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  1. Dangerous 'Button batteries'

    It isn't just small children who are in danger. The elderly can become confused and think that they are pills. This happened to my 98 year old Father who was changing his hearing-aid batteries and swallowed them instead. Fortunately I arrived ar that moment and realised what he had done and rang the hospital, which sent an ambulance. We managed to wash them through his body with fizzy drinks, but it was a terrilbe experience for him and involved peroidic x-rays to chek on progress and an overnight stay.
  2. WALT

    Well if it works then don't knock it. However it is 10 years this December since I retired and it was around a good few years before then. .
  3. Are we now using the word less rather than fewer? This is always a difficult one I know, but in this context I would use the word fewer. Fewer is used for nouns you can count and less for larger and/or uncountable quantities.
  4. Be nosey for children in need

    Nothing but real for me...oh the smell! What sort of car so you drive?
  5. Be nosey for children in need

    I have become a Friends Champion after my experiences with my Mother and hope loads of people sign up to become friends. ???
  6. Be nosey for children in need

    Wonderful! So now I am going to hijack this thread just to say please please please become a Dementia Friend and attend an awareness session to help understand dementia, and how to help others live well with dementia. Fascinating stuff. http//:www.dementiafriends.org.uk
  7. Be nosey for children in need

    Thanks. Sorry I can't use the like button for some reason.
  8. Be nosey for children in need

    Thinking of inviting myself to Froglets as I am so impressed! Otherwise pub lunch after long walk. What is your favourite form of excercise ?
  9. Be nosey for children in need

    Fellfield Hawkshead. What are you doing today?
  10. Be nosey for children in need

    Mobile phone Where are you sitting now?
  11. Be nosey for children in need

    A best selling book. What word comes to mind when someone mentions a diet?
  12. Be nosey for children in need

    My diary. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
  13. Yes i think not stealing is probably the one to pick and this can turn into something sbout sharing with others.
  14. If you look up the definition of malleable it is something that can be shaped, stretched or or changed by pressure and without breaking or cracking. i wouldn't consider ice cubes to be a malleable material by that definition.
  15. Yes lots of lovely ideas especially for those starting as an NQT this September. i just thought that I would mention that this thread is from 2005. I wonder if Susiehunt is around now :-)