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  1. So how do you keep them motivated, encourage them to take part in CPD and continue to maintain their very high standards? You're obviously doing something very right!
  2. And with very young people being taken on as Apprentices within schools but being used as teaching assistants, I fear that there is a big gap in the way they are being supported to develop their knowledge and understanding of how children develop.
  3. Well that would keep people like me happy! It might be controversial to say, but having a degree is all well and good, but it doesn't necessarily make for a better practitioner. I'm sure we all know people who are very well qualified but who really aren't able to support and nurture children effectively. I've worked with many students whose practice and whole ethos has been transformed by their degree study. On the other hand I also have experienced several over the years who have never really 'got' reflection and feel that their degree 'rubber stamps' their existing practice rather than prompts them to change.
  4. Are there any hidden cost to tapestry?

    I'm getting a lot of very positive feedback about it from my students, who are unaware that I'm on here. One used it as the basis for a presentation about how her setting communicates effectively with parents, and others just tell me how much they like it when we talk about the observation, assessment and planning cycle. I'd love to have had something like Tapestry when I was running my nursery, but it came too late for me, alas.
  5. First novel for Cait!

    Well done Cait! I shall read it with interest! ::1a
  6. term dates

    New website?
  7. Practitioner Personal Profile

    Nor me - I was hoping someone would come and enlighten me! I think lsp is right - just treat them like an employee: references, DBS, good induction, reading (and signing to say they've read) policies etc. How lovely to have a volunteer!
  8. Moody staff

    I miss so much about my nursery. Dealing with stroppy staff isn't one of them! You're all heroes as far as I'm concerned!
  9. Gone Girl had me glued to my kindle! Enjoy!
  10. National Living Wage

    I must admit as I watched the budget on tv (for the first time ever) my first thought when this was announced is 'how on earth will providers pay for this?'. As mundia says, it is vital that you all engage with the consultation so that they get the message loud and clear. I still miss my children and families enormously, but I must say on days like this I realise I made the right decision to close my nursery when I did.
  11. Sick member of staff....

    Oh dear. As someone who has suffered with depression in the past, I think it is all too easy to see someone carrying on in their job and not realise how profoundly affected by depression and stress they have been over a long period of time. Sometimes it takes every ounce of energy just to put one foot in front of the other and carry on, until you get to the stage where you just can't do it any more. I don't know the person you're talking about here, but it may be that going to that training and giving you her sick note was the end of a struggle to keep going. Her situation does sound very stressful, and if she is worried about debt to begin with, going on sick leave is going to make things even worse. I'm sure she'll be feeling guilty and worried about letting you all down, and I know from experience that it isn't easy to admit that you've got a mental health problem. The best thing you can do is to keep talking to her, checking up on her and letting her know that you understand that she is ill, that no-one is judging her and that you are willing to help. If you can signpost to local support services and organisations, so much the better. I hope you get the financial side of this sorted - it is difficult if you haven't had to deal with this before but I guess it is all part of being an employer. Also, make sure you get some support for yourself too - it can be exhausting supporting someone who is depressed, even if (or maybe especially when?) the person is not a close friend but a work colleague. Good luck with it all!
  12. Ofsted finally came!

    Brilliant news, devondaisy! Well done to you and your team!
  13. It is hard not to judge sometimes, isn't it? Sometimes you really do get to the stage of wanting to saying 'perhaps you'd like to find alternative provision for your child, since you're obviously very unhappy with the way we do things here'. Chin up: this too shall pass. :1b
  14. Welcome to the Forum, doctor! That must be a relief, knowing you don't need to do that!