many more I've not thought about. Any help and insight would be gratefully appreciated. and if you think there's a better sub-forum for this question, please let me know! In case it's relevant: I should specify up front that we are a pack away, term-time only setting, only open until 13.15, so children attend a max of 20 hours per week with a max of 4 hours per session. Thanks so much!
  15. My son attends two settings and I like to upload my own obs of things we've done at home etc. It's really frustrating having to do this twice over. Are there any plans underway to allow parents the ability to upload to both settings at the same time (if they wish)?