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Ofsted Inspection done and dusted!


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Phew - after feeling slightly sick and not sleeping. Ofsted came this morning for 3 hours and I am so very pleased to say I achieved a 'very strong good" (not that thats means anything lol a goods a good)


I had my last inspection November 2008 (good), just when EYFS had come into force. So lots of changes happened in that time thats for sure!


once I've calmed down I'll tell you more about the day!


So glad it's over now though!

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Well done Berryred! We had a Very Good Good and I'm living off that to get me through a Very Busy, Slightly Mad summer term! Just glad Ofsted didnt turn up this week! : ). Enjoy your Very Strong Good - bet you deserved it!

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Thanks everyone, I'm a childminder so was just me ;-)


I will post further information once I get my report, had myself 3 bottles o bud and a packet of super noodles haha celebrate in style! (hubby and kids were away!)

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