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Found 510 results

  1. Role: Early Years Practitioner 3rd in charge (Level 3) Maternity cover Hours: Hours worked 28.25 hours a week Term Time Days and hours: Monday 8.00 - 12.00, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.15 - 3.10 Friday 8.30 - 12.10 Salary: To be discussed NVQ level 3 qualified or equivalent CLOSING DATE: Sunday 3rd June INTERVIEW DATE: Friday 8th June AM An exciting, varied and fulfilling role within a Pre-school setting, to make a real difference to the lives of the attending children and their families. As part of a team, you will deliver high-quality play and learning opportunities through a wide range of activities. You will communicate well with young children, parents and carers and have working knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage. General duties and responsibilities: · Work as part of a team supporting other Pre-School staff and volunteers. · Ensuring the smooth running of the Pre-School by adhering to relevant policies and procedures. · Attend management, administration or organisation meetings including open days, events or evenings as required. · Use your knowledge, experience and imagination to come up with new ideas and activities. · Serving of refreshments to children and overseeing lunchtimes. · Setting up and packing away resources. · Attend training and keep up-to-date with changes to welfare requirements, planning for children’s learning and safeguarding procedures. · Show a strong commitment to training and on-going professional development. · Any other duties reasonably required by the Pre-school Manager. To apply please complete the attached application form and send to info@epsomplayhousepreschool.com EPPA Application Form.docx
  2. Really struggling to find an activity that covers this easily for one of my key children. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Just wondering if there has been any progress on the newsletter function that was suggested as a possibilty a few months ago? We tried having a false child and adding all parents but we had complaints from parents that they could see each others names. Is this going to happen soon? Thanks
  4. Dear all, Please help, we are new to using tapestry and we are still working out how to set it up. Particularly the care diary.. How do you add in a weekly or fortnightly menu on tapestry so it adds for all children automatically, is that possible? Also how do you add, change and amend the care diary through ipads on the app, as the app seems to be basic and only lets you add observations and assessment. Thanks so much in advance Shana
  5. Good Afternoon Everybody! I am currently undertaking some research for my Research Project. The last hurdle before I can FINALLY enjoy being a NQT in my own classroom with my own class! I need the opinions of other teachers. If anybody could help me out and answer these four questions I would be incredibly grateful. Comment below or copy them across into a message and send it my way. cr9599r@greenwich.ac.uk 1) How much time do you think you expend on a) planning and b) setting up the role play area? 2) If you could make any changes to the role play areas in your setting, what would they be? 3) Are there any particular groups of children who don't regularly interact with the role play area? Are there any that routinely do? Finally, my idea is to create a role play area consisting of blank walls and floor with minimal props, that the children build themselves throughout the week. The theme of the area and topic of learning will have been chosen by the children beforehand. Ideally at the beginning of the term. The thinking behind this being, that the meaning and purpose of the space is assigned by the children. This ideology in turn, hopefully leading to better engagement with the space and creating a good opportunity to assess any learning that takes place. 4) Do you have any thoughts upon this proposal? Constructive feedback is always welcome. If anybody wants/needs any further information, just send me a message. I am more than happy to talk about this in greater depth. Enjoy your easter holidays! Charlie
  6. Hi Everyone who can help I have recently taken over a running Montessori nursery and would like some help/advise. we are a one room setting and we cater for children 2 years - 5 years open full time 8am - 6pm. I would love your ideas on ways to set up the room either with dividers or anything to section the room for the 2 years and 3-5 years. Pictures would be lovely so i can visualize how it works for you. Awaiting some lovely ideas from all of you. Thank you in advance. Rukaiya
  7. Good morning, can you tell me how often you do your assessments and refinements on tapestry. Do you do them after each observation,termly or maybe 6 weekly. Am I. right in saying you don't need an observation for every assesment. We are just trying to get it right for our children so we don't have any gaps in their learning. Many thanks
  8. Hi everyone I'm new to my setting and would really like to introduce free flow play as our outdoor area is amazing and not used half as much as it should be. Problem is there are different levels to our garden and I am concerned about safety (the garden is secure though and risk assessments have been completed). I also have a staff team who are not very acceptable to change and see new ideas as a chore. Any advice on how to deal with either would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Outdoor Provision in the Early Years

    Outdoor Provision in the Early Years
  10. We are looking for a level 2 or 3 qualified practitioner to join our team. 8am-3pm Monday to Friday, Term time only. Based in Hersham, Surrey. Salary split equally between 12 months to accommodate the school holidays. For more information or any enquiries please call on 07975561884 or email us at tiddlers@icloud.com.
  11. Pippin

