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  1. Hi, Not sure which toolkit you are referring to - wondered if the following would be of use: SEN and disability in the early years: A toolkit Each section of the toolkit provides a briefing on a particular aspect of the SEN and disability reforms as they apply to early years providers. Each section is based on the statutory requirements and the guidance from the early years, the SEN and the disability frameworks, and draws on a range of relevant practice guidance and other materials to provide an accessible guide to SEN and disability in the early years, there is some material that is relevant to more than one section. Where this is the case, that material appears more than once. https://councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/sites/default/files/uploads/documents/import/early-years-toolkit-merged.pdf Brunel
  2. Hi, Don't forget to look at the National Autistic Society site - lots of information for practitioners and parents: http://www.autism.org.uk/professionals/teachers/teaching-young-children.aspx http://www.autism.org.uk/about.aspx Brunel
  3. Hi, Re.language skills, How old is he? Is he using/repeating 'familiar phrases' or can he use his language functionally? Again with his colours, numbers etc does he name on his own terms or will he name when asked by an adult? will he ask for objects by name? how does he request things? How is he engaging with adults and peers?
  4. Hi Finleysmaid, Parents or your setting could make a speech and language therapy referral - this is sometimes a way in !!
  5. FYI Professor Ferre Laevers uses a 5 point scale to measure a child's well-being and involvement to assess the level of learning that is taking place. A consistent low level of well-being and involvement will raise the chance of a child's development being threatened. As the level of well-being and involvement is raised the learning increases. When a consistent high level of well-being and involvement is recorded the practitioner knows that a deep level of learning is taking place. The Leuven Well-being and Involvement scales were developed by a team based at the Research Centre for Experiential Education (Leuven university - Belgium) under the supervision of Professor Laevers. ​You can find out more at: http://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/children-young-people-families/professor-ferre-laevers
  6. In brief - an early years provision map provides an overview of the wave 2 and 3 interventions provided across the EYFS. Originating from the the National Strategies quality first teaching: Wave 1 inclusive quality first teaching, Wave 2 is targeted catch up provision for groups to put children back on course and Wave 3 a deeper intervention offering more personalised solution to be used if Wave 2 hasnt worked.?
  7. Hi - my understanding is that although the documents are possibly regional in style/format where they have to meet with statutory requirements there should be a commonality of content across regions. I would expect where uniformity of presentation and content is expected by a Local Authority localised guidance and or templates be produced. In answer to the original request replied to here I understand that no guidance/template is available at this point and needs must!! I note what you say about the date of one of the documents however within the Early Years Foundation Stage provision mapping was in place prior to the introduction of new CoP so whilst one of the documents suggested was published prior to the new CoP it will still be of use in the context of producing a provision map. However in light of the fact that the four areas of need as outlined by the CoP have been changed: the 2014 SEND Code of Practice outlines the four areas of special educational need as:Communication and interaction, Cognition and learning, Social, emotional and mental health, Sensory and/or physical - these would need to be reflected in any current provision mapping. ?
  8. This might be worth a look! http://www.nursery-morecambe.co.uk/resources/Provision%20Mapping%20Sandcastles%20-%20differentiated%20interventions%20reviewed%2029.06.14.pdf
  9. Any good? - http://www.stoneygate.lancsngfl.ac.uk/images/stoneygate%20provision%20map%20cognition%20and%20learning.doc
  10. Hi, I thought this might be of interest. Resource pack for practitioners: Working with Children with Sensory Processing Differences in Early Years Settings ,early_years_sensory_processing_resource_pack.pdf For those working within an Early Years setting or Health Visitors who work with families who may have young children showing signs of sensory processing differences. This resource pack will assist with the identification of possible difficulties and support the implementation of strategies​
  11. LINK to: An early years autism competency framework for people working with under five year olds on the autism spectrum. A professional competency framework has been developed by Genium for the Autism Education Trust (AET) in collaboration with The Autism Centre for Education and Research at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City Council, Puzzle Centre and consultants with expertise in autism. The framework sets out the knowledge and skills that are required for professionals in settings working with children on the autism spectrum. http://www.aettraininghubs.org.uk/early-years/eyacf ​
  12. Hi - The previous government launched the Inclusion Development Programme which offers free on-line training for practioners on ASD, SLCN and Behaviour and Socilal and Emotional Difficulties. http://www.idponline.org.uk/eyslcn/launch.html
  13. Hi, If the statements in the guidance offer relevant small step outcome statements for the child I don't see why these can't be used to set outcomes/IEP targets. Cambridgeshire have produced a small steps developmental journal based on the Early Start materials which you might find useful: http://api.ning.com/files/n58KY*tFeDSVnHqKARgdIkRrMG40EdCAH7sT-cCHhneBAcxz1Jk5srN3LexAqTpGExawJHS0QXrRB*btWDIgRADBzyXGrxm-/Cambridgeshire.pdf
  14. Hi - have you seen the Cambridgeshire Revised Practitioner Developmental Journal based on the Early Support materials? http://api.ning.com/files/n58KY*tFeDSVnHqKARgdIkRrMG40EdCAH7sT-cCHhneBAcxz1Jk5srN3LexAqTpGExawJHS0QXrRB*btWDIgRADBzyXGrxm-/Cambridgeshire.pdf
  15. Keeping paperwork

    Hi - the following is a link to a copy of the Pre School Learning Alliance guidance - 'Retention Period for Records' https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/sites/brighton-hove.gov.uk/files/Pre%20School%20Alliance%20-%20Retention%20Periods%20for%20Records%20Aug%2013.pdf