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Found 220 results

  1. No I haven't gone over to the dark side This info is not for me! So what advice would you give a teacher who is new to foundation stage? (she's taught in the same school and has previously taught year 1/5 and 6) but has never been in reception and is feeling somewhat anxious !
  2. https://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/nursery-world/news/1164846/schools-to-pilot-revised-early-learning-goals-from-september The revised ELGs and the pilot handbook for EFSP have been shared. These will be used by a small group of pilot schools from September pending a review and further consultations. You can find a link to the materials at the end of the article. Cx
  3. Tapestry Learning Journeys at the End of the Year

    Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone can help. At the end of the year, we usually download all the tapestry learning journeys onto a CD (so they work like a USB for a CD drive in a laptop/computer). I'm not sure how useful this actually is for our parents now as most have phones (and some not computers) and most new laptops no longer have a CD drive. We have attempted emailing in the past, but the files are all far too big. What does everyone else do at the end of the year so parents get to keep their child's learning journey? I know that parents have the chance to download the tapestry learning journey as a PDF file - but my understanding is that this can only work on a computer? The only thing I can think of for parents who can only access a phone, is for them to save the photos? Just seems a shame they lose the text and learning alongside! Many, many thanks
  4. Am I reading the handbook correctly when it says that staffing in Reception only needs to be 1:30? I had always thought it was 1:13 and I am trying to find out a definitive answer to show my head teacher, however I can not see any reference to these figures in the latest document. Thank you.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if there has been any progress on the newsletter function that was suggested as a possibilty a few months ago? We tried having a false child and adding all parents but we had complaints from parents that they could see each others names. Is this going to happen soon? Thanks
  6. https://www.eteach.com/microsite/jobdetails.aspx?vacno=841720&Page=5 We are looking for experienced teachers and NQTs to join our Reception team. Please see the link above. Thanks
  7. Good Afternoon Everybody! I am currently undertaking some research for my Research Project. The last hurdle before I can FINALLY enjoy being a NQT in my own classroom with my own class! I need the opinions of other teachers. If anybody could help me out and answer these four questions I would be incredibly grateful. Comment below or copy them across into a message and send it my way. cr9599r@greenwich.ac.uk 1) How much time do you think you expend on a) planning and b) setting up the role play area? 2) If you could make any changes to the role play areas in your setting, what would they be? 3) Are there any particular groups of children who don't regularly interact with the role play area? Are there any that routinely do? Finally, my idea is to create a role play area consisting of blank walls and floor with minimal props, that the children build themselves throughout the week. The theme of the area and topic of learning will have been chosen by the children beforehand. Ideally at the beginning of the term. The thinking behind this being, that the meaning and purpose of the space is assigned by the children. This ideology in turn, hopefully leading to better engagement with the space and creating a good opportunity to assess any learning that takes place. 4) Do you have any thoughts upon this proposal? Constructive feedback is always welcome. If anybody wants/needs any further information, just send me a message. I am more than happy to talk about this in greater depth. Enjoy your easter holidays! Charlie
  8. The 'More than a score' coalition has launched its critique of new government proposals for testing four-year olds, and is calling for the plans to be dropped. At a meeting hosted by Shadow Early Years Minister Tracy Brabin, parents, teachers and educational experts from the More Than a Score coalition exposed what they believe are flaws in the Government’s latest plans to test very young children, and called for the proposal to be dropped. The More Than a Score dossier 'Baseline Assessment: it doesn’t add up' shows that the Government’s plans are statistically uninformed and educationally damaging. You read about the MTAS coalition here Nursery World magazine have reported on this: Campaigners publish case against the baseline The group have also been reported in the Independent newspaper: Government's planned test for four-year-olds will be 'damaging', education experts warn TES have also covered the story: Baseline assessment is 'unethical, expensive and threatens children's mental health'
  9. We have just published an insightful article by Penny Tassoni called 'Reducing Educational Disadvantage'. For those of you familiar with Penny's work you will not be surprised to read the carefully considered points and the practical suggestions aimed at helping children get the best possible start. You can read the article here and comment and ask questions on this thread.
  10. Hello all, I'm planning for our setting's outdoor environment and would like to lead an activity based on a storybook. I can only think of two suitable storybooks, The Gruffalo and We're Going on a Bear Hunt, but we have used those books already recently and I want to try something new. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are very lucky in our setting and therefore space and resources should not be a problem. Thank you!
