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A Very Special Happy Birthday To The Fsf


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Today is the official FSF birthday..8 years since those lovely folk at FSFHQ started it all off.


I'm sure I dont say it often enough but what a wonderful opportunity to thank Steve and Helen for starting off this wonderful place, and for the many many members who keep it that way!


Im sure you'll all raise a glass with me and say


Happy Birthday to the FSF

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The thing about the folks at FSF Global HQ is that they are all such fantastic people. Not only Helen and Steve, but the whole team. This shines through the Forum everywhere you look, and is why the FSF has such a positive and enabling ethos where people feel welcome and valued.


Thank you Steve and Helen for having the brilliant idea in the first place, and for assembling around you a group of people who see the vision and work hard to help make the Forum such a great place to spend time. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with such a wonderful community.



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Goodness, how the time has flown by! I will certainly raise a glass and toast everyone who is involved in the forum. It wouldn't be the place it is now without the enthusiasm and passion from those at FSF HQ and all the input from the hundreds of members over the years.


Well done everyone and look forward to another fabulous year. :o

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Indeed, Happy Birthday!!


It was a most fortuitous moment that I stumbled across this fantastic second home.... so much shared, so many new friends and so very much love and support :o



Here's to many, many more


Sue xD

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I'll have a celebratory glass of wine this evening :o and a toast...


"Happy Birthday FSF and here's to all who make it such a fabulous community to be part of"



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Ooh I must raise a champagne toast tonight!


Yes indeed thank you to Steve, Helen and all at FSHQ who work so hard to keep the Forum alive and well. I think this place is an inspiration to many many people, somewhere we can come for support, guidance or just a chat, and know that there will be someone who will respond kindly and respectfully. Well done everyone xD



Umm lovely cake Steve :o

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and I add my very best wishes and grateful thanks too. An unparalleled forum and fantastic supportive community, I'm sure I'm not the only one who regularly thinks "Whatever would I do without you?"

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Happy Birthday-I agree with what everyone else has said

This is definately the 'best forum ever!!!' Although I have never met anyone from it I feel that I know so many of you lovely people! Unsworth

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I have always agreed with the expression 'no-one is indispensable'

but actually FSF is the exception :oxD I seriously do not know what I would do without this forum. I cannot find words that are adequate to truly illustrate what this forum provides but from me a huge thank you to everyone who makes this wonderful place what it is and

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FSF and MANY more to come :(:(

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think everyone has said it all.. just agree with all...


and I did notice I made the 4000 posts today... was thinking about a thread for it but as usual missed it again..


I think I must have a lot to say.. as good a place as any to mark the occasion...


Happy Birthday...


and Thanks for all the support over the years..

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Belated happy birthday from me too!

Thanks to all forum members for all the wonderful ideas, administrative help etc I've accessed over the years.

I'm always telling other practioners I meet to join immediately. What would we do without you.


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If there was an equivalent BAFTA award for Forums then I am sure that FSF would have been the star of the red carpet yesterday,

and received best:


Forum - for content, professional etiquette, knowledge, kindness, fun, empathy, sharing. :wacko:

Chat - tidiness and hospitality :unsure:

Articles - empowerment, expertise, inspiration. :ph34r:

Members - genuine, caring, sharing, professionals. :ph34r:

Moderators - conscientious and not very busy in terms of 'parenting' as all members are wholly well behaved. :(;)

Smiley's - :oxD:(:(xD:ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

Resources - A treasure trove of excellence including the newly born PRAMS for 2010.


and most importantly of all the Top award goes to:


rustle of gold envelope opening............................ STEVE AND HELEN and all at FSF HQ :rolleyes:


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all for 'just being'. You have never tried to be anything other than yourselves, which is what makes you very, very, special.



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