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  1. Hi, just found out about the care diary feature today. Would love to be a tester if you are still adding people?!
  2. Well Comm

    We have been using Wellcomm in our nursery (3m - 5y) across all age ranges since September and i love it! We have one staff member who carries out the assessments which she films so we can look back at development. The main thing for us was how it highlights the younger children who may be at risk within our baby room and provides all the activities we can do to support this. Ordinarily we may not have picked this up until 6 months to a year later. Within my last cohort tracking i have seen a sharp rise in development for speech across the whole setting, so well worth the money in my opinion.
  3. Trim trail

    We used Home Front back in 2011 for play trail items, they were the cheapest at the time and the equipment is still in excellent condition, you can find options here http://www.home-front.co.uk/commercial-play-2/playtrails/playtrail-items/
  4. The common inspection framework

    I just found this for all of you who, like me, do not have time to spot the changes https://educationinspection.blog.gov.uk/2015/08/28/new-academic-year-new-start-for-education-inspection/
  5. on entry assessments - nursery

    Only our inspectors viewpoint but at our last inspection in April 2013 she said initial assessments and starting points have to be completed within 2 weeks,we stick to this, although can be very hard when a child is attending on a part time basis.
  6. Staff rotas and organisation

    Not sure how much our set up will help as a lot larger, we are open 7.30 - 6 and to ensure we can cover ratios at both ends of the day we have the following shifts: 11 x 7.30 - 4.30 2 x 7.45 - 4.45 2 x 8.00 - 5.00 2 x 8.15 - 5.15 4 x 8.30 - 5.30 4 x 9.00 - 6.00 All staff have one hour for lunch, either 11.00, 12.00 or 1.00 depending on what time they started. We do have part time staff but they all work full days to ensure the shift system is covered. I would imagine your opening hours would be impossible to cover with three staff, and still be quite difficult with four. Ideally in my opinion to cover your opening hours you would need 5 staff and do 2 x 7.45-4.45, 1 x 8-5, 2 x 9-6. It would be useful to know what your children's attendance hours will be, do you know how they will be charged? If it is hourly you can base your staffing on this, however if it is a daily rate, as we are, parents are welcome to use whatever they want within the opening hours and they can change this on a daily basis. Not sure if that helps?
  7. I have received an email from a parent containing the latest newsletter from TOXBASE, hopefully i have attached it below. It is raising concerns regarding the levels of salt added to homemade playdough and quotes the recipe we currently use. I have always been under the impression that the added salt was purely to deter the children from eating it, so assume if i removed it the consistency wouldnt change. Could you all let me know your thoughts and the recipes you are using so i can change what we are doing. Thanks in advance TUU Aug 14.pdf
  8. Thanks for sharing Angela, really good training resources :1b
  9. Personally I would go through the lado regardless. Our duty of care is to all children, if she no longer works for you she may get employment elsewhere. I understand that the whole thing seems completely unfair, especially, as if this did happen, she may not be aware BUT children's safety and welfare has to be paramount.
  10. Surviving an Inadequate Inspection

    Hi caffinefreak I'm really sorry this has happened to you and your setting and completely understand how you are feeling. My setting received an inadequate quite a few years ago, so I cannot comment on the monitoring visits as we just had a full inspection 6 months later. However what my advice would be is to look at other settings in the same boat, all monitoring visits are recorded on Ofsted website so I would have a look at what was covered in their visits in relation to their report. If you don't know of any other settings, pm me and I'll send you some links - unfortunately we have had quite a few in our area recently. The feeling of despair will pass, once the report is out and all parents know it becomes a lot easier to tackle the actions positively.
  11. Living Wage !

    It appears Birmingham have decided to delay this until Sept 2015 - thank goodness! http://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/nursery-world/news/1143954/council-delays-plans-nurseries-pay-living-wage?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  12. A request from local school

    I agree with everyone above, i too would not be comfortable with assessing children in line with schools expectations rather than their individual progression. If the school want to judge how well a child is progressing within the 40 - 60 band then they can still do this, regardless of the judgements you have made. I was under the impression they would always do this anyway as a way of moderating the previous assessments made.
  13. Fee increase letter

    Hi I am the same as sunnyday, we too do not explain ourselves (or apologise!) for raising the fees. I feel it is important that the information is factual and to the point, parents are less likely to question it. We have an annual fee review so parents will normally expect it and our letter is along the following lines: Dear Parents Please find details below of the settings fee structure which will commence XXX (I always give a minimum of 3 months notice) Children over 3 Full Day XXX Morning Session XXX Afternoon Session XXX Children under 3 Full Day XXX Morning Session XXX Afternoon Session XXX We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.
  14. Complaints being removed from Ofsted website

    Aaah perhaps, i didnt realise they were removed, so that is probably it. Thanks Pimms :1b
  15. Hi I have just logged onto the Ofsted website to download our last report and have noticed that the complaint/compliance letter that has been on there for our setting since 2010 has now been removed!?! Has anyone else experienced this? I expected that this would always stay on our record and am unsure of why it would have been removed. It was definitely there the last time i looked about a month ago. We have had 2 inspections since the complaint, the last in April 2013, so i cant imagine it would have been removed as a result of an inspection. I have also had a look at other settings local to us who received a complaint at around the same time and their enforcement letters are still there! I should be looking at it as a positive thing, but i just cant understand why its gone!! If anyone has any experience of this or can offer any help i would be very grateful :1b