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  1. I lie awake dreaming of a leak in the roof soaking all my records so they go too mouldy to be kept. Or a mouse infestation - how I'd welcome a mouse infestation in my records. My parents legitimately lost a whole box of receipts in a mouse plague in the 70's. Actually, on reflection...I'll keep the records.
  2. Super Admin Hubby says Direct Line from memory.
  3. Asking my super admin hubby. Can guarantee he would have found the best deal in town/
  4. Thanks Rebecca. You've clarified the issues well. Think I will have a word with Children's Services. I really don't want to confront Dad. He scares me in an understated way. My reading of the childcare vouchers issue was from a sexist point of view. If Mum wanted to go out to work she had to pay for the childcare - and she didn't have access to vouchers. The big boys' behaviour has been so bad this week that I'm considering giving notice, or at least suggesting school clubs before and after school. Unsuitable gaming is rife around here. There were boys in my own sons class who were watching 18 plus games in Reception class - about ten years ago. The behaviour was a reflection of what they saw. Off to bed. Thanks again, Honey
  5. Double buggy recommendation

    I love my out and about but it's just about had the biscuit (it's thirteen years old and on it's third set of wheels) and now looking for something else. It's just a bit long in the base. Don't tell the H&S buffs, but it's also great for tired but competent three year olds who can sit over the front wheel. Been driving my old MacLaren for a change yesterday and I ache all over. But it folds up small and fits everywhere while being good for babies as it lies flat. It's a great spare buggy. Lots of childminders love Phil and Teds but I hate seeing the kid in the back only having a view of the seat in front. Actually, ...think I'm going to invest in a new to me out and about. Falling in love again. Honey
  6. Children's addresses

    To my mind 'archived' means 'in the loft' or storage, just in case. Maybe I watch too much film noir and police drama, but I think it must be important evidence of something,. You're right though, I'm struggling to think of exact real-life situations but I'm sure it would be crucial in solving a terrible case of missing children or abuse in the future.
  7. I'm a bit conflicted. I have a family of three boys in my care aged three to eight who are gun and fighting mad. In the spirit of respecting children's choices and encouraging engagement I don't crack down too hard unless it's overtly dangerous, and if they make their own guns they can use them, but we don't have toy weapons otherwise. We've heard the arguments for not banning guns as it might damage the relationship with parents who work with fire arms (police, army and other forces for example). Increasingly though I'm hearing comments such as, 'My dad says if the cops lock us up we can just pay them off,' and other similar comments disrespectful to authority. I know these children have access to computer games that are much too old for them (I wouldn't let my much older children see the sort). Also, but maybe not connected, the father would not even discuss accessing childcare vouchers to pay me and so payed thousands of pounds over the odds over the past few years. So, do I continue to nod and smile, or challenge head-on? I don't think the boys are at risk other than access to inappropriate material, but that's another issue. I'd appreciate others' thoughts on the matter. Honey
  8. Children's addresses

    I think it's important to have children's address, and the address of other people important to the child, in case we suspected a safeguarding issue. It might be important in the future to know where a child was living at a certain date. Write it down, keep it safe. Destroy it when the child reaches 21 and a day. Honey
  9. Breakfast Club

    Perhaps the childminder ratios might be applicable. Depending on available space the ratio for non-teacher led groups is no more than six children under eight years old. Children who are 'rising five' and attending school can be considered as being 'under eight' rather than 'early years'. The over eights aren't limited but best practice would not be more than ten children in total. Insurance should be taken into consideration (mine allows 12 children in total). Does this make sense? Ofsted would only refer you to the standards and say it's your responsibility to be able to demonstrate how they are being met. Running my kids around otherwise I'd have a proper look at the standards. Honey
  10. I've brought my after school kids home and they're well excited about World Book Day and especially the WBD Song. We played it a couple of times and I began to wonder where the girls were? Of the twenty five references only Mary Poppins has both female author and protagonist. Harry Potter and the Gruffalo were the only other books written by women and they have mainly male characters. Romans, Ancient Greeks, Mrs Trunchbull, Minnie Mouse and Little Red Hen might all arguably be female characters, but written by men. I'm all for engaging boys, and this song really has, but is it too much to ask for a girl to be mentioned at all (is Minnie a girl?). The song mentions Roald Dahl, Romans and Ancient Greeks, Dr Seuss, Jeff Kinney, Three Little Pigs, Seawigs, Mickey and Minnie, Wimpy Kid, Where's Wally, Mary Poppins, Pirates, Ningas Winney the Pooh, Gangsta Granny, Horrid Henry, Harry Potter, Mrs Trunchbull, Mr Stink, Beast Quest, Little Red Hen, and Mr Men. I haven't analysed by other demographics but at a quick glance it isn't looking good. The text in Power Point can be downloaded here Whinging Feminazi of the North Honey
  11. Childminding qualifications and preschool work

    I think this is a pre-registration course equivalent to one module toward a full level 3 diploma. I should ring Pacey and ask them but I wouldn't think this was equivalent to a level 2. Might still be a good practitioner though. Best of luck, Honey
  12. This situation sounds similar to the Childminder Agency vs Independent Childminder scenario. Was a big argument a couple of years ago and I was dead set against it at the time, but with the reduction in LA support for childminders, and the pressure on schools to be seen to provide wrap-around care and take children on younger and younger, I'm beginning to give in and let the schools control everything. They're just going to suck up all the business so may as well be in it rather than in competition with each other.
  13. I've found this really difficult. What I really want to write is about filling their buckets of self esteem so full in the early years that the rest of life can't empty it. Not really substantial enough, but what we do with the egoists sets them up for healthy futures. By the same token, KS3 can teach them all they like, but children who are broken in the Early Years will be more likely to take risks or be taken advantage of. Better get my ducks in a row before tackling this properly.
  14. Do you think it's been published at a time when teachers are too busy to take it all in? Reception isn't my thing but I've had a bit of a read and it does seem like a move to remove five year olds from the EYFS by degrees.
  15. Locks, switches and bolts

    As much as I admire those boards, I have baulked at the price in the past. I'm thinking parents, and sundry friends and relatives, who mightn't be able to build a whole piece of equipment, might collectively be more than happy to hunt through garages, sheds and useless stuff drawers and find enough bits and pieces to make a terrific collection. Pegboard (painted?) and some florists wire and you're set like a jelly. I'd ask for some help to attach it to the wall (ooh, just thinking could add them to the top of a small table and small boards attached to the table legs.) Feeling excited at the thought. H