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I am an Early Years SEN Advisory Teacher with an MA (SEN) Education. I am currently doing a PhD research project which includes developing and supporting a site for EY practitioners which helps them progress the children in their settings who present with SEN.

The site has lots of SEN resources for practitioners and parents via menu tabs and also links to training. Practitioners can also talk to other practitioners who are on line at the same time through the ’chat’ function.

There is also a ‘Pinboard’ where practitioners can ask their own questions in order to get individual advice. If you could ‘pin’ a question here to be answered that would be great.

It would be really appreciated if you as EYFS practitioners joined the site- used it – and gave me feedback on the way.

Below is an invitation link to the site which is called EYFS – SEN



Many thanks.

EYFS - SEN-info 10.01.16.docx

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Hello - I just signed up and had to type 4 numbers in and my confirmation email went to my junk file so worth a look in there. A very good site, just what I have been looking for to support me in my planning targets for SEN children and to relook at my formats

- really impressed with Oxfordshire site have found this so beneficial just spending 10 minutes looking at it tonight!

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Hello Alyson - thanks for this - it's useful to know that the confirmation email might go into the junk file. I am really glad you like the Oxfordshire site - I have to say I am also impressed! It's really nice to know that you will find the site useful. I have dragged the site's web address icon and pinned to my task bar so that I can access the site with just one click. I find it really useful.

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Hi Louby Loo - thanks for letting me know. You can also access the site through its web address

http://EYFS-Sen.ning.com- please let me know if you still have a problem signing up.



Managed to sign up ok using that link - it still asked for 'two words' - but happily accepted the numbers unlike the first link.


Bit late now, but looking forward to scouting about on site tomorrow.

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Hi thank you to everyone who has signed up to the site -


I have now had feedback from Tech Support with the following advice:


The captcha is a security step put in place to make sure that they are not a spambot. Captchas will ask you to copy the "two words" seen in the image displayed however, it will not always be two words displayed in the image. It could be a collection of random characters, a few numbers or two sets of numbers. You will simply need to copy whatever the characters you see in the captcha.

Hope that helps ​

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