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Hi all -

This is to let you know that we plan to implement a new site appearance for the FSF next Tuesday.


This means that the FSF website and forum will be unavailable for most of next Tuesday


If you'd like to know when we're back up and running, and you use Twitter, please follow us - @EYFSF - we'll be letting people know as soon as the upgrade is complete.


Although the content of the site will be largely unchanged, the non-forum areas of the site will change considerably in appearance. Here are a couple of quick snapshots so you feel less disorientated when we're back up and running:



This is how the top part of the front page will look to a logged in member. Members will be able to add their own photographs to the slideshow on the top left from the Gallery. You can see the left hand side navigation menu has been replaced by a horizontal menu. All your settings and personal notifications are now accessible from each page in the smaller bar under the nav bar. Non-members will see a slightly different page with information more applicable to those unfamiliar with the FSF.


Many of you will be pleased to hear that the last twenty posts is making a long-awaited comeback. I know a lot of us (me included) used to use this as a quick way of accessing current hot topics. You can see this further down the page:



Other pages, such as the articles, will also be revamped and re-modelled, and this will continue after the upgrade. We hope to be able to offer the option of an alternative appearance soon, for those with visual impairments.


And you might have noticed we'll now have a permanent slot for celebrating member's whose settings have achieved recognition from Ofsted. If you'd like us to add your setting name, logo and ofsted inspection report to the FSF front page please get it touch (PM or email me). This will only be visible to other FSF members. If you have any suggestions for other changes and improvements, please do let us know. The FSF is your space!

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Tapestry should be fine - although you won't be able to post support tickets or renew - or subscribe. But otherwise the actual application will be completely unaffected.


He said confidently...

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Help !!!!!!!!!!!! Cant find view new posts - but loving the new look


Me too! I think it looks great and it will prompt me to use more of the resources that I always forget are there until I've spent ages trying to source them elsewhere. BUT I NEED my 'view new posts' button, please, please!

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I love the new format, but it's telling me when I search that there is no such thing as word association and I know there is all 100+ pages of it. Where oh where has it gone? :blink:


Kate, try again, I get lots of results. First, make sure the search bar is showing 'Forums' not 'This Topic' which it might be if you start searching inside a topic view. Second, you might want to try variations of word association such as putting them in quotes ("word association") or adding a plus to the individual words (+word +association).

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