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  1. Does anyone have any report formats they would be willing to share? This is my first year in pre-school, coming from F2. Last year 31 reports was enough, this year will be 56 so I need to come up with a slimmer version otherwise I'd better start writing them now!
  2. Appraisals Vs supervisions

    Yes, this does help Catma. Support staff have never had appraisals before and it is something I have been pushing for and will happen this year. You are right, why should nursery staff be any different. As part of SLT I oversee all EYFS staff in reception so shall take on nursery too. It makes sense to have the same procedure and format for all support staff. Thanks. X
  3. Appraisals Vs supervisions

    I suppose that is my question really....is what I am doing in reception (annual performance management) suitable for our nursery staff? Am I expected to incorporate part of the supervision process into what I already do? What would you advise Catma?
  4. Appraisals Vs supervisions

    Schools do not put this into place in the EYFS and I wonder whether it is indeed expected of schools because they operate differently. We have had 5 OFSTED inspections and all have been outstanding, so clearly not something we have been marks down for. However, I feel that now we have a nursery they may expect to see this.
  5. Appraisals Vs supervisions

    This is really useful to know, thank you. I wasn't aware of this.So it appears that a lot of people have combined the 2 processes, turning supervision into a bit of appraisal too.
  6. Appraisals Vs supervisions

    Hi CatmaThis is a nursery class in school, yes. My job description is currently in negotiations, it's been a long process! I get time out to do appraisals but am thinking that I need something more regular than once a year. My job role has been through a lot of change since opening the nursery in September and my title within the school is going to change to reflect this, so yes it will be officially part of my role going forward. X
  7. This is my first year in nursery, coming from F2 in a school where I have been used to yearly performance management and appraisals. Now I am becoming aware of 'supervisions' and need clarification on the differences. In my previous experience, monitoring support staff in school, their appraisals would focus on what had gone well that year, how they felt about their role/job and what was going to be an area of development for them in the coming year. ...usually relating to personal journeys or school priorities. So how do supervisions differ? I have looked at some formats on here and find some of the headings confusing as I'm unsure how I should be filling them out ~Well being? Is this the staff's or they key children's? ~ safe guarding? Is this for staff to raise concerns that they have in the setting? ~ workload? Is this for them to informally talk about how they are finding the role? ~ training and development? Is this an area that I identify for them or jointly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. X
  8. We don't do medium term plans, only short term. We get together and do a brainstorm at the start of a topic and then plan the first week from this and then we just follow interests and how the topic evolves. We just make sure we cover all the skills in the EYFS curriculum and use that as our LTP.
  9. Well I'm going to throw my hat in the ring too... We open a new school based nursery (3+ only) in sept and this is what we are planning. Each key worker will have a working document which has all their children on and a 'skills based' next step for each one in maths, literacy and another threat we feel is appropriate. So 3 next steps which will run as long as we need them to. When one is achieved it will be replaced by another. These next steps will be addressed in the CP via the Anna Ephgrave approach. I do not make notes of next steps for things like psed, c&l, ead, pd...cos I just feel like I know these as they are things the children display all the time. It's the nitty gritty maths and literacy I feel I need to make note of, so that's why we focus on those for the written next steps. Planning on no LTP or MTP just weekly plans for carpet sessions and the rest 'planning in the moment' and playing with the children whilst 'weaving' their next steps into their existing play. Also planning on having intervention groups each day to pick up those children who need a quite focus time on their next steps as I find some children don't always pick new concepts up during incidental play scenarios and need more focus teaching times.
  10. Baseline Update!

    Hi Catma and Froglet I was on EEXba training when Liz Marsden received an email from the Dfe, this was her take on it. Yes Catma you are right, it may mean the reintroduction for testing at the end of KS1. But I also fear that since the baseline contract is only for 2015-2017 it may also mean another change for EYFS. I fear the Gov will change the bench posts so that EExba becomes less credible and we all have to go through the whole process again. It's all one big game and unfortunately our children are stuck in the middle of it!
  11. Baseline Update!

    Hip Hip Horaay for Early Excellence. It makes me extra happy that the DfE aren't happy about it's popularity! Us Early years folk have never been a conformist bunch!
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for all your input. I feel like I am well on my way to finding 'our way'. x
  13. a couple of ideas that we find helps to increase confidence are... 1. A shared write every day. At the end of each day a child's photo is chosen and stuck on a strip of paper, that child then says what they have enjoyed doing that day "I liked playing in the sand". Then everyone uses robot arms to sound out, fingers to count the words etc and the teacher scribes exactly what the children say. This helps them to see their thoughts and ideas appearing on paper without the pressure of writing but it also lets them see an adult just 'writing what they think' and not worrying about it being right or wrong. 2. An intervention group, ran each morning for 10/15 minutes, so that the skills are frequently visited. We make sure the writing is relevant - notes to take to the office, notes to put in book bags to remind them to bring in £1 tomorrow, messages to display outside for parents or to put in the cloakroom to keep it tidy. Both these things have a had a big impact after a block of 6 weeks.
  14. Staff rotas and organisation

    This is really useful Lucy, thanks. Good to get a different point of view, i agree with your idea of 5 members of staff now that you have explained. I can also see the difficulty of staffing when parents pay per day..we are going to offer them the choice of either paying per hour or by the day. What are your thoughts on this?
  15. Hi all Before I embark upon this request, i know that every setting is different and fully appreciate i have to find what works for me but I really need your help. Having never worked in a nursery before it looks like I will soon be in charge of organising the staffing of our new 'school nursery' and I really need a reference point from which to start. The whole process is baffling me and i'm hoping that you lovely people will share what works for you to help me find what works for me. Our nursery will open 7.45am to 6.00pm. It will offer an initial 30 places. I am employed as a teacher so will be sticking to my contracted 'contact' hours - either 4 days a week of 8.50-3.15 or 21.25 hrs. We currently have 2 other level 3 practitioners and will probably employ another. We are aiming for all staff to be at least level 3 qualified. Please can anyone share with me what their staff rotas look like? With regards to early/late starts etc, days off/volume of staff that they need on earlies and lates/breaks? As I said, i know every setting is different but I am struggling to know where to start at the moment. I envisage the majority of parents will do core hours 8.30 - 3.30 but I don't know this for sure. Thanks