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  1. Starting a holiday club, help needed!!

    Same here. I did notice our insurers are asking for 1:8 ratio so check that out too. We added ourselves to childcare register. Yes loos were a bit tricky but we have low doors so added a stable door type with a bolt to give more privacy. Just think about activities we found taking the children out for part of the day an essential. Just a trip on the bus, to the local park, we found the cinema ran a very cheap screening in the morning. The children loved their time with us.
  2. Inspection tomorrow eeeek

    Well done.
  3. It's the Bear - Jez Alborough. the pictures of the trees and what could be hiding behind them and the pretending of one popping out and then hiding again, always gives a lot of imagination. We have looked at height - what would be taller than those trees. Spacial awareness - where would you sit where a tree was not in the way, Emotions- would you be scared if it was a scary wood, natural habitats, would your Mummy really leave you in the wood to go back for Blueberry Pie? Love this story and its sequels.
  4. Calling any Inspectors

    Hello Just wondering if there is anyone here who is an inspector and who might give me some advice. Nothing that would cause conflict or alarm. Would have to be messaged though.
  5. newsletter function

    Oh me too. I email a weekly newsletter but not sure how many parents actulla look at it. But I can see when they access Tapestry so it would be brilliant new feature.
  6. I did see report come in and will read it by end of week. I do agree that whatever is in it will have impact on EY.
  7. Had the call

    Hope you are breathing easy now.
  8. Thank you for this. Makes sense about slope and colour of background. Think it is this kind of help I want to start with while I wait to get the other sevices in.
  9. Hi All Just looking for support with one of our little treasures. She is a rising 4 year old and has been wearing glasses since little. She had a check up yesterday and Mum is distraught. Her prescription has gone up 3 points in each eye with the right eye being more severe. The lenses of her glasses at present are really thick so can only imagine that the next pair are going to be thicker. This worries Mum. Little Treasure is bright and will play in all parts of the nursery, she is not too keen on noises but other than that she engages in everything. Mum reports that her left eye is doing all the work and that the patches have not worked so she is going to be putting eye drops in to stop the good eye working in the hope that the other eye will strengthen. My question is what can I do to support? I am imaging that by putting things to the left of her will mean that her right eye will have to track in that direction and will help strengthen the muscle. Would I be right in thinking this? I am going to google and find out more but thought that some of you may have had this experience and would like to share.
  10. Forum Update

    Always good to have something to put your feet up on!
  11. Forum Update

    Not that I have used it that much but is there still a chat room?
  12. Forum Update

    Oh How lovely. I have been exploring for the last day or so (been away would you believe) but I think your words of shiny and new are exactly what has happened. Thank you to all you of you involved, you have done a great job.
  13. Level 1 students

    At level 1 she might need repetitive tasks. Could she prepare snack? Sorry bit late at night can't think what other type tasks could be included. I had level 1 student she did not have English and her culture didn't recognise childrens independence. A bit different from your situation.
  14. OFSTED complaint

    Yes. A good luck from me. Look at the judgements and look how you can put them write. It is the only positive way forward. Let us know how we can help.
  15. I watched the debate live on parliament tv and the Champagne Nursery group also posted the discussion they had after the debate with Goodwill. He is not listening and he does not understand our stuggle to make ends meet. During the debate he said that he had not heard of any nursery that was not adequately funded. If you feel that way you should write and tell him. My letter is drafted and will be sent this week. I don't think it will change anything other than his ability to say all nurseries are happy and give him a lot of reading practice.