  11. We have just published an article that Alistair Bryce-Clegg has written for us regarding Continuous Provision. Continuous Provision is a subject often raised on the forum. Alistair has included his view of how Continuous Provision can work with the findings of Ofsted's recent 'Bold Beginnings' report. You can access the article here: Behind the Gingham Curtain
  12. Pre-School Worker (Farnham) Wanted!

    Pre-School Worker Farnham Challengers – Farnham GU9 18-21 yrs – £6.71 per hour or 21 yrs + – £7.50 per hour About the Role - Pre-School Worker Challengers Pre-School in Farnham is growing and we are looking for an energetic and enthusiastic Pre-School Worker to join the team! We are an inclusive pre-school, taking children from 2-5 years old. We have a 50/50 split between our mainstream and SEN children, which makes us a very unique setting. The successful applicant will be working in an extremely well-facilitated play environment and get experience in a wide variety of roles such as keeping learning journeys up to date, ISP use and small group work. This is a rare opportunity in a progressive and vibrant pre-school! Person Someone with a relevant Level 3 Qualification in Early Years Someone who knows how to play – you will be an active role model of great play to ensure the children have the most exciting day possible! Someone who is prepared to learn – you will attend a range of innovative training courses to improve your understanding Why Challengers? Challengers has recently been awarded an employer’s rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Indeed! Recent employees have said: “No two days at Challengers are the same, it is a vibrant and dynamic workplace” “Challengers is the most rewarding, fun and exciting job ever" “Never have I worked at a place that is so positive” What we offer! Regular FREE training provided NEST Pension Health Care Cash Plan available Free Parking Free DBS Annual leave increases with service This position could be suitable for applicants seeking any of the following positions – Room Leader, Pre-School Assistant, Pre-School, Teaching Assistant, Primary School, Early Years Practitioner, Nursery Assistant, Nursery Leader. Please fill in the application form and email it to work@disability-challengers.org. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please get in touch! https://disability-challengers.org/ Application-Form-Pre-School-Worker.docx Pre-school-Worker Job Desc.pdf
  13. Hi, I hope somebody can help. Our early years setting is part of a private school from 2 to 18 years. We are only Just beginning to show and track progress. In the nursery class and Reception class we have done a baseline assessment, well a best fit approach. We will then do summative assessments at the end of each term. For the whole school approach I have to show numerically and with percentages how much progress we are making and to set targets. My initial idea is to do something similar to GLD, 1-emerging 2-developing 3-secure. So for nursery for example, the majority are within 30-50, so a child that is developing in that area would get 2, I thought if they were in the age band before they would minus 1 point or 3 depending. The problem arises when they are in the age band before. It also wouldn't be cumulative year upon year. Can anyone suggest any ideas or what they do. Thank you!
  14. Would it be possible to automatically tag all of the replica statements in other areas of learning if you click on one? For example if you click on hear and say initial sounds in Reading it will come up in Writing too. I believe there are also some replicas in EMM and MH.
  15. HI Does anyone have , or know where I can find, the piano sheet music for ' there isn't any room' (sometimes known as Rat a ta tat) nativity song please? We want to use it this year - but pianist is struggling to find the score for it! Thank you all!
  16. Hi all, Some fantastic information and advice on here so thought I would share a question I have. I am in my second year teaching EYFS (Reception) as I was previously in year 1 and 2. Recently subject leaders are wanting to see planning for different subjects e.g. science, history and geography etc. I obviously don't have these as they are different but I am aware some areas do link in to the National Curriculum. I was told by someone who was formally a Reception class teacher that I should be teaching 'Science' as 'knowledge and understanding the world- the world' every week as all EYFS areas are as important as one another and there should be some focused adult led teaching for every area, every week. Now- this seems like a lot. Is this the norm? I do have enhanced provision set up to meet all areas of the EYFS curriculum, with an objective we will cover for each area I have set up but she said this is not enough as it is too 'airy fairy'. I am starting to use objective led planning but even having an objective to cover for all children within every area seems like I would be just constantly chasing my tail. Could someone let me know how you manage this and what it this norm? Thank you!
