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Ofsted Been And Gooorrrrn!


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Hi all

Well went to school to pick son up and got told the head needed to see me. Found him in the corridor and he said..you have 5 mins OFSTED are here to inspect club!!


I ended up staying in the setting to cover manager whilst she spoke to them. We are very pleased with the result.


She was very impressed with the childrens behaviour as she had never seen such a busy vibrant school club. Liked the activities we provided, free choice. Said the SEF was comprehensive, liked the fact we were getting views using parenst/childrens questionnaires and actually disagreed where some parents had said there were not enough activities for children!!


Our recommendations are to improve resourses for diversity (on our sef), to practice fire drills more regularly and on different days, and to make sure the next steps for children are looked at with teacher at school concentrating on PSE. She was very sensible about the fact that it should be a time for children to relax, choose and not to have to plan, record everything for EYFS.


She said that the staff and committee were obvioulsy working really hard as all documentation was in place. She said the majority of her questions were covered by the sef and the operational plan.

As for why it has been 6 yrs since last inspection...she couldnt believe it! Said it may be due that they thought we were last done at same time as school which was outstanding last time.


Its great that we know where club is, where we have to improve and that we can now move it forward and for the school to take ownership of it..


Phew..and breathe........yippeee ....

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You absolutely deserved some good news after the ups and downs you've had. Great to finally see hard work rewarded, and refreshing to hear that Ofsted are taking a realistic view of what an OSC provision should be all about.

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Congrats Marley - and releax! Really pleased for you x


excellent news! may I ask what an operational plan is tho'? Im a childminder-do I need one?!!


An operational plan has different names but basically it's the folder that shows how you meet the EYFS requirements and shows how your setting is run

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Well done marley - after everything you've been through it is good to see some recognition of your hard work! Sounds like you had a very human inspector, too! I hope you all enjoy your celebrations!

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