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  1. Tapestry Register?

    Can I be a tester as well x
  2. Forum Update

    I am looking forward to logging in tomorrow ::1a
  3. Hi Emily, When saving my pin for finger print scanning it seems to need more than 4 numbers. Carol
  4. Hi Emily I would love to trial the beta app if you still need testers Carol
  5. We also give parents a copy, ours is in a duplicate book x
  6. Anyone using Nest pension scheme?

    We have just set it up, if you have a specific question I can ask our financial administrator x
  7. Ofsted confusion!

    Hi I am the manager of a preschool setting. I was told by Ofsted that I could be the nominated person as long as I was on the committee. I was voted on the committee, completed another dbs, completed the health form which had to be signed by a doctor, and completed an EY2. I am now my settings nominated person .
  8. I had to join the committee, so another Dbs, complete ey2 and health form to be the Nominated person (I am also the manager). That is what Ofsted told me to do.
  9. And me but not mentioned
  10. I haven't had a letter yet, unless it went to my setting during half term
  11. Tapestry review

    What an amazing write up well done FSF team
  12. Why are we upgrading?

    I am loving the new upgrade, lots of new things to explore. Well done FSF team ::1a
  13. I have done home visits previously for some children , however I don't at present time, mainly due to the cost of sending 2 members of staff out to visit. I do think home visits are of a huge benefit, however I am aware not all parents would welcome a home visit.
  14. I totally agree HappyMaz, just by having a degree it doesn't mean you are a fantastic practitioner. All of my staff started with a level three, then I encouraged then to go on to level 4 and they really enjoyed their study and learning. I furthered my learning and went on to degree level then PGC Early Years and I have found my study extremely interesting and useful. I have also employed many apprentices who are absolutely fantastic early years practitioners and very passionate about their work.