  17. Hello, At the end of last term a parent requested that I transfer her son's tapestry account to his new setting, a primary school. I set the process in motion and received the key which I emailed to the new reception teacher. She said she would claim it once she had sorted her current cohort out. I have just noticed that it now says 'cancelled on the transfer on this child's transfer. The other transfer I did was to a local school. This is still waiting to be claimed. Is there a time limit? Does the new setting have a limited time period? I am confused as to why it was cancelled on one and not the other. I did start the other transfer later. Thanks
  18. Hello, I think this issue may affect settings with a lot of children on the system. We are a large nursery school with the potential for 200 children on roll. We have found it very time consuming to scroll down the list of children when you need to tag them and sometimes, as we do that, other children are added by mistake. It would be very useful to have an option of starting to type the name and Tapestry then giving you options as with predictive text or similar. There could be a drop down that has a list of possibilities to chooses from. This would help us so much and save the wrong children from being added. Thank you
  19. Hey everybody, Me and my colleague are entering our second year of teaching and we have been given the opportunity to change our planning structure. Currently, we teach a 10/15 minute input on a topic and then send the children off to 4 different activities. For example: Activity 1- Red Group Activity 2- Blue Group Activity 3- Yellow Group Activity 4- Green Group The next day we will teach another input linked to the topic and then send them to a different activity. This means that by the end of the week, each group will have completed every activity. I think they call it 'round robins'. Once they have finished the activity, they are allowed to choose from the continuous provision in the classroom. The thing that is bothering me is that activity 1 is usually writing and activity 2 is always reading. This means there is next to no time to float around the classroom with an iPad to get observations and Tapestry done. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what we can do to change this please? It would be really useful if you could upload an example of your weeks planning so that we can see how you're structuring it. We want to change our ways but we have no experienced person to turn to about the subject. Thank you for all of your replies, it's greatly appreciated. Ben
  20. Hi new to forum and just setting up new classroom. Does anyone use a great IWB/Smartboard Calendar and weather program and self registration? If so can you please let me know. Hope everyone's summer is going well!
  21. To get a consensus amongst staff about what is expected on entry we are saying they should be: Nursery at baseline in September are 30-50 E Reception at baseline are 40-60 E We are then thinking about how many steps of progress is typical progress. However where should children who start in January and stay for 5 terms be when they start?
  22. Hi, Before I start transferring journals to other settings can you please let me know if it is still only one transfer at a time ? If so, I need to choose the order carefully ! Many thanks, Lisa.
  23. Hi, looking for some clarity and advice. I work in a small school and lead EYFS and KS1 and we have a mixed Rec, yr1 and yr2 class. I have been using Tapestry in Rec for the past 2 years. We are taking over a charity ran nursery that has been using our premises and I want the staff to switch from another online learning journal toTapestry. The school bursar has increased the number of children on my Tapestry account so the nursery can have a trial with it thinking that this would then be easier to keep the children on come September. However, I am the manager on our Rec account and check all observations but I don't want to have to do this for the nursery too as they have their own manager. Will it be easier to set them up as a completely different account when we renew in September or is there any way of having two separate groups and managers on one account? I know I can set up groups but would I be able to have a different manager for a new group? So I guess what I'm asking is what is the best way to manage a rec and nursery on Tapestry? I would like to also have an overview of what is going on in the nursery as I am the EYFS lead but want the manager in there to do the day to day running and authorisation of obs etc. What do people do where they have more than one reception class? Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance
  24. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help with my topic question. I'm currently doing some independent research just for fun and wanted to know the impact level 2 and 3 childcare students have on your settings? I currently teach level 2 and 3 BTEC after years of working in nurseries and schools. My own memories of having students are mixed ones- sometimes they were great and you could give them tasks to do, others were not so great and needed a lot of support. Being on the other side now, I hear stories from my learners how they were photocopying all day or washing up all day. Now it's easy for them to say this and as I don't go out to assess them (others staff do this) they assume I'll believe them and find them a nicer place where they can do as they please. I usually take it with a pinch of salt until I contacted a couple of placements just out of curiosity to find some of these stories were true. So what I'm trying to do is to find out how students are used either in schools or nurseries or even child minders. I also want any feedback on the impact these students have on the day to day running and the learning and development of babies and children. Thanks in advance
  25. Dear all, From September our school Nursery will no longer be run by a teacher but by an EYP. I am the Reception class teacher and EYs lead and will be overseeing the Nursery. We want to name our EYFS to incorporate both the Nursery and Reception but don't really like the word 'unit' as sounds a little institutionalised. Does anyone have any alternatives that we could refer ourselves to which is not 'EY's Unit' Many Thanks ::1a