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I now have a BA Hons Degree!


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I just wanted to share with you all, that five years on I now have a BA!


I have been waiting for my independent study results which I got yesterday from my tutor and it's officially done! The work has to be double marked but even if it went down a grade I have still passed!!!!


I don't know what classification of degree it will be but I am chuffed to get the degree full stop!!


Just sharing this because you lot have been with me since the start way back in September 2008!!!

Through the FD, through the EYPS and actually through some surgery and cancer.


Thank you!!


To those still slogging away and working and raising families, it can be done and I am proof of that....... I left college with my NNEB in 1982!!!!! Look at me now....... 31 years later!!!

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Thank you everyone!


As for a Masters (yikes Narnia!!!!!!!) or what now JacquieL I think nothing!!


My husband is so thrilled to get me back so to speak at weekends that he may divorce me if I suggest more study........


However I do enjoy it so who knows!!! Just don't tell him I said that. Not yet anyway!!!

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