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  1. We have a vacancy in our 1-2 room for a level 3 practitioner. You should be flexible, hard working and passionate about children's learning, play and development. Busy Bees is a dynamic and vibrant Outstanding graded nursery. We offer excellent opportunities to those passionate about working with children in a modern and well resourced environment. Please send a CV and covering letter to preschoolbusybees@googlemail.com Visit our website www.busybeesbourne.co.uk
  2. checking codes for 30 hours

    yes - written permission! we all said at managers briefings that surely if they give us the code we have permission. When i send out the declaration forms i'll be including a statement with it - ' by completeing this form you have given us permission to check your code.' Lincolnshire to be fair are quite good. We've changed to an annual declaration form for september although there are A LOT of boxes on it! It's going to confuse the parents! The 'hub' will also be checked by them regularly so once i've inputted all the data on it they will check it periodically. It will also help with children leaving/starting. It'll flag up who's code is going to expire, pupil premium children, so will hopefully be a useful tool.
  3. Had to chuckle at this email i had from our county today... I've got 47 children who I've got codes for... think I may be on the phone a long time!!! I'll be waiting for the checker! Do you have a parent with a 30 hours ID code and their written permission to validate this with the local authority? The Early Years Hub (containing the automated 30 hours checker) will be available in the next couple of weeks. However, if you want us to check the 30 hours code for you now so you can secure the child's place for September, please call the EYE team and provide the following details: The Parent NI number The 11 digit eligibility code [ DERN - Department for Education Reference Number ] The Childs Date of Birth
  4. safeguarding scenarios

    was just going to post a link to this one - it's fab isn't it! we send one out monthly, ask staff to work as a room, discuss what they would do and then we share the 'answers'. It highlighted to us that they weren't all knowledgeable about the terms used so we did some training around that. OFSTED were impressed!
  5. Online First Aid

    we did ours with pro training. Like mouseketeer it was so much easier doing the blended training with staff only having to give up one Saturday.
  6. Celebrate your inspection! Autumn 2016

    Woohoo! finally the report is live and we are absolutely thrilled to say we are OUTSTANDING!!
  7. Celebrate your inspection! Autumn 2016

    Could be ICO - data protection registration - we were asked for our certificate
  8. Celebrate your inspection! Autumn 2016

    Congratulatiions to you both!
  9. staffing

    We have previously really struggled. Spent hundreds on adverts in papers etc. This time we did a boosted advert on facebook. It worked brilliantly and got some excellent candidates. People shared it and it reached a wide audience.
  10. Fee increases and 30 hours

    It's terrible isn't it. We have been on £3.52 since 2005 so this is good! Lincolnshire is receiving the lowest rate the gov can give. We are going to have to be more careful over what we spend on resources which is sad as we currently put a lot back in to the business.
  11. Fee increases and 30 hours

    Our current fee is £4.60 an hour, our funding rate from april is £3.82... at the moment i charge £10 a term for snacks - or parents can supply their own. I'm considering upping this to £10 per half term from september. I'm not comfortable with charging for any other items. I asked my parents if they'd be willing to pay a voluntary top up most said yes, but in reality i'm not sure if they will. I'd only do this for children attending over the 15 hours. I'm probably going to put my hourly rate up by 20p an hour. I need to start making some decisions!!
  12. Ofsted mythbusting

    I'd challenge the one about other settings near you being inspected so you'll be done soon - they are definitely in our area! we were the 3rd in 3 weeks locally!
  13. We've had the call!

    thanks everyone, very happy with the result and will let you know when it's official
  14. We've had the call!

    Well we were expecting it, we were 4 years in january and 2 settings around us had been done in the last couple of weeks. We've got 2 inspectors as we are a large setting, one of them did our registration visit and our last inpsection so we can't wait to show her how much we have changed, we only had 3 rooms then and now we are 6! The other sounded lovely on the phone. Staff have been amazing pulling together, coming in when on holiday to check their rooms, typical that 2 of our room leaders were on holiday today but they are stars to come in. ​I still teach one day a week and guess what that's tomorrow but my school have kindly found cover for me.. They've even covered my sewing club! Just updated my SIP and scribbled all over the SEF to show what we've done since it was last done in November - we are ready!!!!
  15. Invoicing software

    we use nursery genie for everything but i think they do smaller packages to include just invoicing. Our invoices are emailed out. http://www.nurserygenie.co.uk/