    Hi there, We are a preschool in Stotfold Central Bedfordshire, we have 100 preschool children and a further 200 wrap around children on our records. I'm new to Tapestry and am starting to get to grips with all the functions. Can anyone help? Can you link to settings together for a child if they attend two?
  12. Hi All So i'm new to working with 2 year olds and feel ive planned as much as possible each term for the prime areas. Obviously i'm concentrating on those before thinking about moving onto specific. What sort of activities could you plan to support understanding and speaking? i've planned past few terms to do singing and stories and running out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Dear Friends, We are a small, rural pre-school in Youlgrave Derbyshire. To help us to improve on our experience and understanding of diversity within our own culture we are looking to link up with another setting. We could share pictures and letters, send photographs of where we live: our setting and the children that attend. As we are a rural Pre-school we are looking for a setting that is perhaps in a city or town. It would be great if perhaps we could arrange a visit one day to experience the differences and similarities that we share. We look forward to making some new friends, Kind regards Lucy Burlinson (manager).
  14. Hi, How does everyone go about reviewing their policies and procedures?. Also, how often do you review each one?. Currently our committee reviews them at half termly meetings but when meetings attendance is low (which is most of the time) the reviews are moved to the next meeting.
  15. I would like to suggest the option of hiding when a grading has been manually defined in the tracking. The option of manually defining is really useful but I think it looks messy to see the little icons showing that you've changed it. I have had a little look at the settings and it doesn't appear that you can - but if I am wrong please correct me!
  16. I know its probably been asked lots of times but how many staff do you have? I've been asked to work in a unit with 22 Reception and 19 Nursery children (in September, so that's before the January and Easter intakes) overseen by 1 teacher and two teaching assistants. Can that work?? Is that covered by the 30 reception/13 Nursery ratios?? I watched the children outside today and it just seemed unsafe. How do you run your day for a mixed group with 3:41? Yikes. Please advise.
  17. Deepcut. Preschool Practitioner required

    Totterdown Preschool is a small term time preschool, run by Qualified Early Years Teachers for children aged 2-5 . We pride ourselves on our warm, friendly team, and amazing children and are looking for a Preschool Practitioner to join us. Ideally we are looking for a Level 3 practitioner, however the right candidate is more important that qualifications. We are looking for someone who wants to learn and grow and has a genuine interest in how children learn and how they can influence this. We operate a variety of sessions between the hours of 8.30am to 2.30pm, with the option of an early drop off. This is a fixed term contract for 22 hours a week (with the possibility of more hours becoming available) between the hours of Monday 11.30-2.30, Tuesday 8.30-2.30, Wednesday 8.30-11.30, Thursday 8.30-11.30 and 2.30-3.30 (staff meeting) and Friday 8.30-2.30 at an hourly rate of £7.50. Once the fixed term period ends there is a possibility of a new fixed term contract being offered commencing September 2018.
  18. I have recently taken over as Manager and am learning as I go. It would be a great help if some one could clarify about the EY2 forms for me? I have a parent wanting to join our Committee. I have got her to filled in all paper work, her DBS is completed and she has filled out the EY2 form. Do I send the form by post? enter it online on the online Ofsted website? And how long does it take? does it come back to me or her? Any help would be great! Thank- you!
  19. Age brackets

    In the tracking section of Tapestry, is it possible to alter what determines "below actual age" "at actual age" and "above actual age". For example, a child who is 48 months old. Achieving 30-50 Developing in Making Relationships. This is labelled as "Below actual age" and highlighted pink as per the key. Technically he is still ok to be in that age range (as he's 48m) especially as we do not expect children to be wholly in 40-60 whilst still at pre-school. Is there anything I can alter here? Am I making sense?! or being pedantic! When analysing I just would prefer to clearly see those children that are really at risk of delay (pink) and not mixed in with children like in my example, who are not. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, Liam not sure if this has been mentioned before-apologies if it has but I couldn't see a thread! As a manager when I look to attach a child to an observation on the app. As a manager I have to scroll through all 100+ children in my School which has a Nursery and Reception. This is the same for some support staff who teach in different classes throughout the week as I have to attach all of the children to them. I have the children grouped in classes on the websuite and I would find it useful if on the app when you select children you have the option to select the class/group you want first and the select the children from that smaller group without having to scroll through all of them. I would also find it easier when uploading children at the beginning of the year if I could attach classes to staff members not do it individually as this is very time consuming when I have 9 members of staff to allocate children to and they all have to be done individually. Especially when at the beginning of the year I am not familiar with all the names for each class. When I upload a set of children it would be really helpful if there was an another option on the upload file to allocate a class like you can with gender and SEN etc and then in turn allocate classes to staff. I hope this makes sense! Many thanks!
  21. Could anyone share some information about setting up a preschool provision in a primary school.
  22. I have a child who I am claiming the 15 hours funding for but has poor attendance. What can i do to improve the attendance, I find it hard as it is not compulsory yet the child is missing out a lot.
  23. Tapestry Assessments

    Is there a way to show the areas of assessment for each observation without listing the whole DM’s statements? E.g. if there was a colour code system then during moderation and parents looking through the hard copy of the child’s could instantly see a Maths observation it would make it easier. During moderation I spent so long flicking back wards and forwards trying to find evidence for UtW why a simple colour coded dot system would be brilliant. My other question is, is there a way to show parents on Tapestry who their child’s key worker is? It’s important they know and this would be a good way to see an image of them and clarify who it is.
  24. We have just published an insightful article by Penny Tassoni called 'Reducing Educational Disadvantage'. For those of you familiar with Penny's work you will not be surprised to read the carefully considered points and the practical suggestions aimed at helping children get the best possible start. You can read the article here and comment and ask questions on this thread.
  25. Hello all, I'm planning for our setting's outdoor environment and would like to lead an activity based on a storybook. I can only think of two suitable storybooks, The Gruffalo and We're Going on a Bear Hunt, but we have used those books already recently and I want to try something new. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are very lucky in our setting and therefore space and resources should not be a problem. Thank you!