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my first chemo tomoz need some good vibes very nervous. I only found out last week that I needed treatment after having a hysterectomy. 6 chemo and then 3 weeks of being nuked. I am so fed up of being smiley and positive on the outside for my loved ones . If my hair wasnt going to fall out I would probably pull it out.

Soz just need a place to vent that they cant see I feel better already for saying it . see I new this forum was good for you


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thank you I am going to bed to read the mountain of info they have given me. I have had a week of appointments and it didnt seem real till today. I was told that I only needed an op originally so it was a bit of a shock to be told the cancer had escaped my womb and took up residence in my tubes hence the treatment.

I will feel better tomoz when I am doing something

the smile will be back by then thanks again just needed a sounding board

sue xx

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I don't know what to say except that I send you my thoughts and good wishes.


I found out I had cancer in March after being told for 2 years my lump was nothing, then it was a tumor and then oh yes actually it was cancer.


I understand the fright, the worry and the trying to remain bright for everyone but ultimately you are entitled to feel everything you feel and more besides.


I don't know what chemo will be like for you I hear everyone manages and handles it differently. All I know is it's something you have to do because it's going to save your life.


A wise person on this forum told me to remember I HAD CANCER IT DIDN'T HAVE ME.


I hope all goes well for you.


There will be people on here who can give actual advice and thoughts about chemo, I can't I didn't have any chemo.


This is a great safe place to talk, to moan, to vent.


Make use of us.


I cannot tell you how great it was for me to have folks to "talk" with who weren't involved in my life.


I can feel tears just thinking about how lovely folks were to me.

I will always be grateful for the support back then.


Really do hope tomorrow goes ok.

Big hugs x x x x x x




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Guest pamgreen

I hope all goes well. Tonight on 24 hours in A&E there was a lady on who was undergoing chemo for breast cancer and what she said really struck a chord with me, she said that she probably tried too hard to be positive and I no being positive is important but perhaps you need to tell your loved ones how you are feeling so they can give you some extra support. I hope you can understand where I am coming from and in no way am I critisizing you as we all have different ways of coping with such difficult trials, and it is so good to vent. X

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I think we all try to remain positive because it helps soothe our own sanity (a little) and because we are trying to keep positive those around us and I am sure as pamgreen says about the lady on TV, it is wearing.


When I first found out I had cancer I cried buckets regardless of who was listening, but as soon as I had to speak to my children (of 19 and 22) about it, out came the brave face and the positive spin on the news. . . . .


Its a weird human safety technique I think!


However 4 days after getting the news when I was waiting for the urgent body scan results to see if it had gone anywhere else I had the house to myself and I sat on the stairs and screamed and cried until I made myself sick but oh golly it was good to get it all out!!!!!


Suewhit the positivity has to help but dont let it wear you down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wishing you giant hugs and the like for today x x x x x x x

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Guest sn0wdr0p

Sending you a massive virtual hug.


To echo Louby Loo I am often on at 4am as well as other silly times when we should all be sleeping but our minds will not switch off. So yes there are often people here to listen when the rest of the world is sleeping.


Just shout us and we'll be here X

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thanks all the vibes defo worked it went well 5 hrs in a chair so my friend brought a lap top so we could do some work but I have straw for brains.Just starting to get a wobbly tum cant take the anti sick tablets till 11 .Feeling more positive but I dare say I will vent a little more at some point thanks again

Sue xxx

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Glad you received all the positive vibes ;) Try some ginger capsules or the accupressure wrist bands for the sickness... I know other people swear by them..... get plenty of rest and be kind to yourself.



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I'm sorry I missed this..............................I was turning into an earth goddess at Stonehenge yesterday ( it was FABULOUS by the way!)..............anyway, chemo is do-able. It is one more step to making you well again, so try to focus on that when you are clamped to the loo, or things seem hard. It will pass and you will eventually get to a point where you can hardly believe it was you that went through it all. But, today: you may find your tastebuds are not yours anymore, I had that each time, it took a week or so to settle after each chemo, chocolate was the worst thing, it tasted foul. BUT try things like ginger, lemons ( I found Bitter Lemon to be really good), suck ice cubes too, they were nice and soothing........they might even have ice lollies for you to suck at the hospital while you have your chemo? ( ask if they don't offer them to you, sometimes they forget). Be prepared for your pee to turn a funny colour for a 'wee' while too......mine looked like a fine claret each time! Feel free to ask any questions: I am a dab hand on stuff from coloured wee to headscarves and wigs ( nice ones on ebay, and wigless for me!)

Pm if you want to chat xxx and remember, that's one less you need now xxx

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Hope treatment goes well tomorrow, definitely better when you feel you are doing something I should think. I think you have already done loads of positive things, but perhaps the best positive thing you have done is to come on here and spread the load - family and friends are wonderful things, but you can't always tell them the absolute truth without upsetting them.

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feeling much better today probably because I was stressed about the unknown I had a bit of a melt down. Yesterday I looked like I had been on a sunbed too long it was a bit of a reaction to the meds gone today .Very painful joints today so as we had sunshine ( anyone would think it was summer) I thought I would take a walk to get rid of the stiffness. good idea went to look in the charity shops and bought a new notice board for preschool. My husband laughed he complains as he says I never forget work.there is always a silver linning.

sue xxx


my youngest son has just told us he is to be a dad that will be 11 grandchildren I am as they say very happy.

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