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  1. Change of venue

    I moved in Last year and it was a whole new registration it took about 5 months from start to finish.
  2. Change of venue

    Yes you will need to be re-registered for the new building and classed as a 'new' setting. You cannot open at the new place until its registered and it can take up to 6 months :1b
  3. How to become a childminder?

    Thanks both. I emailed Ofsted and they said it takes up to 12 weeks? Is this not always true?
  4. Hi- apologies in advance for the long post. I would like to become a childminder. I currently live with my parents so I am looking at getting my own place to live and childmind from. I have enough money to pay 3/4 months rent before I start working. I did own/manage a pre-school for almost 5 years but resigned last month. I have a BA in early childhood studies as well as EYPS. I have paediatric first aid, safeguarding, SEND and food hygiene training which is all up to date. I also have a level 2 volunteer who helped at the pre-school who would like to continue helping me with a view of her being a paid assistant once numbers have built up. I am hoping to start after the October half term break? I have a few questions: - how long did it take you to become registered? - what do I need to do before I apply to ofsted? - when did you start advertising? - how many children do you have on average each day? - do you have any key tips that I should know? Thank you :1b
  5. Advice needing- being closed down!

    Just a quick update... I resigned and we closed the setting on 23rd June as I didn't want the threat of being disqualified. I then had to fight for a copy of the report from the monitoring visit so that I had proof that ofsted had said they were going to cancel our registration and disqualify me. We collected a huge folder of evidence (including letters from very angry and upset parents) and a scrapbook of photos and we have passed them onto our MP who has sent them to the department for education to be reviewed so fingers crossed! We do not think the outcome will be to re-open the pre-school. This would be brilliant but then in some ways this is not what I want as I know that the local authority and ofsted do not like the room we used and the location and so I can see it all just happening again if I was to re-open. Also, many of the children have their names down at other settings now for September. We just want to know that this won't happen to others and my name to be cleared. I am now looking into the possibility of childminding!!!
  6. I resigned as I didn't want the threat of being disqualified. I then had to fight for a copy of the report from the monitoring visit so that I had proof that ofsted were going to cancel our registration and disqualify me. We have a huge folder of evidence and a scrapbook of photos and we have passed them onto our MP who has sent them to the department for education to be reviewed so fingers crossed!
  7. Hi As some of you know I had to make the decision to close my setting just over a week ago. I've been thinking about what to do next and the thing that is sticking in my mind is childminding. Now at the minute I live with my parents so apart from getting my own place what other things should I be mindful of? - how many children do you roughly have before/after school - do you have an assisstant? - how much do you charge? - what are your hours? - what meals do you provide? Thanks in advance x
  8. Advice needing- being closed down!

    So today following a call from the LA to say all funding will be stopped in September due to us not getting back to our 'good' grade I have resigned. We have been told it needs to be immediate and so tomorrow is our last proper day with Thursday being a huge party! I'm not sure it has hit me yet exactly what I have done, I've gone into overdrive making sure learning journeys etc. are ready for the children to take home on Thursday
  9. Advice needing- being closed down!

    The post was not aimed at anybody in particular just to the responses I got
  10. Advice needing- being closed down!

    I have legal advice through my insurance company, they are calling me back tomorrow.
  11. Advice needing- being closed down!

    I am not operating without registration, we have not been closed down yet and I never mentioned that we had. I have also not stated that I haven't listened to our LA, in fact they have offered very little advice on what we can do so how do you listen when nothing is being said exactly?? I have read the inspection handbook and know the statutory requirements very well and I know we are meeting all welfare requirements. This judgement has been based upon 2 x 2hr visits- not enough time to make a judgement like this in our opinion. Why should I let them continue and close the setting and become disqualified when I have done absolutely nothing wrong?? I'm not asking you to believe what I am telling you but I honestly don't think I would broadcast this negative issue if I felt my setting was that bad! I have worked in the same way for almost 5years with only 2 members of staff and this is the first time I have had any time off (1 morning and 1 full day). We have a very good company who can offer bank staff when and if we need it. It was only in December 2014 that I got a 'good' ofsted grade with one action preventing us from outstanding!! I posted on here for support rather than people stating that ofsted are right and I should give up! Yes we may have to listen to ofsted but it certainly does not mean they are always right and decisions can be wrongly made.
  12. Advice needing- being closed down!

    Thanks Narnia. I rang my legal team on Friday and they are calling me back tomorrow and I also spoke to the LA and the head of improvement advisors is supposed to be ringing me first thing if not I will be calling them. We have a lot of evidence to show that we have got a well resourced setting and children are learning and making progress. This inspector never even looked at trackers or learning journeys etc. We are going to challenge everything and won't go down without a jolly good fight!!
  13. Advice needing- being closed down!

    I am not prepared to just walk away from what I have spent the last 5yrs building! We have children who come to us because of the small setting we are and they would struggle in another setting as all local settings have at least 20 children per session. We also have a child with a severe dairy allergy and other local settings have told her mum they do not cater for that (yes they are outstanding!).
  14. Hi all As some of you may know we had a very bad inspection in January which was sabotaged by an 18yr old I had employed. This meant we were graded inadequate. Since then we have had an improvement advisor but she has offered very little advice and criticised everything we have tried to do or made out it was her idea. We have also had 2 monitoring visits from ofsted. After the first one I received a threat of £5000 fine if I didn't get a new level 3 employee to be the deputy manager (there is only 2 of us and my deputy is level 2). However, she gave me 2 weeks but one was during half term and so no trial could be done at the setting. I did employ someone but after 2 and a half days she left saying she actually didn't want to work with young children!! LAst Monday ofsted were due again for their 2nd visit but I was taken by ambulance to the hospital for scarlet fever which they say may have been triggered by stress. So she came on Wednesday and we felt the session went well. She made us take the children out in the pouring rain and they got soaked so we did have parents complaining at home time. She told me she felt the room was not layed out properly, resources were no good, no teaching and learning was taking place and behaviour was out of control. All of this is wrong! The only behaviour witnessed was a couple of boys running inside. So Friday afternoon I got a phone call to say they are closing us down and disqualifying me from ever being a childcare provider again!!! As you can imagine we are totally devastated as are the parents who are being extremely supportive and want this decision to be changed. We just wondered if anyone else has been through similar and actually got them to change their minds. I have got legal cover included on our insurance and they are calling me back tomorrow. Sorry for the long post!!
  15. Managing behaviour

    Thanks al. Our improvement advisor is not offering much in terms of actual advice! It has come about since we had an awful ofsted inspection in january resulting in an inadequate grade and me dismissing my other member of staff. There is now just myself (I have BA and EYP) and my level 2 deputy who is working towards level 3. We have then been given a letter stating that unless I employ another level 3 member of staff then all funding will be stopped at the end of the summer term! They say this is because a deputy must be level 3 and when I said if I was absent the setting would close they said this was not meeting the needs of the children. I have tried telling them it is very rare this happens, in fact I have had 1 day off in 5 years! We are not in a financial situation to take on another member of staff unless we get more children which we don't want to do as we pride ourselves in being a small and family like setting and our parents chose us for this reason. I have got all the parents on board with support and they have all written to the local authority asking for them to change their minds. We believe the behaviour issues are a lot to do with having lots of visitors in, supply cover whilst we were under ratio and the children became confused about boundaries etc. I will definitely use the advice you have given!